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Big update emerges on Portsmouth job as two managers rule themselves out with others keen

A big update emerges on the vacant Portsmouth job as two managers rule themselves out with others keen to take it, according to reports.

There has been a lot of speculation over the last few days and now The News Portsmouth have clarified the stance of each boss linked.

Last week started off with Danny Cowley axed, and Leam Richardson was named as the favourite, ahead of the likes of Neil Warnock, Darrell Clarke, Lee Bowyer and Chris Wilder.

Pompey currently sit 13th in League One, with 31 points from 22 games played. At the weekend, they lost 1-0 at Tottenham in the FA Cup Third Round.

However, things have changed a fair bit a week later, with it claimed that Anthony Barry and Leam Richardson have ruled themselves out of the running after being approached by sporting director Rich Hughes and asked to take the job rather than being offered.

Both declined, with a flattered Barry, who turned down Huddersfield recently, wanting to stay on as assistant head coach at Chelsea, where he is their assistant head coach.

Richardson signed a new contract until 2025 with his now former club Wigan in October, then was sacked 17 days after, so financially, he’d take quick a hit as talks with the Latics go on over the ‘settlement for the two-and-a-half years worth of compensation’.

The News Portsmouth add that it’s not realistic that Paul Cook is in the running, Liam Manning is still being looked at, Robbie Keane is interested and has already applied, Neil Warnock isn’t being considered, despite being only keen to take the job but only for the rest of the 2022/23 season.

Pompey continue to look at their shortlist and how to appoint a new head coach soon.

It’s ever changing, but here’s how the BetVictor list looks on Monday 9th of January.

Chris Wilder – 5/2
Robbie Keane – 7/2
Liam Manning – 9/2
Lee Bowyer – 8/1
Luke Williams – 12/1
Grant McCann – 12/1

On the Keane to Pompey talk, Sky Sports pundit Clinton Morrison has admitted that he think the League One club would be crazy not to hand over the reins at Fratton Park to the former Premier League player.

“Portsmouth are struggling to score goals and this guy knows how to score goals.

“I know he wants to be a manager so why not take him on because he’ll bring a lot.

“He’s got loads of energy, he’s enthusiastic about the game, knows the game inside out and he’s a character.

“Man-management is big and he’s good at that.

His man-management at Portsmouth would be brilliant and as soon as he walks in that dressing room, for what he’s done in his career, he’ll earn loads of respect.

“It’s a great opportunity.

“Portsmouth is a massive football club and they would be crazy not to get Robbie Keane there.”

Here’s what fans had to say as a big update emerges on the Portsmouth job as two managers rule themselves out with others expressing how keen they are…

@pompeycal_: Leam obviously knows something we all know too 🤷🏻‍♂️

@PFCPFR791: If Richardson takes another job now he could potentially miss out on substantial severance pay from Wigan following his sacking

@GavH_: Quite glad actually, I think we can do better than that 👍

@KeithyhallKeith: Think it’s fair to say it’s wilder or bust at this point #pompey

@StueyW1986: Maybe they are getting closer and starting to trim down the list. Hopefully Wilder is still in it and gets the job

@pompeyshaun1986: Anthony Barry would have been good. Brian Barry Murphy would be a good shout.

@Hayden_PFC: Shame about Barry but expected. Richardson is good news though 👍🏻

@PompeyChimes90: Thank god for that, can put that to bed now.

@JGM_91: Gutted about Anthony Barry

@Stevecb54: Someone cheap & with no pedigree same old shit from pompey & tight arse Eisner 👎

@DanLewis1999: Only way this is okay is if Wilder is our manager. If not, these were probably the best alternatives. Could be very worrying if we don’t get Wilder.

@wayneharrispfc: Makes giving Warnock a free hit 6 month contract and wait til the summer for Richardson.

@debojono: Everyone turned on Leam Richardson so quick 😭 I think he would’ve done a lovely job here

@CowleysCows: Can’t say too surprised by latest news. Barry would’ve needed a pretty decent package to get him to come when he’s turned down champ teams. Richardson financially needs to be on more than was on at Wigan in champ. Warnock would only be short term til we found someone #pompey

@blakepfc: Ffs man they were in my top 5. Got to be wilder now if we have any ambition surely

@HarvMarksy: Gonna be Manning

@Jake_PFC: “Liam Manning remains in the frame, Robbie Keane has applied” Absolutely grim reading

@tombig69: Absolute madness if they employ him [Keane] when wilder is free

@JimmyMadgwick: Shows what state we’re in from above, we’re be scraping the barrel now #Pompey

@danieledmunds4: Barry will wait for the right job for him and Richardson effectively can’t take any job until his settlement with Wigan is sorted?! I still think there is a twist with wilder (as unlikely as it is) hasn’t yet declared himself out

@JimmyMadgwick: Maybe the job isn’t as appealing as it use to be with the new structure an owners!? Wilder has always been a long shot imo.

@pompeyshaun1986: The structure isn’t the problem. Barry has turned down CH jobs & Richardson hasn’t even sorted his compo out from Wigan. Nothing to do with the club.

@StueyW1986: Wilder is still one of the favourites and admitted he would be interested. Until he announces hes out than theres a chance.

@dazza_nics: By now you would think that we would even have a rough idea of who’s going to be our new head coach.. literally haven’t got a scooby 🤣 #Pompey

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