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VIDEO: Pre-season friendly halted after Southport ‘yoof’ and Blackpool fans clash

Saturday’s pre-season friendly ended up being halted after Southport ‘yoof’ and Blackpool fans clash took to clash during the game.

The Seasiders and manager Michael Appleton faced their first test against the National League North side, however it was ‘marred’ by some rather random scenes in the stands.

The incident took place in the 33 minute, with the referee stopping the game for around five minutes before resuming.

Roughly 40 Southport kids walked round to start a fight, they got one and quickly legged if when approached by 5 Blackpool fans, then for some reason their players then got involved.

The admin of Southport’s Twitter account added to the controversy by saying: “Disgusting behaviour as Blackpool fans break through a steward barrier and charge Southport fans.”

Blackpool fielded two XI’s, one for each half, expected soe Appleton could have a good look ahead of an important few weeks prior to the season kick-off against Reading on the 30th of July.

Blackpool first half XI: Maxwell, Connolly, Casey, Keogh, Garbutt, Carey, Anderson, Hamilton, Apter, Yates, Lubala

How the game played out:

4′ – The physio is waved on to assess an issue that Chris Maxwell has.

5′ – After initially taking his gloves off, he now puts them back on and appears fine to continue.

4′ – A corner delivery breaks out to CJ Hamilton on the edge of the box, however his effort is high and wide.

15′ – Goal! CJ Hamilton makes no mistake this time, rifling in to give the Seasiders the lead.

19′ – Sonny Carey has a great chance to make it two but pokes wide.

23′ – Goal! Beryly Lubala increases the advantage for Blackpool.

25′ – Richard Keogh almost comes close to making it three!

30′ – A bit of a let off for Southport as Lubala turns in the box straight past Quansah but the Blackpool player puts his shot narrowly wide.

33′ – Play has temporarily been halted while crowd incidents are dealt with.

The referee made it clear that after a ten minute delay if there were further incidents in the stand that the game would be abandoned.

36′ Back underway – clock stopped at 36 minutes.

38′ – Lubala sends a shot over the crossbar from close range.

45′ – Connor Woods with a superb mazy run that beats two Blackpool players before laying it off to Hmami who strikes it over.

Half-time | Southport 0-2 Blackpool

(Southport changes)
On: Oliver, Newell, Walton, McMillan, Bainbridge, Carberry, Bell
Off: Mason, Doyle, Woods, Munro, Archer, Hmami, Watson

Grimshaw, Tharme, Ekpiteta, Thorniley, James, Virtue, Dougall, Bowler, Dale Madine and Lavery all on for Blackpool.

52′ – Matty Virtue bursts into the box and sees his strike deflect wide.

54′ – Dan Grimshaw called into action to make a comfortable save at the other end.

62′ Substitution for Southport
On: Evans
Off: Doyle

66′ Matty Virtue fires a volley wide

70′ Nyal Bell gets through one-on-one but he’s denied by Grimshaw.

73′ – Josh Bowler weaves in and out before being thwarted by the Southport ‘keeper.

81′ Substitution for Southport
On: Trialist A
Off: Vassallo

82′ Lavery through on goal but he’s flagged for offside.

87′ Substitution for Southport
On: Trialist B
Off: Quansah

FULL TIME | Southport 0-2 Blackpool

Defeat in Southport’s first pre-season game, they now travel to Lancaster a week on Tuesday. Championship outfit Blackpool take on Leeds at York’s new ground on Thursday.

As mentioned, the first pre-season friendly of the summer was halted after Southport ‘yoof’ and Blackpool fans clash…

@BH2211FC: I got to give the tannoy at Southport a lot of credit because with tannoys at PL and EFL championship clubs being robot-like but this one certainly didn’t mince words, good on her 💪

@frontendryno: Your “ultras” are embarrassing – don’t care how old they were, you come running over and giving them expect to get it back. Don’t blame our lot for running in, gobshites 👋🏃‍♂️🍊

@Callum_PUFC: southport toddlers 🤣🤣 blackpool will claim this as a result 🤣

@MuckersThe (Replying to @southport_fc): How’s about you look at your own supporters coming halfway round the ground to taunt Blackpool supporters at a barrier singing Preston songs so got a well deserved fucking slap… idiots👍

@GarethGodkinsfc: Just wounded how many Blackpool got kickid for starting that fight buy kicking the fence don’t answer we all know it’s fuck all coz it’s money for the club

@tangerinelisa (Replying to @southport_fc): When you could clearly hear on the stream one of your fans saying ‘it’s our ground they should let us do what we want’ then I think it tells you where the blame lies!

@Bfc1053: That was piss funny they all bottled it when 5 Blackpool fans went over 😂

@Roccobfc (Replying to @southport_fc): Are you watching a different game? It’s clearly your kids that were standing at the front giving it big and then run away!! So, disgusting behaviour from you set of fans.

@hunterharrier: It’s all kids, hope it’s not a sign of things to come

@xander_fletcher: Your own fans fault

@kieran_holmes20: Are they the same Southport fans that walked the length of the pitch to goad the Blackpool end? Context may be helpful. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

@Gary16923921: Get a grip @southport_fc a bunch of feral 13yr olds from Southport come round the ground to fight and you blame the away fans????? Mental.

@ntjr_12: Fucking stupid tweet this. It’s your year 9 ‘fans’ on a day out thinking they’re hard because they’re playing a bigger club in a friendly

@CurryInTurry: You what? This was all caused by your fans. I’d say disgusting they are still in ground! They need kicking out of your club.

@alfie_carter_: That’s not true at all, all year 8 students in the population of Southport go and look for a fight with Blackpool fans, get one, shit it and run off 🤦‍♂️ so fucking tinpot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Seasidescriber: It’s your chav kids running towards us. Suggest you book an appointment at specsavers

@Andyb1994: I’m sure you’ll see that it’s your hooligans giving it big bollocks then running away. Stop waffling rhubarb

@Brett33D: I’d get your own house in order first before you allow 13 year old fans to walk all the way round the stadium and give abusé for no reason. Bizarre stewarding. It’s a pre season !!! Embarrassing from Southport

@_acpne: Couldn’t do this at Deepdale though could they 🤣😂

@DanielFranks85: Get your own in order first you whoppers

@AndyP161: Southport fans attempting 100m record down side of their stadium. All running from 2 blackpool fans 🤣🤣🤣🧡🧡🧡

@darren_mcduff: Bunch of pricks. Pre-season friendly FFS.

@DannyLannon: I’ve been Southport enough times to know it’ll be your little kiddies giving it beans near the away end, then away fans reacting…

@Jonty72FY1: Absolutely hilarious 😂

@Chrisharrison2: Mmm 5 Blackpool fans ran at the mob that moved from behind the goal to the closest they could get to the Blackpool fans to wind them up and ran like f😡ck back the the stand behind the goal.

@kellyUTMP: It was the funniest thing! Giving it large til 1 Blackpool lad walked over and they all shit their pants 😂😂😂😂😂

@powellBFC93: Southport admin ain’t happy😂

@_TomMayne: Hahaha. Your fans giving it to the Blackpool fans until they confront them back. One rule for you is it? 🥱 Southport Football Club

@edgyt10: Battle of the seaside resorts

@blakedcfc: Football is back baby

@1884DT: The beautiful game 😍

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