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VIDEO: Supporters gasp in shock at what fan told Timo Werner to do at open training session

Chelsea supporters gasp and boo in shock at a fan told Timo Werner to do at the open training session on Wednesday afternoon.

A 33 second clip was uploaded to social media site Twitter, before quickly going viral and getting seen by millions, having plenty laughing at what they just heard.

Whilst those in the stadium were watching on, a fan was allow to speak specially with the team standing in front of him it would seem.

One fan used the opportunity slam striker Timo Werner when asked to give a score prediction.

And christ almighty did his response cause a stir, with Blues fans inside Stamford Bridge booing, shouting to the rid of the guy.

What did he say? Quite simply “Let’s have it right, get Werner out of the club”, take a look at the footage for yourself, so very awkward…

The European champions allowed supporters into the ground so that they could get some insight into what goes on behind scenes in Thomas Tuchel’s squad.

Werner was on the pitch when the fan told him to leave and would have heard the comment on the tannoy as the male made his comment via an open mic, just to make it even more awkward.

This was the very reaction from the squad as the comment was made, absolutely priceless viewing…

In his first season in England, following a £47.5 million move from RB Leipzig, Werner found the net somehow on 12 goals in all competitions, including six in the Premier League, as the team won the Champions League for the second time in their history.

Despite his struggles and missed chances, Werner has received plenty of support from the Chelsea faithful on social media following today’s remark.

Some have even asked for the fan to be banned from attending Chelsea games, however as supporters gasp in shock at what the supporter told Timo Werner to do at the open training session, Twitter couldn’t help but laugh…

@joeferrett: Delia Smith in the crowd

@leom1993: State on this fan base 😭😭😭

@BillyWilson07: Seriously wtf

@adjentb: All jokes aside I loved how that woman stood up for Warner. That’s the way you support your player and club. Big up.

@Chaarlie_Todd: Not sure who Warner is but big ups to you too

@MCFCTrey: Imagine if a City fan had done this 🤷‍♀️ comments woukd be flooded with people calling us plastics

@andrew_youngers: You don’t even turn up for matches what chance you got turning up to an open training session 😂

@ElToneGSBOUT: Embarrassing fan base

@DAZM6988: He should be banned for pronouncing his name like that if nothing else

@MrJ9_FFC: That woman wasn’t having it

@onlyfarouk12: Worst fanbase ever

@cef_cfc: One ‘fan’ in a minority says ‘get Werner out of the club’, that doesn’t account for the whole fanbase buddy.

@MaxPrangnell1: How can you take time out of your day to go watch the man train and then ask him to leave the club. Absolute fake fan and I hope that Chelsea fans dealt with him

@carefreecolin: This poor excuse for a fan does not represent the Chelsea support as a whole. In Timo We Trust.

@MrKross92: “you need to leave!”

@Jim_McDonald1: Who the fuck takes a day off to go and watch a team train 🤣🤣 and after being that much of a bellend actually shouts at players to leave, imagine he got sparked out, scenes

@BMXStr8nger: You absolute muppet!! I’m glad that woman said something

@CFCDaily: That guy who said ‘get Werner out’ down the microphone is embarrassing

@samkirby1: I’m a United fan but honestly I think Werner will actually do well if the fans get behind him. Clearly low in confidence but now the fans are back they have the chance to give him it

@RasenRendanX: He got one of the biggest cheers when we played palace. Many fans appreciates his hard work.

@BackTuchel: i cannot imagine how he is feeling right now, poor guy

@CFCTONNY: Nah man that ain’t right

@ChelseaFCBlogs_: Give this woman free season tickets for life!!

@motalksfootball: That is absolutely disgusting to do on the mic like that. I’d ban him from the stadium and revoke his season tickets give him a refund idc just get him out Shes right

@TucheIBall: Wtfff

@joelcfc86: What a f*****g bellend

@CFCJasper: That lady is a fucking legend 👍

@Tecio13: Let’s get one thing right. Let’s get this fan out of the club

@WestgateElliot: Very good on her

@chris_pundit: I was there..m he was sitting a couple rows behind me, we all booed him and started singing Timo’s name. Hopefully that made him realise he is wanted at our club

@weatherall_joe: Weird breed of fans these weapons

@taffrael: Fuckin hell that’s so embarrassing lol

@delllickkkk: this is disgraceful. our fanbase already have chant for Werner..that shows how much we do appreciate our players … love already wins #TimoWerner

@CFCPys: “Get Werner out“ down the microphone from a Chelsea fan at the training session. I’m not a fan of Werner and I wouldn’t mind if he leaves next summer but saying that in front of him? Embarrassing. Our players want the same objective as the fans, Trophies, how does this help?

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