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Swindon in trouble with the EFL after breaching regulations

Swindon Town are in trouble with the English Football League (EFL) after breaching their regulations, it has been confirmed.

The EFL has charged the Robins and majority owner Clem Morfuni with breaches of EFL Regulations, following the failure to declare a ‘Significant Interest’ share acquisition in the League Two outfit.

The punishment is yet to be decided ahead of the matter being referred to an independent Disciplinary Commission, but fans fear a points deduction is on their way.

Swindon currently sit 9th in the fourth tier, with 30 points from 21 games played, and are a point from the playoffs places, but two sides above them have a game in hand. Swindon are also 15 points above the drop zone.


The EFL has charged Swindon Town and majority owner Mr Clemente Morfuni with breaches of EFL Regulations, following the failure to declare a ‘Significant Interest’ share acquisition in the Club.

Mr Morfuni has been charged for a failing to disclose to the Club’s management the transfer of a 17.1% voting right shareholding to Mrs Hollie Kiely of Swinton Reds 20 Ltd in September 2022, which led to the Club breaching the requirement to disclose to the League details of any shareholder with more than 10% of voting rights and failing to update the official club website with the details for public record.

Confirmation of the share transfer came to light following its publication at Companies House in August 2023, meaning the Club had been in breach of its obligations for the majority of the 2022/23 season.

No charges have been issued in respect of a transfer of a 5% shareholding because that does not exceed the 10% reporting threshold in EFL Regulations.


Swindon Town Football Club would like to issue the following statement: Swindon Town Football Club and Chairman Clem Morfuni have been charged by the EFL with breaches of EFL regulations.

The matter will now be referred to an independent Disciplinary Commission.

The club will make no further comment at this time.

This is what fans are saying upon hearing that Swindon are in trouble with the EFL after breaching regulations…

@dylanctomes: Explains why all the bookies slashed our odds for relegation at the start of the week then. Points deduction 🔜. Suspended on sky. Was 150/1, now can’t bet on Swindon at all. Bet365 down from 150/1 to 25/1 start of this week down to 16/1 this morning despite no football being played in that timeframe

@OliverL18028544: Wake up town fans Clem out

@ClaireFurnell1: Buckle up freeloaders….😫

@robo_is_back: That’ll be the excuse not to buy any players in January then

@stfcjosh: What a club

@RachelT1722: 🎶 “we got our Swindon back” 🎶

@DanAdams09: Yeah I’m done with Clem now 😡

@ChrisDGuitarist: Oh here we go 🤦🤦🤦 For me, the saddest thing about watching the unfolding #stfc debacle is that however good it may have sounded at the start… I think a fair number of fans knew this was going to happen, and yet again the fans will suffer the most as a result.

@OmHstfc: CLEM OUT

@stfc_1969: This isn’t a surprise right…?!

@STFCluke_: If anyone wants to organise a protest I’m well up for it 👍

@marktaylor142: Here we go then….. points deduction incoming…… f… off Clem.

“On the 10th day Christmas the Plumber gave to me.,
Points docked in the football leaaagguee”
The gift that keeps on giving this club.!
#stfc 🔴⚪️

@Ciardontrun: That’s not an oversight that’s a massive fucking blunder. He’d of known that as well and just took the risk because he didn’t want anyone to know. There is no excuse for this! Just officially put it for sale and fuck off clem. You aren’t any better

@Ciardontrun: ‘We can’t get anyone in due to the large fine from the EFL that took up all the January budget.’

@danquince2: Point deduction pending. What a twat

@tommyb1508: I’m sure this phrase wasn’t put in without there being some sort of pointer to future punishment. “meaning the Club had been in breach of its obligations for the majority of the 2022/23 season.“ Run by amateurs.

@haydenbedwell2: Fans forum with Clem in January will be fun 🤣 #stfc

@JasonPCummins1: Thought it had been a quiet week . STFC the maddest football club in the World FACT 😂😂

@adamfarmer98: What a fucking circus 🎪

@bcks109: #STFC are fans now going to protest on Boxing Day or are they just gonna bury their head in the sand and hope that it’s all just a nightmare? Well it is a nightmare that town fans have been living since 1990. Time for you to wake up and smell the coffee. New balls please 🎾

@Aidan__420: Close the door on the way out Clem 👋

@KAY3_2SO: It’s always fun & games down at STFC 🫠🫠

@joerosswilliams: Lucky us that he’ll personally oversee the transfer window! Clem – it’s not a crime to not have a clue about what you’re doing, but you could hire someone who might instead of avoiding redundancy payments and keeping hangers on. Might work out cheaper in the long run. #stfc

@s_tyrie21: Hang it in The Louvre! The gift that keeps on giving, why anyone keeps going to this circus I’ll never know!

@TheSomZons: The scenes when Reading & Swindon are kicked out of the EFL at the same time.

@stfcquestions: One Honest Mistake™ #STFC

@Eth2nWFC: Expulsion from the league is the only suitable punishment

@Clemydia_: To all the wankers that defended clem and slated this originally, have a great Christmas #STFC #MorfuniOut

@leeftwit2023: But “we got our club back” !!!!!!! #stfc

@BenRandy: Crooked or incompetent, makes no odds to me – Clem and the dregs, get out #stfc

@DylanWa94884204:” Could this club maybe have a week where there isn’t a major catastrophe for once 🤦‍♂️😭 #stfc

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