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Police probe troubling scenes of crowd trouble at Brackley v Banbury mid-game

Police probe the troubling scenes of crowd trouble at Brackley Town v Banbury United mid-game in the two sides’ New Year’s Day fixture.

The National League North fixture played out to a 3-1 victory for Brackley Town, only for it to be marred with small group of Banbury fans getting past security fencing at St James Park to fight the home fans.

Banbury United FC and Northamptonshire Police have now launched an investigation to identify the perpetrators and enact stadium bans for those involved.

The result sees Brackley sitting 8th in the table with 39 points from 26 games played, level on points with Chester who sit in the final playoff place but Chester have two games in hand over Brackley. 9th place Boston also sit on 39 points, with a game in hand over Brackley. Banbury meanwhile are 18th with 29 points from 25 games, 3 points above the drop zone but have a game in hand.


Statement from the board of directors following incidents at Brackley Town fixture today

Yesterday (1st January), at the Brackley Town v Banbury United National League North fixture, we witnessed a small group of spectators break ground regulations and a few individuals engage in violent behaviour.

The Club would like to make it absolutely clear that we abhor violence in all its forms and will be taking strong action in relation to these incidents. We will be conducting a thorough investigation and pursuing stadium bans for all involved where there is evidence of ground regulations having been breached, or criminal activity.

Where we can work together with other clubs, we do not admit entry to the Banbury Plant Hire Community Stadium to anyone who breaks ground regulations or is banned from a club, regardless of who they support. Northamptonshire Police are in the process of investigating the actions of both sets of supporters involved in yesterday’s incidents.

We appeal to any fans who witnessed the incidents to please come forward and help us to identify any perpetrators. Any information will be received in complete confidence and can be provided initially by emailing info@banburyunitedfc.co.uk.

A spokesperson for Northamptonshire Police said to Banbury FM: “We have recorded an incident of affray in relation to the disorder that took place during the match yesterday between Brackley Town and Banbury United, at the Brackley Town ground in Churchill Way.

“Officers are working with the club to identify those responsible, and anyone with information about what happened is asked to call Northamptonshire Police on 101 regarding incident number 24000001255.”

@2_punter: A few mindless morons disgracing the name of a great football club once again. If you can’t behave and learn how to accept defeat from time to time then maybe football’s not for you.

@st4lky: about time Banbury as a club took action against some of the Neanderthals that attach themselves to the club. Turned a blind eye for way too long.

@JosephShirley87: Fans scrapping at this level is beyond embarrassing

@_HVN_06: They don’t have a clue do they?

@TheLeeWilko: Brackley started it 😝

@GlynJ97: I thought Brackley fans were all perfect and against fighting

@banhambtfc: Ahahha Banbury ran away when we went round 😂

@ciaralbyrne97: One particular fan base have been rattled by this…

@lampard_callum: Brackley fighting ????

@HibboCFC: @BrackleyTownFC ban these hooligans you rat

@PeterTustain: In no way am I supporting the behaviour, but Brackley are just as guilty as Banbury.

@keeperneil20: The stewards did well for sorting it out so quick. Don’t blame the stewards. Blame the embarrassing b*nbury united fans that climbed over

Jason Taylor: Banbury causing trouble again, they’ll have no fans left at this rate.

Andrew John Hermon: Did Banbury away last season never go again fans were shocking kick them out.

Paul Tomlinson: Horrible fans.

Gallactus Posté: Bin chuckers at it again

David Feeley: I’d a few friends at the game, That was the usual banter, Then a few Banbury lads decided to climb the fence and the police did nothing and they got over and they had a bit of a handbags at dawn. Unfortunately banbury has a few idiots, I just hope the club don’t suffer.

Dale Manley: Not exactly true , 5 or 6 Brackley fans got past there segregation barrier with ease and was calling Banbury fans over so they went over ( rightly or wrongly ) and climbed the fence , so brackley should also put out a statement to investigate the 5 or 6 Brackley fans that broke segregation and called the Banbury fans over as there was no trouble up until that point , but again it just Banbury fans being investigated

Greg Brain: Segregation 😂 what 2 flimsy movable chicken wire fences with 4 stoned looking stewards between them who stood and watched.. nothing more than playground handbags. Seen worse outside a bingo hall between a couple of purple rinsers

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