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Police issue statement with fans baffled as Barnsley mascot gets ‘arrested’

Police have took to issue a statement with fans left baffled as Barnsley mascot Toby Tyke gets ‘arrested’ as seen in footage below.

The South Yorkshire outfit have gone from being Championship playoff qualifiers to having relegation confirmed in the space of a year.

Last week saw the club defeated by Huddersfield Town, sending Barnsley down with three games remaining, and manager Poya Asbaghi left the club just two days after their fate was sealed.

It seems to have gone from ‘bad to worse for the club as describe by one Twitter user, with a video on social media emerging of the bizarre moment the mascot was led away into a police van.

While some were completely perplexed and couldn’t figure out what had happened, some twigged it was all just tongue-in-cheek ploy to cheer fans up.

South Yorkshire Police Barnsley tweeted: “How about this for ruff justice? Officers from @BarnsleyWestNPT and BarnsleySE_NPT had to arrest Barnsley mascot Toby Tyke today as part of promotion work for the BFC Community Game Changer Barnsley project. We bet sitting in the back of the van gave him paws for thought.

“Rest assured we followed every lead going to get our man!”

They added: “Here are our officers from @BarnsleyWestNPT and @BarnsleySE_NPT showing Toby Tyke the way to custody this afternoon.

“Rest assured we followed every lead going to get our man.”

Meanwhile, as the video gets over 100,00 views and gave some much needed humour into the gloomy times at Barnsley, midfielder Matty Wolfe says relegation has been no laughing matter.

“Two teams have had points deductions and it is embarrassing to be honest that they are above us. It says a lot,” he said ahead of their final home game of the season against Preston on Saturday lunchtime. “Not finishing bottom is a target we’ve got.

“It’s probably been the lowest week. Seeing the lads, everyone is devastated. Obviously, the game against Blackpool, we wanted to go out and press and get in their faces, and things just didn’t go to plan again. It’s obviously hard to put a finger on what’s going wrong, but nothing seems to be falling for us and they were the better team again. We didn’t deserve to get anything, and it was a poor game for everyone.

“There’s no explanation; we haven’t been good enough – and that’s everyone, really. People are putting in shifts, but even myself in the last couple of games I haven’t been good enough at all. I know it’s cliché, we’ve got to keep going and that’s all we can do.”

When questioned about whether he would be willing to stay at Oakwell, Asbaghi said: “There are demands on me as a coach.

“There will be time now to reflect for everyone and you will have a clear answer from me soon (on future).

“But it has to be an environment where it mirrors yourself.

“As a player you want to be in a team where you know players around you have the same attitude.

“The time will come soon where we reflect and ask ‘do we get that from each other?'”

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Twitter users reacted as police issue a statement with fans baffled as the Barnsley mascot gets ‘arrested’…

@MrMikeyMooshoo: What is his crime? I demand access to my client immediately! I saw the ruff justice when you took his head clean off. All jokes aside good to see community outreach.

@MarkRWheeler2: #freetobytyke

@GarnettLD: What the!?

@PainNothingbut: @AJLimb91 what is this?

@PeepHomer: About time someone was held accountable for this season

@Jamstan76: WTFs going off here then

@Graham2k12bfc: @LesElvin @megan17399 wtf have I just seen

@Danielsills10: @samanthaskidm10 Toby tyke been arrested dont get any better this season

@_Sean7_: free up Toby Tyke, from a Brummie Beau fan

@letsdigit: The “ooop” when the head comes off killed me 😂

@RhysPearce18: Toby been done for not picking up his own dog poo

@BFCDrinkers: Is that a person inside a costume!? Worst day ever.

@SiAtko: Do the Police have any leads?!? 🤔

@neilaturton: Tell me it’s not so. Toby is a real 6-ft dog

@tpasLouise: 😂😂😂 what makes actually going on. Mad

@MarkRWheeler2: They decapitate him and arrest him! #freetobytyke

@UTDlukas: Being sent down just like Barnsley

@Kian49141297: Didn’t have to behead him 1st

@kevsams17: Police brutality! They just decapitated him….

@LemmiesOut: The commentary was just so on point.

@Joe86828642Joe: What’s happened here then? 😂

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