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Rickie Lambert goes viral with bizarre video on ‘the great awakening’

Rickie Lambert goes viral this week with a rather bizarre video on ‘the great awakening’, getting millions of views on Twitter.

It sees the former Premier League and EFL footballer, who these days is an Academy Youth Development Coach at Wigan Atletic, share what fans have called ‘conspiracy theories’.

The TOM NUMBERS Show & Psych Club (aka @RealTomNumbers) published a video on Twitter, captioned: “My brother & friend RICKIE LAMBERT Ex-England international, Southampton & Liverpool Premier League Footballer ⚽️ – speaks from his heart 💜💫 “When we understand what THE GREAT AWAKENING really is, we get to manifest the lives individually & collectively that we desire & want” 👍🏼🕊️⚽️🎨 We’re creating all day everyday anyway, so why not make it a masterpiece of epic proportions 😉🎨.

“This is one of the most powerful videos I’ve seen over the last 3 years since the great awakening began in the spring of 2020 💪🏻🕊️🧲💫.

“Rickie you are a warrior for the truth – bless you brother x.

“And thanks @mattletiss7 for bringing this about & being a warrior too x”

In the video, the player says: “Hello, Ricky Lambert here. I just wanted to tell the people what I think the Great Awakening is.

“Now, I know a lot of us critical thinkers say the Great Awakening is coming and the Great Awakening is going to save us. No one’s ever told us what the Great Awakening is.

“Now, we all thought it is everyone realising how the world works, who owns it, who rules it, stuff like that. I don’t think it is. I don’t think it is.

“What I think the Great Awakening is when enough people understand and believe in manifestation and start creating their own future.

“Now, this happens every day. Individuals believe in this and they change their own future. I’ve done it myself. I believed, I knew I was a footballer before I was a footballer.

“And the ones who are the most successful in the world, they all believe in it, whether they know about it or not.

“Subconsciously, they use the techniques of manifestation. Now, a very few amounts of people use this technique to put us in this system, on this planet, the way they have done.

“A very few amount of people who know this work and have used it to their benefits. Evil, evil, evil benefits.

“Can you imagine if millions of good, loving, pure people started believing in this and started believing in a different future?

“A future that we want, future that we all want to thrive, all want to be healthy, have a beautiful future for our children?

“Can you imagine how quickly things will turnaround if there was billions, billions of people who started believing in this and all came together with the same thought? Because it is the same fort.

“Most human beings don’t want all the luxuries. They want a good, healthy life, like full of just normal, natural things.

“If we all start believing in that, not believing in it, knowing this is going to happen, we’re going to make it happen. It will happen.

“And it will change so quickly, so quickly before the powers that be have a chance to stop it.

“It will be changed, and it will be the future that we always wanted it to be.”

Here’s what fans said as Rickie Lambert goes viral with a bizarre video on ‘the great awakening’…

@Worldchampsx2: M15 you need to surround the Southampton compound and stop ward-prowse from drinking the Kool Aid before it’s too late!

@BigBassBarry15: Maddest thing is that this wasn’t recorded at 5am in a random geeza’s kitchen after party

@MoustacheMickey: Couldn’t manifest more than 3 goals in his 36 appearances with Liverpool all the same.

@StringerKevin: Further proof that years of heading a ball can have a devastating effect

@Dylan01Jakins: Must be something in the water in Southampton

@Htressell: Did he manifest being a benchwarmer for the reds?

@KitHunters: Said a lot without saying anything. Quite the skill.

@JerseySpur5: When you order Matt Le Tissier off Wish

@sfctoby: Christ almighty

@Hammersi: What is it with ex Southampton strikers? Mad!! Must be something in the air down there.

@SGno3: I dont know if this is parody or not 😂

@LickieRambert: I’m not really sure what I just watched.

@TimGeorgie2512: What the heck was that all about

@JimmyHillDog7: What you saying here Rickie lad?

@LL_Breezy: Was about to write tin pot Le Tissier and you ACTUALLY TAGGED HIM at the bottom 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@JRHartley123: What is it about ex Saints players @mattletiss7

@KEVR66: Get well soon rickie 🙏 #LeTissieritis

@Lee_G_12: Oh Rickie lad 🤦🏽

@Jelly86: Does he think whispering makes him sound more intelligent, or is he scared his neighbours are going to make him take all the tin foil off his house?

@BladeWarny: Hahaha what 😂

@benpilkslyons: If anyone can watch this and understand a fucking thing he’s trying to say then you’re a lot brighter than I am

@TomJordan21: What are Saints feeding their ex players man?! 😂😂😂

@AverageStriker: Southampton need to retire that #7 shirt immediately. Does spooky stuff to people

@GoalscorerC: There’s clearly something up with the Southampton number seven shirt. You’ve got to worry for Joe Aribo long-term.

@WAFCRob: Look what you’ve done Al Jasmi, you’ve broken the poor man already. Power is probably fucking speaking to his beach towel at this point #wafc

@SfcBxn: One legend that doesn’t become a complete looney after retirement is all I ask as a Southampton fan

@ciarcarlin: I fear for James Ward-Prowse’s future.

@Dr_Laffy_Taffy: Announce the documentary looking into what actually happens to players who wear the number 7 shirt for Southampton @netflix

@PaulAndo1987: Rickie Lambert’s lost the plot, lads.

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