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VIDEO: Rochdale fans mocked after one gives cut-throat gesture towards Blackpool supporters

After watching the videos of the Rochdale fans giving it large to the Blackpool fans, social media users took to mock them for the gestures they made…

@AaronMckkkie: Them 20 Rochdale fans don’t make much noise do they ??‍♂️??‍♂️

@BackHenryStreet: A lot of bemused Rochdale fans wondering what’s hit them. They’ve never had an atmosphere before.

@Brett33D: I feel embarrassed for them ??

@gaz74bfc: See one of them had a soft spot for Blackpool with his Tangerine top

@bfc_areback: So I saw a video of pool fans deafening Rochdale fans on one of these away day accounts and all I saw was other club fans try and insult us and I love it ? we’re back and they know it ??

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