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Punter wins £264,712 after placing £50 on 13-fold accumulator with odds of 5274/1

Punter wins £264,712 after placing £50 on a 13-fold accumulator with odds of 5274/1 including the early and late kick offs.

A very lucky person had secured an incredible return of £264,712 from a £50 accumulator, placing the 13-fold bet with Betfair.

He predicted the correct outcomes in matches across the Premier League and Championship, despite having such crazy odds of 5274.10/1.

He went for Tottenham, Middlesborough, Everton, Chelsea, Fulham, Blackburn, Leeds, Ipswich and Leicester to win, while also going for draws for Cardiff City vs Watford, Coventry City vs Norwich City, Millwall vs Hull City and Crystal Palace vs Nottingham Forest.

Tottenham won 1-0 at Luton having been down to 10-men, Chelsea beat Burnley 4-1, Everton put three past Bournemouth and Fulham won 3-1 at home to Sheffield United.

Middlesbrough thrashed Sunderland 4-0 at the Stadium of Light, Blackburn also beat QPR by the same scoreline, while Leicester comfortably continued their impressive form by winning 2-0 at home to Stoke 2-0, Ipswich overcame Preston 4-3 and Leeds beat Bristol City 2-1.

Crystal Palace’s clash with Nottingham Forest ended in a bore draw, while there was also a draw when Watford pegged back Cardiff in the second half to draw 1-1 and Millwall secured a point against Hull.

And more crucially, Ben Gibson’s incredible 88th minute own goal helped the individual on to win £264,712.

A Betfair spokesperson revealed the news on Saturday evening as they said: ‘It’s been a memorable day for one Betfair punter who has taken us to the absolute cleaners with a game changing 13-fold, winning an incredible £264,000.

‘Hats off to the punter who not only predicted a number of wins, but also four draws in matches across the Premier League and Championship.

‘An 88th minute equaliser for Coventry against Norwich really rubbed the salt in our wounds, but that’s football, and from everyone at Betfair we have to wish them a huge congratulations!’

The 5274.10/1 accumulator

(Tottenham) – Luton 0-1 Tottenham
(Everton) – Everton 3-0 Bournemouth
(Fulham) – Fulham 3-1 Sheffield United
(Chelsea) – Burnley 1-4 Chelsea
(Middlesbrough) – Sunderland 0-4 Middlesbrough
(Blackburn) – QPR 0-4 Blackburn
(Leicester) – Leicester 2-0 Stoke
(Ipswich) – Ipswich 4-2 Preston
(Leeds) – Leeds 2-1 Bristol City
(Draw) – Millwall 2-2 Hull City
(Draw) – Crystal Palace 0-0 Nottingham Forest
(Draw) – Coventry 1-1 Norwich City
(Draw) – Cardiff City 1-1 Watford

*Brackets denotes the punter’s selection

Here’s how fans reacted as a punter wins £264,712 after placing a £50 on a 13-fold accumulator with odds of 5274/1…

@FurloughDaddy: Aye right. I’d have died twice watching that Palace game.

@ThornleySimon: Fair play, had the bollocks to do the early kick off as well!

@futbolxxpert: Unbelievably brave putting an acca like that on the english leagues with how unpredictable they are, fair play.

@McGheeT92: Who the fuck is putting £50 down on a 13 Fold acca.

@64doogz: Seen it all now 13 team accy with four draws, come on to fuck.

@Jack_Roberts6: 50 quid on a 13 fold . Bet he’s just broke even

@a_james267: £50 on a 13 fold acca with 3 draws. Jesus

@JackBru89871803: £50 on odds that big screams even tho he won he’s still not in profit

@djbren93: £50 on a 13 fold. Yeah bet that win has really changed his life 🙄

@joeyoung73: i can’t even land a 3/1 treble

@ArronnMyless: What kind of physcopath’s chucking £50 on this? 🤣

@_Jack_Turner_: 50 quid on a 13 fold. Either doesn’t need the money or desperately needed the money

@Deanoobeanoo: How do you even hold your nerve 🤢

@F1NL4Y0: 50 on a 13 fold yanno

@MattSwad: They then lose a Grand 💰 in 8 days time and you’ll be restricting them to £100 a month and asking them what they had for lunch last Wednesday, happy days.

@NathSalt1: Bloody hell, fair play 😂

@adamhembrow1: That’s their last bet fair acca placed 😉

@Dr_bamz: I got a lot of 1 team messing multiple accas. Then there’s this person predicting 4 DRAWS in a 13 fold?? Wow!

@PEDRO55RFC: £50 on 13 folds. This guys ain’t winning. Decent winner mind you hope he chucks it

@salfordsmith61: You’ve got a bad fucking problem if you’re throwing £50 on a THIRTEEN FOLD

@ljwrd6: £50 on a 13 fold with draws on it Jesus Christ bet he’s barely in profit if he keeps that up 🤣

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