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‘Worldie wonder goal’ for AFC Portchester goes viral across the world

A ‘worldie wonder goal’ for AFC Portchester goes viral across the world with hundreds of thousands seeing Conor Bailey’s strike.

A post on the goal, the second in a game against Moneyfields, has been viewed by over 315,000 people across the club’s social media posts, with 140,000 watching the goal video.

AFC Portchester went on to draw 3-3 in their Wessex League Premier Division clash on Tuesday, and its certainly got plenty of people talking about it.

AFC Portchester continue their unbeaten run of form, an unbeaten league record for the season and it stretches their lead at the top to nine points. See more teams unbeaten in non league by clicking HERE.

The club wrote: “Bailey’s wonder strike from 25 yards out would be shown for decades to come if it had been scored in the Premier League or a World Cup finals – it was that good.

“But the Royals’ defender gave a modest assessment of his goal and would rather have seen his team claim the three league points on offer in the game.”

Conor said to the club website: “The build up to the goal was really good – I’ve seen it back and there was about 20 passes and it would have been a great goal if we had scored from that but they cleared the ball.

“It bounced up perfect for me and then I hit that strike which I was over the moon about.

“I would rather have had the three points but being unbeaten at Christmas is some going and hopefully we will continue with that form into 2023!

“On to Monday now for the big El Creekio derby against Fareham!”

Portchester go on to add: “The goal against Moneyfields was Bailey’s third for the Royals in 73 appearances.

“However, this isn’t the first time Bailey has hit the headlines for scoring a worldie goal.

“He netted a free kick from the half way line for Moneyfields in the FA Cup against Worthing in 2018 and it was voted the best goal of the Third Qualifying Round in that season’s competition in a national poll.”

@AnasBechkoum: What planet is this kid from? 😂🔥

@ScottyHayter: One of the sweetest strikes I’ve ever seen. A beautiful hit. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@gturnbull1974: “I thought was gonna hit the corner flag” was EXACTLY my thoughts! Then you just clap and say “well done”.

@FizzlePrimus: Nahh fair play, that is some finish!!

@calvinscott26: Fuck me 👌 love that @ConorDePaul….. @lukebrookes8

@Lee8baldwin: I’m sorry but this is a joke 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@EmilyBi63918383: @SoccerAM @jimmybullard – Goal of the season contender 😱 #PORTCHYARMY

@RocketRuss85: Always had that in his locker 👏

@AntHopkins14: Christ above

@olivertudge1: Oh my word, some strike that

@Teds_Tours27: Won’t see a better strike at any level all season 🤯

@THoofball: Top bins from @ConorDePaul 👏🏻🍊

@bcfcdaz: Lefties do it best 💥

@gavj1982: Some technique this. Great strike @ConorDePaul

@nickride87: What have I just watched Jesus 👀

@AshtonLeigh11: It’s fucking silly

@Matty_B27: Bend it like Bailey @ConorDePaul 🔥

@Gupster81: What a hit son, what a hit!!!

@tony1957b: He knows how to hit the ball!!

@olly_searle: @ConorDePaul nothing but impress me 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

@MichaelEacott: Oh my the swazz on this!

HarveyWhyte: I’d probably even join in with the song after that @ConorDePaul 👏

@Doweller86: The orgasm as it flies in really makes it for me 🔥🚀

@poults15: That’s an absolute beauty. 👏

@Jf0rdFord: Take a bow @ConorDePaul 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@PortchyPompey: @SoccerAM How’s this for a goal, up the Portch !

@srclarkad: Perfection!

@StevronConnor92: @ConorDePaul that is certified filth

@tobysarge1: Some clearance from moneys number 8 🫣🫣

@rivotufc7: Left footed goals look better, Exhibit #786535

@Leanne_Howard99: Proud to say I witnessed this!

@CoachTomAsh: Some strike!! 🤯

@MartinBriderKRE: Oh my! What a strike that is from the lad!

@JamesDaley11: Pick that fucker out

@OriginalReezy: What a goal 🔥🔥🔥🔥

@byrne_danbyrne: Some goal that 👏👏👏

@gemmaraggett: Absolute beauty 😍 was even better being there to witness this.

@JohnRog45307076: What a strike that is take a bow 👏👏👏👏

@Ryan_Pearson5: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit he must have a foot like a traction engine !!!!!

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