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Sky Sports News’ Deadline Day coverage slammed by viewers

Sky Sports News’ Deadline Day coverage has been slammed by viewers tuning in, with it one of the most talked about parts of the season.

The words “end of an era” are often said too casually, however that’s not the case when it comes down to Jim White, whether you like him or not.

This summer’s transfer deadline day will never be the same again after the 64-year-old decided to leave his role at Sky Sports, following a period of more than two decades working with the broadcaster.

“After 23 fantastic years, it’s time to bid farewell to Sky Sports,” he said in his final broadcast back in July. “After much thought and with a heavy heart I leave Sky Sports News – but what a journey it has been.

“Other media challenges lie ahead! I have presented every late shift on every Transfer Deadline Day — thanks for everything Harry!

“To everyone out there, keep watching the best sports news channel in the business. #YellowTieForSale.”

Over the years, we’ve seen many changes to it’s Deadline Day, with the broadcaster forced to alter its usual tradition of sending reporters to stand outside in the cold for 12 hours on end.

Firstly they got rid of announcing updates in front of supporters, mainly due to their immature behaviour, which quite frankly made the channel even more watchable.

Then due to the pandemic, they had to go live on air from their homes or at Sky’s base in Isleworth, Middlesex where they continued their coverage as normal.

The advancement transfer gurus in Italy, such as Fabrizio Romano and Gianluca Di Marzio, has unquestionably affected Sky Sports News’ ability to be first for transfer news.

Fabrizio Romano has even got his own deadline day show, and it’s got many laughing as it is him literally just sat down scrolling through his phone… yet over 50,000 viewers don’t seem to mind.

Jim White meanwhile is over on talkSPORT, talking throughout the day, and no, not with a yellow tie.

And they might just win themselves a few more judging by Sky Sports News’ Deadline Day coverage which has been slammed by viewers.

Journalist @reluctantnicko wrote via his Twitter: “Sky Sports News. Get rid of experienced reporters and use random fans in the street for content. Top work 😳😳”

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So what else are people saying about it? Take a look for yourself below…

@mark_nickols: Absolute dross. Haven’t watched that channel in about a year.

@AllSportsView: Sky Sports News has become absolute dog shit.

@bfclee53: Yep. Crap channel now tbh

@coffeegoblin: It’s cheaper isn’t it. They let go a load of staff a month ago. Including presenters who didn’t want to go.

@TomWilcock8: Gets worse every window

@11mcclean: @FabrizioRomano‘s twitch steam is now the new sky sports deadline day and I’ve never been happier, no more fake stories / headline grabbers for the views.

@GrahamNPaterson: Done with Sky Sports coverage for the day, continuous talk about Ronaldo or Mbappé is boring, transfer deadline day used to be fun & include all 92 league clubs but Sky Sports have completed forgotten about that now #DeadlineDay

@CBLG7: Agreed, embarrassing

@Freddie_Whiter1: Deadline day isn’t the same without @JimWhite and his yellow tie

@MOTweets1919: It’s fucking dire, Alan

@RuG_TheMunchies: It’s effectively become a fan channel.

@HEvzWhu: Sky Sports deadline day coverage is awkward & weird today, the host must’ve said ‘you have lots of friends’ about 5 times.. so odd

@Leap_year_man: It’s awful looks like anyone can get a job on there and claim to be a sports presenter or ‘expert’ the lack of knowledge or insight for a dedicated sports channel is shocking

@bigbazzaFI: It seriously is a complete downgrade from years ago and is pretty much an embarrassing sports news channel

@TGoalpost: It’s much more entertaining watching Fabrizio Romano’s livestream. Much more focus on news.

@Ethan_Bambrough: Trying to be edgy but using you tubers and interviewing fans it’s weird

@mymatehaydn: Sky sports need to get out of Ronaldo’s arse. It’s deadline day for fuck sake there are more players in the world than Ronaldo

@TylerGraham_: Sky Sports News is awfully boring now. Transfer Deadline Day used to be so good to watch

@92shaunna: Is this deadline day or Ronaldo day? Fuck off sky sports.

@OrmerodMatty: Sky sports coverage of deadline day is embarrasing… only a handful of clubs involved in it, it seems…

@aceyrocks: @JimWhite it doesn’t feel right without you and the beautiful yellow tie on #TransferDeadlineDay hope your keeping safe mate

@thepump74: Becoming a joke of a channel, bringing in youtubers and vloggers for opinions and so called expert knowledge! As for their transfer shows, not sure what’s worse? Watching the used car dealers in the mornings or the “banter” between Darmesh and Kaveh in the evenings! #Cringe

@4TheArsenal_: Sky sports deadline day has been atrocious. Latest is: “So Ronaldo to United is done, here I am with 2 Arsenal fans, guys what do you think of that?”

@PaddyArsenal: I’ve always watched Sky Sports News on deadline day ever since I was a kid. They used to break everything. So funny watching them play catch up now, reporting deals as “breaking news” when you saw it an hour ago on Twitter.

@j_tierney07: It’s pathetic. Such a poor show these days.

@Danny_EFC6: Oh my god this sky sports coverage has been absolutely terrible. What a fall from grace this is, used to be glued to it on deadline day. But now we’re watching David James be asked about things he’s got no idea about, and the presenter fella just complementing everyone.

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