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Premier League star accused of ‘gang rape’ at lockdown party

A Premier League star has been accused of being part of a ‘gang rape’ at a lockdown party by a woman who says her drink was spiked.

The alleged victim, who can’t be named for legal reason, says she went to police after waking up next to the footballer, and that a friend said she wasn’t in “any state” to consent to sexual intercourse.

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It is reported that the “gang rape” took place in the player’s rented flat with his friends.

The woman had no memory of what happened on the night apart from having two drinks and is scared that she may have been assaulted by “a number” of the player’s friends at the party.

One of the woman’s friends said she was “acting strangely” as well as “out of character”.

After waking up next to the footballer the following morning, she discovered scratches on her legs, and asked him what had happened.

She claims the player, who was also naked, said that they had sex.

The friend told the Daily Star: “She could barely stand the night before, there is no way she was in any state to consent to sex.”

The victim says she received a phone call from an unknown person a day after the incident from someone who claimed that the player and his friends spiked her drink.

She says she went to police and made the rape allegation and has since interviewed by detectives and examined by forensic medical staff and doctors.

An investigation into the alleged incident has reportedly been launched.

The Daily Star Sunday said police would not comment on whether the Premier League star accused of ‘gang rape’ at the lockdown party had yet been interviewed.

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