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Police probe Notts County fan’s assault on Colchester player and alleged racial abuse

Police probe reports of a Notts County fan’s assault on a Colchester player and an alleged racial abuse incident after the nine goal thriller.

Two separate incidents took place following the League Two fixture at the JobServe Community Stadium on Saturday with both clubs assisting police with their inquiries.

U’s head coach Ben Garner described their 5-4 victory over Notts County as “an outstanding game”, but in a statement, the club said the squad’s “fantastic win” had been “marred” by the two incidents.


Colchester United’s fantastic win on Saturday was marred by a couple of incidents that Essex police are now investigating.

Following incidents at the game, Essex Police are investigating a report of assault on a Colchester United player and an allegation of racial abuse by an away supporter outside the stadium following the game.

The two clubs will assist Essex Police in the investigations, and will not comment further until these investigations have been completed.

Colchester United would like to make it clear that we will not tolerate any abuse, verbal or physical, and we will push for the strongest sanctions possible on any person found guilty of either.

Essex Police said that a Colchester player had been pushed by a Notts County supporter, while another incident saw a fan “racially abused” at the club on Saturday.

“We are carrying out inquiries and liaising with both clubs regarding appropriate action”, police said.

Colchester United FC Police tweeted: “Reports of a racially aggravated offence have been received after todays game and are being investigated.

“There were also some disappointing scenes at the away coaches with supporters from both teams forgetting how to behave.”

As per Gazette News, Essex Police asked anyone who witnessed the incident or has information which could assist its inquiries to come forward by visiting essex.police.uk/digital101 or by calling 101 quoting incident 396 of September 30.

Anonymous reports can be made by contacting Crimestoppers at crimestoppers-uk.org or by calling 0800 555 111.

A spokesman also spoke on behalf of Notts County, confirming the club have also been made aware of the incident involving one of its supporters.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted as police probe a Notts County fan’s assault on a Colchester player and the alleged incident of racial abuse…

@John_GR63: Good to see. What my mate was called by a notts fan is disgusting and should never happen in the modern game. Hope the pricks banned from ever going near a stadium again. My mate got called something I can’t say here outside the ground. I wasn’t there so I can’t say precisely I’m going off of him and he had like a few fans come defend him or something (What was said was a derogatory term against Asians).

@Marcustricky: Yeah it shouldn’t happen full stop. Just enjoy the football, have a laugh, bit of banter and then pub or home… not hard 🤦‍♂️.

@John_GR63: Just don’t understand what goes through peoples heads. Really sickening

@Samnottsman: Apologies to your friend on behalf of the notts fans I know. We have some absolute embarrassments at our club who conduct themselves on here and in real life abhorrently. Hope your friend is ok. Well done for today.

@John_GR63: Have them at alot of clubs sadly. He seems all good and cheers best of the luck for the season 🤝

@remotemagpie: Sorry to hear that from a Notts fan. The vast majority of us do not endorse that rubbish

@John_GR63: Ofc I expect most your fans are relatively sound. Always a very small minority that can let an entire fanbase down

@Marcustricky: Come on guys, what is going on. This just isn’t good enough from any fan. #nottscounty #colu

@NottsCountyZone: Ban them for life, racism has no place in football or society.

@AaronMubanga9: Capital punishment for racism am sick of it

@ColchesterFan: It’s keep happening in football, it needs to stop

@Marcustricky: No need for it at all.

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