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Wycombe fans angry as their chairman makes ’embarrassing’ dig at Sunderland

Some Wycombe Wanderers fans have been left angry as their chairman Rob Couhig makes a rather ’embarrassing’ dig at Sunderland this week.

The two clubs will go head to head at Wembley in the League One playoff final at with promotion to the Championship at stake.

He wrote to Chairboys fans to support their team but also included some bizarre comments regarding the Black Cats, to the point that even Wycombe fans find it rather cringe.

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He said: “MAY 21ST, 2022. Two weeks from now, two months, two years, twenty years, indeed as long as Wycombe Wanderers Football Club exist, people will ask each other where they were when Wycombe played at Wembley and rose for the second time in three years to the Championship.

“By acting immediately, you can make sure that when the question is asked that you will be able to proudly state that you were at Wembley. You will be able to tell others that you literally helped this team fulfil its destiny by standing strong with your fellow Chairboys and helped to will the lads on to VICTORY.

“We know that the last step in this journey will not be easy. We will again be the underdogs to those who “know football”. The supporters of the team that is a Netflix show will try to intimidate us with their superior number of fans.

“But they do not know Wycombe. If they did, they would know that at Sunday’s match – despite the limitations placed on our fans’ attendance – the Wanderers still dominated the stands.

“And we expect to keep pace with them in numbers of supporters in the stands.

“We will do this because our regular fan base is excited and ready to maximize their support. I am hearing from groups throughout the UK looking to get their maximum allotment. I am absolutely confident we will sell all the tickets that Wembley makes available to us.

“We will also be utilizing our secret weapon: the WorldWide Wycombe Wanderers Phenomenon. Already, our friends from La Media Inglesa are planning their trip and we can anticipate their joyous support ringing out throughout Wembley. And they are the tip of the lance for our WorldWide presence. We are already receiving notices of attendance from all over the world. I expect the profusion of national flags to be spectacular and the support full-throated and to dominate the stadium.

“Finally, let me thank you for allowing Missy, Peter, and me to make this journey with you. It has been truly exciting. We have loved every moment.

“I need you to order your tickets now and join your friends and family at Wembley. I do not want you to be the one who has to sheepishly admit that you missed this great moment in Wycombe history!”

As mentioned, some Wycombe fans are rather angry as their chairman makes an ’embarrassing’ dig at Sunderland, others had something else to say on it…

@benstenner2: What a stupid thing to say. Right before the biggest game of the season just isn’t right. Really upsetting for this to come from someone who has always spoken well in the past I just hope this is him not quite understanding the whole thing about banter in this country.

@_danmcdonald: We’re 100% losing now

@connor_mh: Can’t believe he’s gone and said that… so odd, only gonna backfire this.

@FlagRaised: Rob has literally just thrown a gallon of petrol on the fire.

@GlobalBendemic: And us fans get dragged into this nonsense by association. Embarrassing.

@joalhe1997: Well any chance of this being deleted before they saw this is gone. Sorry @RCouhig, you’ve got this one really wrong, antagonising them doesn’t feel the way to go.

@tazzlor___: He sounds a little bit nervous about us having more fans

@MaxHanaghan: Some will say its small time, but that would be feeding into the pathetic narrative that’s bandied around about #safc. What this is, I just petty and classless tbh

@juliesund: I’d be really annoyed if someone from our Club spoke about the opposition in this tone. Embarrassing.

@horlj_: It absolutely riles the fuck out of every other club in the league that we have good support. It really really upsets them

@chris_owen76: It doesn’t , tremendous respect to you guys and I mean that. I love our chairman but I do wish he hadn’t said that. Maybe a bit excited about a big game

@Jonatha02808357: & you’ll just try & cheat as usual

@rosslowrie: Looks like we’ve already succeeded in intimidating him without even trying 😂

@mackemdno: He’s still pissed off that we drowned out his speech at Wycombe at half time.

@darealmiles09: As a Wycombe fan that was hilarious

@DylanIng3: Can only apologise to Sunderland for this. Rob isn’t a football man and I don’t think he has grasped how much weight his comments carry in the media. He’s got caught up in the “banter” of the situation and has said something you should probably only say behind closed doors.

@HollyerSam: As a Wycombe fan I have a lot of respect for Sunderland, good fan base and there’s a odd but interesting rivalry between us but fuck me what a dumb thing to say from our chairman.

@bartonh81: This was a strange statement, I don’t think he meant it as a slight, but us WWFC supporters are uncomfortable with it too. 🤷🏻‍♀️

@tenchylad: That’s why I want us out of this godforsaken league. Bitterness comes from the vast majority. In my own view the likes of Sheff Wed, Ipswich and arguably Pompey (as we now share apathy with them) are the exception (still some 1/4s have duckeggs) The majority others jog on man.

@deano733: Literally has done Alex Neil’s team talk 10 days before the final

@Nobby0101: Sounds like part of a script from Ted Lasso. Bloke’s a weapon!

@newts1985: The state of this. Just get us out of this tinpot league ffs.

@Left_Coast_Wood: Fans don’t play the game though big dog…wow. #SAFC

@KrisMonkeyDay: Don’t think we needed extra motivation but we’ve got it anyway.

@StuartEast7: Wouldn’t expect anything less but they hate it when other fans call out their bullshit when they get abuse from other fans. All deserved & a typical American that bloke is.

@kingy_rich: Too fucking right we will, we will turn up in numbers never seen before Operation Trafalgar Square is in force and its our time to win the playoffs not theirs, be afraid very afraid you pack of sh*thouses

@_wisemensay: What a weird, shit little club. Can understand them pushing the underdog thing. But this just looks like they have a massive chip on their shoulder. Pathetic. Hope Alex Neil sees this

@coloursofsafc: brb just dissociating as we speak since my team is not real xx

@WhatTheFalkPod: I refuse to believe even Wycombe fans will like this stuff. Grow up.

@SunderlandLad10: What a strange Comment to make #safc

@clairegoldysafc: “The team that is a Netflix show”. Team talk done.

@Tezz3x: I’d like to apologise on behalf of any Wycombe fan with a brain, Robs very excited as he thinks his team has qualified for the Super Bowl

@jxe_l: stupid stupid man

@JackHuntley1996: In the words of sky sports “sunderland fear no one” fucking come onnnnn

@CPWardle: Odd thing to say…at least we agree that we (safc) have a superior number of fan

@callumanderew: Yes we will Haway the lads! 🔔end

@WhiteSh83649108: How on earth people are starting to use having good fans as an insult I’ll never know like. Please get us out of this league.

@AdamLowden10: 😂😂 class how annoyed people get just because we’ve got a big fan base

@chowdhryzan123: All the precede unfortunate events accounts will be bookmarking this

@tomdawson97: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 pls do the job Sunderland

Netflix AFC taking over Wembley
Haway the fucking wizards 🔴⚪️

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