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Solihull Moors issue statement on ‘mindless and disrespectful’ fan behaviour

Solihull Moors decided to issue a statement on ‘mindless and disrespectful’ fan behaviour during the recent fixtures this month.

The West Midlands outfit criticised a minority of the club’s fans for their behaviour, publishing it after the National League side fell to a 5-0 defeat at Wrexham on Boxing Day.

It had not been made clear as to if the statement was issued in response to a certain incident, but Solihull says it has now instructed its Safety Officer and senior stewards to adopt a ‘zero-tolerance approach’ to such behaviour.

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Solihull Moors would like to release the following statement regarding fan behaviour issues in recent home and away fixtures
As ever, we would like to thank the majority of our fans for their exemplary behaviour and their continued support of our team.

However, the enjoyment of the many is currently being spoilt by the mindless, disrespectful and discriminatory behaviour of a minority of our so-called fans, which is tarnishing the reputation of our wonderful club.

Solihull Moors is at heart a community football club and was recently awarded the non-league football supporters ‘Community Club of the Year’.

However, we need to live up to this aspiration and this starts by addressing problems close to home.

It is now at the point where we need to take firm and robust action as this behaviour will not be tolerated.

The Board in conjunction with the SMSA have instructed our Safety Officer and our senior stewards to adopt a zero-tolerance approach.

All such behaviour is unacceptable and will result in any participants being ejected from the ground and, ultimately, being banned from attending Moors games, and further action being taken by the police authorities.

We have a clear idea of who the majority of the offenders are, so please be on notice that you have been warned, in a courteous and respectful manner, to desist from this behaviour.

This approach will be enforced at both home games and away games.

Football is a unifying sport which brings communities together. Moors is a wonderful community club and the actions of a few will not be tolerated.

Let’s stamp out this behaviour together – this starts with the Board who will ensure appropriate action will be taken to eradicate this behaviour – to be clear, the participants are not supporters and are not welcome at Solihull Moors.

This is what Twitter users said as Solihull Moors issue statement on ‘mindless and disrespectful’ fan behaviour…

@scott_5254: Too many 14 year old lads in fake Stone Island jumpers thinking they’re Danny Dyer from Football Factory. They’d shit themselves as soon as someone actually put it on them.

@SanSirrel1862: Most clubs at all levels have these knuckle draggers thinking they are Tyson Fury. If they were faced with proper tough blokes they would probably cry. Go to the game, have a good time, go home.

@kieron_YNWA: Only got 25 fans so shouldn’t be to hard to work out the chavs

@flynhatersteve: We All have them Unfortunately 🤦🏻‍♂️. Good Statement of intent 👏👏👏👏

@TinmanKevin: Your fans will find and sort them out in due time im sure.. fans aside… i hope you(or the council) find a decent relocation place for you to progress. Wrexham fan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿👍

@Wilbert90210: Went and some kids mooned the bus , the x12 😳 on top of giving it large to away fans. So embarrassing. Not bothered since, no shock it’s got worse

@mrsfayesmith: Great to see this being taken seriously. We bring our young children to the Moors. They, and we, have always felt very safe and the vast majority of supporters are so friendly and welcoming. Good that this offensive behaviour won’t be tolerated.

@davedawdle: There are a few other @TheVanaramaNL clubs that could follow @SolihullMoors example. It’s getting worse without a doubt and spoiling afternoons for those spectators who just want to enjoy the match without tirades of obscenities and abuse from small sections of opposing fans.

@JakeWorrall6: Great to see you final take some action, seems to be a problem with a lot of NL clubs, hope more can do similar.

@robwadrup1: Still no response from behaviours from your stewards before manhandling minors and are scared to man handle adults 🙄🙄

@wrighty1000: Good on you. First step is club accepting they have a problem, Banbury and a few others could learn from your example – well done

@SoakellPaul: Anyone turning up in Stone Island, 20 year ban

@marcrozier1: Unfortunately alot of clubs seem to be getting these chavs calling themselves ultra’s who have no intrest in the club of the match just want to stir up shit at the matches and generally piss everyone of it’s time clubs stopped letting under 18’s in for free

@sambingham2708: This won’t happen now anyway. Villa, Birmingham and West Brom are back playing now lads.

@_cabbers: Doesn’t surprise me coming from this vile club

@DextersDesciple: Now they want to do something about it and instruct the stewards to take a zero tolerance approach. But throwing corner flags like a javelin into the away crowd last season was ok. 🤦‍♂️

@ACRGS: Get these little scrotes or Ultras as they like to call themselves mum’s and dad’s to sort them out !!

@ojr156: Looooool it was that fat kid giving it the big un only to get taken out my police 😭😭😭

@MoorsFans: @MoorsFans Fully agrees and supports this statement. Football should be enjoyed by all in our community and will not be spoilt by a small minority of individuals who do not represent the true fans of

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