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Thousands of fans petition in protest of ticket prices set by West Ham for 2024/25 season

Thousands of fans have signed a petition in protest of the ticket prices West Ham have set for the upcoming 2024/25 season.

The recent surge in season ticket prices at West Ham has sparked anger from fans, leading to a petition being launched with supporters expressing their frustration at being priced out of attending games.

The Premier League outfit will no longer offer new concession seats in bands 1 to 4, but instead, new concessions will only be available in bands 5 and 6, which are located in the upper tier of the London Stadium, as per The Athletic.

And tickets for the over-66 and under-21 category have an average increase of 7.5%.

The most expensive season ticket is in 1966 West Stand, £1,720 for adults, concessions, and under-21s and under-18s, an increase of £100 compared to the previous season (2023-24).

The second highest priced season ticket is located in the 1966 Billy Bonds Stand, costing £1,445, which reflects a 6.25% increase.

West Ham feel they offered generous concessionary pricing for U18s, U21s and over 66.


The Change.org page read:

Season Ticket prices have risen well above the rate of inflation.

New concessions are now restricted to bands 5 & 6.

These changes are forcing families, friends and groups of loyal West Ham fans who have sat together supporting our Club for decades to split up and some will probably never see West Ham play at home again.

Meanwhile many young fans who have never yet had a season ticket probably never will.

The future of the West Ham family is being torn to pieces.

All of this is being done in the name of greed!

We are asking everyone to take on board the serious nature of what the Club is doing to ALL WEST HAM FANS and sign our petition calling on the Club to:

● Scrap the season ticket price increases

● Commit to never increasing the price of a season ticket above the prevailing CPI

● Scrap the new concession terms and conditions

● Commit to never changing Concession terms and conditions again


Please click on the link below to support our petition.

Once you have signed the petition you will shortly receive an email asking you to confirm your signature. Please check your junk/spam folders – without your confirmation your signature WILL NOT COUNT.

This is what some fans made of the season ticket prices, speaking with The Athletic’s Roshane Thomas:

Rik Moran – “It’s an unreasonable price rise for many people. My dad is in his seventies and wanted to continue going to games, but he’s been priced out now. He took me to my first West Ham game in 1984 and his dad took him when he was a child. Even if he paid for the lower bands like five or six, which range from £195 to £109, he physically won’t be able to go up all those stairs (where the cheaper seats are located).

“Then there’s my son (Jack), who I’d now have to pay a full adult price for. It’s preventing older fans and younger supporters from going to games. The youngsters won’t be able to fork out £800 or more on a season ticket. Many of them would have to rely on their parents.

“The likelihood of tourists coming will increase. On one hand, there’s nothing wrong with it, but they’re unlikely to go week in, week out like the die-hard fans. If West Ham get relegated next season it’s people like myself who will still turn up. I’m happy to go and watch non-League football but at the end of the day it’s not my club. I want to watch the team I support.”

Alex Kirby – “I’ve been a season ticket holder since 2003. My son (Evan) has come with me the last few years and has really got the buzz for it. I looked into getting him a season ticket and noticed it would cost £790 for him and another £790 for me. He’s eight.

“I honestly feel like the club I support doesn’t want me there anymore. They want a different person in my seat each week, who will spend a lot of money in the club shop.

“It was special taking my son to the game and I haven’t told him yet I can’t afford to get him or myself a season ticket. The only way I can bring him to a game now is via my friend who renewed his son’s season ticket. It’s all very sad.

“I sat in Area 130 since before my son was born. My son doesn’t want to be in band five or band six where he can hardly see the pitch. I just worry there’ll be a time when I can’t afford to watch West Ham at all. I’ve signed the petition and hopefully this will make the club think differently moving forward.”

This is what is being said on Twitter as thousands of fans petition in protest of the ticket prices set by West Ham for the 2024/25 season…

@julianholigan: Wolves fan. Signed it. Thanks for helping out with ours. Concessions arrangements should be preserved

@imramblingon: I see so many people on here who follow me, talk about West Ham family, West Ham till I die.. well please do something for your WHU family and sign the petition, share it, repost it… this is so important. We should be able to get at least 30k to sign this. Do not let apathy win

@Shrewsburywolf: Signed as a Wolves fan. Disgraceful greed again by PL clubs. So much for the peoples’ game.

@matt_lockley: I’m starting to wonder if this has been discussed and planned at recent premier league meetings. Ridiculous increases across the board. Can’t be a coincidence they’re all doing this at the same time. Happily sign this, hope you get more than us Wolves lot did.

@suescan2: Will be interesting to see individual match ticket prices when they come out – if you want to take a child I’m betting it will be up in the gods if you want a discounted ticket

@geldof2012: Wolves fan signed, Fans United..

@HughMoore1997: Think we need massive continental style boycotts at this point, empty stadiums on TV might be the only way we affect some change here

@johnbird65: I know it might be a unpopular opinion, but I never wanted to leave Upton. That held so many memories of me and my dad going and me nan, my pals. It was more than just a club.

@christinewwfc: Signed football fans should stick together against the greed of the owners

@1andrewlee: I have have shared this as well COYI lets show a strength that we won’t just be walked over lied to and treated like we have no voices.

@Badgerman721: Signed … West Ham fans supported our Wolves petition, and the club went back on increasing junior tickets as a result. Good luck! Real fans need to stick together to save our game 👊🏻

@samwolves89: Done. Good luck. Match going fans should be united with these things

@johnnymann61: Come on all west ham fans. Let’s put the pressure on our greedy owners. Lone day, with any luck, will all reach an age, of concession eligibility. 45 years and more I’ve been going, they see me as a never ending cash cow. #greed.

@hammersmad: Please could every West Ham fan or football fan that follows me sign this petition. Removing concessions will price out both a new generation of fans and some of our most loyal fans. We are fans not customers

@David64440867: Good luck with your campaign. At Wolves we’ve had some success in dealing with unreasonable ST increases but we continue pushing back against our greedy owners!

@gantshillhammer: Still not at 5k signatures wtf. Cmon #westham fans do the right thing and sign the petition. Whether you think the 4 points are all valid or not it’s like voting u accept the bigger picture. There is NO cost to voting so ignore all the BS on the website

@apuvyas: I love going with my boy. Even if the club were to open up the season ticket list, we couldn’t afford to add my nephew. Unnecessary greed throughout the Premier League. Calling all West Ham fans to sign this petition.

@InclusiveIrons: Us fans will be here long after the current mgmt that only give lip service to ‘affordable football’ will be gone. The additional money generated by removing concession prices in the majority of the stadium is miniscule so we are backing this petition

@mikecawston: Over 5000 signatures now – but we need more, probably double! Please sign and share. It may not affect you but @karren_brady and co will be coming for you one day too. #whufc #stopexploitingloyalty

@ArunWHU: So important that you sign this if you are a supporter of this club. West Ham United are a working class club and that should never be forgotten. It costs nothing to sign this but it sends a huge message if this petition has mass support. Make sure you confirm via email, irons x

@DelaneyMan: I’ve just signed this because my club and others are slowly chipping away at traditions in bid to maximise profits and it has to stop or football will implode

@dan_coker: My dad’s been going for 60+ years. My son is almost old enough to attend his first game – he’s the future. The club want to price both of them, and the many others of their age groups, out of West Ham. It’s a disgrace. Please sign the petition #WHUFC

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