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Newcastle fans detail horrific moment of being ‘crushed’ at Hillsborough as FA investigate

Newcastle United fans detail the horrific moment of being ‘crushed’ at Hillsborough Stadium as the FA investigate reports.

Following claims that away fans were concerned about crowding Saturday’s FA Cup tie at Hillsborough, the FA will be speaking with Newcastle and Sheffield Wednesday officials along with South Yorkshire Police.

Fans have suggested that overcrowding occurred when fans entered the central pen through a tunnel, with their being issues in the lower tier of the Leppings Lane End stand.

Photos taken at the game were posted to social media, showing that there were spare seats in areas on the lower terrace either side of central stand.

Fans expressed concern about the lack of stewards, having fears a something similar to the 1989 FA Cup semi final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, a crowd of 97 Liverpool fans was trapped at the Leppings Lane End and killed in the Hillsborough tragedy and 766 injured.

Newcastle United Supporters Trust wrote via Twitter: “As with Leeds last January, any Newcastle fans involved in the situation below, or any situation similar, please email board@nufctrust.co.uk with details of what you witnessed. #nufc”

One fan, Barry, wrote on social media: “I was in the centre of the lower tier and it was ridiculously crowded 10 minutes before kick-off. The stairwell filled with fans and when we arrived we asked stewards to point us in the right direction.  One told us to go wherever we want!’

Another added: “Horrific. We were crushed, so had to rip off the blue covers (from seats) to create our own area for about 100 people. Stewards above with empty seats were turning down fans with valid tickets. A mess.”

The game itself saw League One Sheffield Wednesday secure a massive victory, handing Premier League high flyers Newcastle just their second defeat of the season.

Josh Windass found the net twice in the second half as the Owls put in a great performance in an can’t take your eye off it tie at Hillsborough.

Newcastle got one back thanks to substitute Bruno Guimaraes but as kept pushing on for a late equaliser, time ran out and chances were squandered.

The defeat is Eddie Howe’s side’s first in all competitions since the 31st of August against Liverpool.

This is what other Twitter users said as Newcastle fans detail the horrific moment of being ‘crushed’ at Hillsborough as the FA take to investigate…

@CTHaS6: Everyone from rich Prem clubs stating the stand needs knocking down. Get some of your oil/Yank money sent over to us and we’ll do it.

@AdamP1242: The infrastructure and stadium layout in the bottom tier is the worst I’ve ever seen personally

@CocoPop17487149: I was in the Leppings Lane end that fateful day. It still amazes the stand is there. It should have been knocked down and a safer stand built. It comes down to Sheffield Wednesday never accepting blame even though the ground didn’t have a safety certificate at the time.

@NUFCgallowgate: It’s the worst stadium in the UK. Happened when we played them in the championship too in the upstairs concourse. Need demolished. Cheers.

@neilkirkham10: Agree , I love Hillsborough, proper football ground but for god sake how the hell this stand and particularly its entrance and exits are still standing is beyond me.

@millar_robbie : This was absolutely chaos Martin – no stewarding post the turnstiles and practically left to own devices. Ridiculous

@gordiejennings: Was a disgrace. Loads, including us, being sent to the wrong turnstiles down the opposite end of the stand and fighting their way past each other to make kick off. Dump.

@CarlH89: Disgrace. Tear the whole stand down. Lessons havent been learned. Are you listening? @swfc

@SDal63: I visited Hillsborough on the 25th Anniversary with my husband who is a Survivor, he wanted to return to try and help his recovery, he said, the tunnel was the same but they had levelled it, 89 it was sloping down, I wasn’t at Hillsborough, but i found it harrowing to walk down.

@Ant_Fisher: Wednesday fans seem to be taking this as a personal attack which seems odd. Surely they want improved facilities too? The club are not above criticism from you as home supporters who want away fans to come and spend their money with you and boost your income?

@justindaish: You’d never get me to a game there. The spectre of 1989 would haunt me too much. Seeing that place from the outside on the night of the 25th anniversary was difficult enough. I could never stand there and sing.

@andyashcroft316: That’s a terrifying sight and the Newcastle fans replies are scary. How that stand has not been demolished is unbelievable?! There was problems in the years leading up to ‘89 and there’s still problems there now. For those saying “not when we go there” well count urselves lucky.

@DentalMale: Imagine if it was still a standing pen? The common denominator here is organisation by the responsible body, otherwise known as the South Yorkshire Police

@douggie78: How the fuck this stand wasn’t demolished is beyond me.

@OnlyEverton1878: I’ve done 92/92 and this is the worst infrastructure of any ground even until this day

@JohnBoy117: Am I not looking at the right thing? Looks packed in the middle but plenty of seats/space to the left and right? 🤔

@andypoyser80: Vale had 3100 in there and it’s the worst ground I have ever been to.. people standing up on the stair ways.. how is this even possible..and in this stand too.. Joke.. Sheffield Wednesday this stand needs sorting out..

@ken_capper: Don’t worry Sheffield Wed & SYP will have all the cctv stolen in the coming days. No cctv no evidence

@ShirtsDavid: If the FA and Sheffield Wednesday really cared for the safety of the fans attending football matches, that stand would have been demolished and a safe replacement put in place. It hasn’t changed in decades apart from bolting some seats in. They don’t care about us at all.

@Sparkyynwa: How can this ground and Yorkshire police still be allowed to hold matches. Luckily nobody was hurt.

@swervytoon: We saw 1 teenage girl – shivering and cowering into a corner and police just ignoring the situation. The inner concourse is built for 000s not 1000s of away fans and all the stewards do is ignore the issues

@Markmcg13609218: Says it all.. few thousand having problems in an all seater new but still old stand.. now these other fans will realise that the policing and stewarding is at fault. Imagine in the 80s when standing and 10 times the fan base attending how it wasn’t the fans fault.. the TRUTH

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