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Premier League games ‘to be shown on new channels’ for first time in 10 years with merger planned

Premier League games are ‘to be shown on new channels’ for the first time in 10 years with a rebrand and merger being planned.

It was last year that Eurosport and BT Sport became one, and now, Sportsmail report that the two broadcasters will announce the creation of new channels to show top flight matches, as well as showcase the Champions League, Grand Slam tennis, Grand Tours for cycling and the Olympic Games.

This new brand, which will be TNT Sports from July, is to be created following the acquisition of BT Sport last year by Warner Brothers Discovery. They also own Eurosport in a deal that could be worth as high as £650million.

Warner Brothers Discovery Sport has been established as a holding company, and will likely feature on new channels’ branding with BT Sport a joint venture. However, it seems that BT Sport has been purchased by the American giants.

The report goes on to say that BT Sport’s staff will also be moving from their base in Stratford, East London to Warner Brothers Studios in Chiswick, Stockley Park, once the campaign comes to an end.

Over 200 BT Sport employees have been informed that they will need to reapply for jobs and 50 are facing redundancy.

However, pundits such as Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen, and Robbie Savage won’t be affected in the near-term, as they remain under contract for the remainder of BT’s contract with the Premier League.

It’s not clear how much the fans will have to pay or how many channels will be available but the broadcasters are expected to reveal more details about their plans later in the week.

BT Sport currently operates five channels, and Eurosport two, with the number expected to decrease.

BT Sport has had the live rights to broadcast Premier League matches since 2013 with Sky Sports and some matchdays shown on Amazon Prime, but it will be a difficult battle to keep them after 2025, despite Warner Brothers Discovery Sport’s financial strength and the likes of Apple TV and DAZN also planning to beat of bidders to show matches.

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This is what social media users made of plans that Premier League games are ‘to be shown on new channel’ for the first time in 10 years with a rebrand planned…

@Habeeb0709: But guess what, you will still not be able to watch all the games on TV in the UK!

@Atlas31828896: So now you will have to pay for Sky, BT, Amazon and also this new channel 😂 and still won’t get half the games because of Saturday blackout

@willjoy13: Cant they finally get rid of the outdated 3pm blackout rule so we can watch any game we want?

@HarryAFC24: Just give us the 3pm kick offs

@Willlauer11_: Don’t care, still gonna be watching on my fire stick

@Harrystott10: “But football is for the fans” 🤦‍♂️

@AnthonyManUtd1: Just means more tv bills. Cancelling my subscription soon.

@michaelfoster93: The best way to resolve this ridiculous multi-subscription issue, would be for broadcasters to start a new joint venture on a Netflix-style package. Football on demand. One price, one platform. Broadcasters take profit, based on what they’ve invested.

@ConnorCheesman: Is there any wonder most people illegally stream games. The premier league should be its own channel with a monthly subscription. I reckon most football fans would subscribe immediately.

@rebekkarnold: So the Premier League want us to pay for BT Sport, Sky Sports, Amazon Prime AND a new channel but only get 3 games a week.

@MichaelLofthou5: More money to splash out getting Discovery Channels no doubt

@mrcorney: Absolute joke, by the looks of it yet another set of channels people have to subscribe too! No wonder fire sticks are so popular

@KCCOvilla88: Great another subscription I won’t buy

@GavinMawn: Its all one massive con.

Sky Sports Premier League and Football channels are priced £18 per month combined, or viewers can pick up the complete sports package from just £25 per month.

NOW is essentially Sky Sports without a contract. Fans can pay for a day membership (£9.99) or month membership (£33.99).

BT Sport usually shows games in the weekly Saturday lunchtime slot. You can sign up for a BT Sport subscription or pick up a contract-free BT Sport monthly pass for £25.

Amazon Prime Video has two rounds of games around Christmas. Viewers were allowed to advantage of a 30-day free trial, which included free next-day delivery across the Amazon store.

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