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Sunderland coach aims subtle dig at Wycombe chairman over ‘bizarre’ statement

Sunderland coach David Preece aims a subtle yet funny dig at Wycombe Wanderers’ chairman over a ‘bizarre’ statement made ahead of the final.

Earlier last week, the Chairboys chief Rob Couhig got many talking when taking aim at the Black Cats on Tuesday evening.

The two clubs are set to go head to head at Wembley in the League One playoff final at Wembley with promotion to the Championship on the cards.

Couhig issued a 388-word plea to Wycombe fans to get behind their team at the national stadium, but it also included some comments in regards to their opponents being on Netflix, before amending it following backlash.

Sunderland first-team goalkeeping coach David Preece has changed his bio on social media in light of what Couhig said, which you can see below.

Preece’s bio now reads: “Coach at Netflix club @SunderlandAFC. Writer.”

Sunderland coach aims subtle dig at Wycombe chairman over ‘bizarre’ statement

Rob Couhig’s statement said the following: “MAY 21ST, 2022. Two weeks from now, two months, two years, twenty years, indeed as long as Wycombe Wanderers Football Club exist, people will ask each other where they were when Wycombe played at Wembley and rose for the second time in three years to the Championship.

“By acting immediately, you can make sure that when the question is asked that you will be able to proudly state that you were at Wembley. You will be able to tell others that you literally helped this team fulfil its destiny by standing strong with your fellow Chairboys and helped to will the lads on to VICTORY.

“We know that the last step in this journey will not be easy. We will again be the underdogs to those who “know football”. The supporters of the team that is a Netflix show will try to intimidate us with their superior number of fans.

“But they do not know Wycombe. If they did, they would know that at Sunday’s match – despite the limitations placed on our fans’ attendance – the Wanderers still dominated the stands.

“And we expect to keep pace with them in numbers of supporters in the stands.

“We will do this because our regular fan base is excited and ready to maximize their support. I am hearing from groups throughout the UK looking to get their maximum allotment. I am absolutely confident we will sell all the tickets that Wembley makes available to us.

“We will also be utilizing our secret weapon: the WorldWide Wycombe Wanderers Phenomenon. Already, our friends from La Media Inglesa are planning their trip and we can anticipate their joyous support ringing out throughout Wembley. And they are the tip of the lance for our WorldWide presence. We are already receiving notices of attendance from all over the world. I expect the profusion of national flags to be spectacular and the support full-throated and to dominate the stadium.

“Finally, let me thank you for allowing Missy, Peter, and me to make this journey with you. It has been truly exciting. We have loved every moment.

“I need you to order your tickets now and join your friends and family at Wembley. I do not want you to be the one who has to sheepishly admit that you missed this great moment in Wycombe history!”


Wycombe reporter James Richings from Bucks Free Press said when asked by Sunderland Echo about what was the reaction back in Bucks to what Couhig had to say: “It’s fair to say that Rob Couhig’s comments went down the middle with some fans, as some didn’t think anything of it and appreciated them while others were a bit surprised.

“Throughout the course of the season, Wanderers have had their doubters and critics for being one of the so-called ‘smaller clubs’ in the league, fighting for one of the biggest prizes.

“Some rival fans and journalists have even suggested that due to Wanderers’ small stature compared to some of the other teams in League One, fighting for a place in the Championship should just be involving teams that were once in the Premier League.

“They have taken a lot of flak for just getting on with their job.

“This season, Wycombe haven’t dropped below ninth in the league and prior to the second leg loss against MK in the play-off semis, (which saw them go through), they were unbeaten in 13 matches.

“So with the comments, I personally read it as so-called ‘trash talk’ or banter that wasn’t meant to directly insult anyone.

“All in jest I believe, and it’ll make the final even more spicier which is something we want, regardless if people agree or disagree with the comments.”

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Meanwhile, Chris Coleman has admitted he has never watched the Netflix series ‘Sunderland ‘Til I Die’ because it would be “too painful” for him to see.

Speaking to the i, the 51-year-old said: “It was an honour to be asked to go to Sunderland. I’m a football person, I know there’s certain clubs – they have the history, supporters, the potential. When it came up, even though they were bottom of the league, I just thought ‘I’m not going to turn that down’. They’ve got such potential,” he explained to the i newspaper

“It was just the wrong time, I was only there four months, with the wrong people in charge of the club. But it’s definitely the right club for anyone to manage. If anyone asked me about Sunderland I’d say ‘Walk there!’ If you can get that club going, and those people on side, it will be something else.

“It’s the biggest regret of my career because we got relegated and that was unthinkable. It was so frustrating because we were helpless a little bit.

“I didn’t even know there was a documentary happening. I signed the contract in Winchester, where I live, and I didn’t know about the cameras until after I signed the contract. I was a bit surprised. It wasn’t my cup of tea, cameras in the dressing room and following you round.

“But it was what it was, we had an obligation to play our part. I can’t watch it, it’s too painful for me.”

“I signed a good contract to go there, we got relegated and I said: ‘Rip that up, of course’,” he said.

“They asked me: ‘Would I consider revising my terms?’ I said ‘Of course, if you can’t afford to pay me that I’d love the chance to take us back up’. But new owners came in and had different ideas.”

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