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Video emerges of Everton fans clashing with police during FA Cup tie at Man Utd

A video emerges of Everton fans clashing with police during the FA Cup Third Round tie at Man Utd with the clip going viral.

Over 400,000 views and counting with two separate posts showing just what happened in the away section of Old Trafford on Friday night.

It’s claimed that Everton fans tried to stop police arresting a fellow blue over a smoke bomb, allegedly going in heavy handed and fans reacted to it.

Another claim is that an Everton supporter was struck by a bottle thrown from the Man Utd fans. He threw it back, and the police came after him.

Meanwhile, the FA will investigate a ‘homophobic chant’ aimed at Frank Lampard as Man Utd eased past Everton, with a 3-1 victory.

Antony opened the scoring four minutes in, before Conor Coady levelled 10 minutes later, but then scored an unfortunate own goal seven minutes into the second half, then Rashford scored a 97th minute penalty to wrap the game up.

It was marred by the fighting and a chant aimed towards the Toffees boss and refers to his time as a player and manager of Chelsea.

In a statement issued on Friday, England’s football governing body say that it would be working with the Crown Prosecution Service and police in order to get to the bottom of the incident.

“We continue to work closely with the Crown Prosecution Service, as well as the UK Football Policing Unit, in relation to the use of this term,” the statement read. “Part of our work in this area has been to provide the relevant authorities with impact statements from LGBTQ+ supporters, detailing how chants of this nature affects their experience and feeling of inclusion at football matches, so that a clearer stance and understanding on the chant can be established.

“We stand firmly against all forms of discrimination and we are striving to ensure our game is a safe environment for all, which truly embraces diversity and challenges hateful conduct both on and off the pitch.”

A statement from United following the incident read: “Homophobia, like all forms of discrimination, has no place in football. Manchester United is proud of our diverse fan base and the work we have done to reduce instances like we sadly heard today.

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This is how Twitter users reacted as a video emerges of Everton fans clashing with police during the FA Cup tie at Man Utd…

@Towny_: Ah the immaculately behaved Evertonians.

@cj12cj: Anyone know if it’s all on camera?

@simmylikes2: All on camera. A film narrated by Jimmy corkhill

@jbartlettjnr: Love how videos are put up that don’t show exactly how it all starts. Just showing what suits their narrative.

@DaveWilson5209: How restrained were the Police. It should have been batons out and skull shots all round!!

@KEVR66: Fella walking behind took 2 police caps haha 😄

@Spenc69: Shockin’ that, reminds me of Paris, feel for everyone involved in that chaos, did you notice that not one punch was thrown, you showed a lot of resolve there especially with kids being amongst it all, hope everyone is okay YNWA

@bpotter45: Walking out with my 9 year old and had to avoid at lest 3 separate fights on forecourt – one with 2 Everton boys squaring up to each other. Shame as majority of EFC Fans were sound as and ingood humour despite the result.

@liverbirdjen: I’m gunna take a stab in the dark.. but I reckon it’s all on camera!

@cr7goat0491: Scousers…. causing problems…. at a game….. of course.

@_tornaydo_: two of the worst breeds, police & football fans

@NickyNatchyNoo: Look at them. But won’t lay a finger on some unwashed sitting on tarmac blocking the M25.

@Brett33D: I don’t understand why the coppers went in?!? Upper tier, thousands of fans, no room to move normally never mind 10 hi viz jackets pushing themselves in. If they’re after someone, watch and get on the way out. Who thought that was a good idea? Surely could have waited?!?

@obbsie: @GMPolice It’d be interesting to see any comment re these scenes that took place amongst visiting supporters & officers. One comment was that missiles & urine were being thrown onto MU fans below but that hasn’t been verified.

@EvertonAllSorts: Manchester police are scum, I remember a few years back after I’d had an operation on my ankle could barely walk and manchester police officers kicked the back of my leg all the way to the train station as they marched us back. @AndyBurnhamGM they treat scousers like criminals

@JBOwl2: Yeah but the real story this weekend was some Newcastle fans stood on some stairs #swfc

@rhys_20001: Bizzie got booted to the next row so he jumps up and starts pushing the other bizzies tryna run away hahahahahaahah

@fasstagram: Alexa show me Scousers

@SpursGolfF1: This is shocking scenes from the police. They caused all this chaos themselves 100%. Kids there and all ffs

@weareBCSRF: Fair play to Everton for making GMP look like a highly competent organisation, most definitely not like a force recently in special measures 😂

@LauraELPollard: I feel sorry for the little kids that were there.

@tompoole_98: As bad as the Spanish plod them

@hastie7hastie: They’ll do anything but watch the game haha hopefully the the hard lad doing the aeroplane gesture gets done as well.

@Jaywinsor4: Mad how police just treat footy fans like cattle. Kids there and everything. Farted once they realised people were standing their ground aswell, wankers

@instantgginfo: Football aside I feel this is how the majority of people will treat the law in all walks of life soon enough.. Police should protect people from harm.. Not cause it

@chesh90: Giving it Jonny big Bellocks to coppers but forgetting you were throwing flares, drinks and coins down to the lower tier you scummy fuckers. Scousers never to blame, get out of here man !!!

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