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Cardiff disgusted at fan’s racist video aiming abuse at Swansea player

Cardiff City say they are disgusted at a fan’s racist social media video aiming abuse at Swansea City player Michael Obafemi.

Swans defender Joel Latibeaudiere shared a tweet showing the video on his Twitter account calling for the Bluebirds to ban the supporter, while Cardiff say they have handed over evidence to South Wales Police and discussed the video with anti-discrimination campaign Kick it Out.

South Wales Police has confirmed the matter is being investigated as outrage continues to emerge from those who are seeing the clip for the first time.

In a statement, the force said: “South Wales Police is aware of footage circulating on social media from Cardiff City’s home fixture against Swansea City at the Cardiff City Stadium on April 2.

“Enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with information, or the individual himself, is urged to contact South Wales Police quoting occurrence *140557.”

The video appears to show a Cardiff fan commenting on the game from inside the stadium during Swansea’s 4-0 Championship victory at Cardiff on the 2nd of April and referring to Swansea forward Michael Obafemi using a racial slur.

After it was put on social media on the 28th of April, team-mate Latibeaudiere had his say: “Disgraceful, Cardiff City should ban this fan immediately. Social networks do nothing online, but this is someone who’s easily identified. Ban him!”

The Swansea player also put in the ‘NoRoomForRacism’ hashtag.

“Cardiff City have spoken at length with Kick It Out on the matter, have passed evidence on to South Wales Police and will fully support their investigations,” said the club in a statement.

“The club is disgusted by the deplorable, stomach-churning language and stands by football’s commitment to stamping out such abhorrent behaviour. There is no place for it in our sport or society.”

Cardiff boss Steve Morison said hasn’t seen the clip himself but was aware of the content and backed the club’s response.

“I echo the club’s statement on it,” he said. “We are trying to get this out of society and not just football. It often rears its ugly head and it’s not nice.”

Swansea also issued a statement saying they were aware of the video.

“We wholly condemn the abhorrent language used and we are actively working with South Wales Police and Cardiff City with their enquiries.

“There is no place for such behaviour in society, let alone football, and as a club we will unequivocally support our players and staff to help eradicate all forms of discrimination from the game.”

Twitter users reacted as Cardiff say they are disgusted at the fan’s racist video aiming abuse at a Swansea player…

@SCFCDon: @swpolice worth investigating I’d say!! Shocking behaviour, time to make and example of people like this who deem themselves “public influencers” do your job.

@WillHughes_11: As classy as ever

@richardlewis71: Hope you find him he’s not welcome at my club 👎

@MozzasMoshPit: Totally unacceptable under any circumstances. Good to see it’s being picked up by SWP

@JohnnyRichards: Brilliant to see the Cardiff fans coming out against this. One thing Swansea and Cardiff are United on

@soozles_: Find him and ban him, not the kind of person that we want in the club. Racism has no place anywhere

@ccfcfancam: Absolutely shocking, should be banned & arrested.

@_Riley_SCFC_: Disgusting 🤮

@Hatchy88: This guy should never be allowed in a football stadium again!!

@EllisRoberts06: Disgusting. @swpolice

@thans88: what sort of freak not only records this, but then decides to upload it online as well?

@DanielJJames2: Oh he’s a racist Cardiff fan #shocked

@kevevs1908: Both clubs united before night games against racism. To be fair 99.99% of Cardiff fans aren’t racist. But this one just looks too thick to me to even realise that he is

@DianaDo31659219: Disgusting ban 4 life

@SeanQuinn007: The fact that imbecile uses such foul racist slurs tells you everything you need to know about him. There is no place for racism in sport or ANYWHERE. Ban him for life @CardiffCityFC Rivals yes, racists no

@LukeBur90838497: From a cardiff fan that’s disgusting totally out of order need to ban him from all Welsh football totally

@TheTrueJackYT: Tell them Lati 👏🏼 the guy is an absolute rat

@JackyDexe: @SWPSwansea this is NOT ACCEPTABLE 😡😡 he should be dealt with and BANNED from any football game this is NOT a football fan he’s just vile

@KieranCraig2016: Absolute imbecile! Let’s hope they throw the book at him for this! Well done for speaking up Lati!

@READIEJACKS: The worrying thing is that this cretin doesn’t even know he’s saying anything wrong and then posts it online. @CardiffCityFC @SWPCardiff @swpolice You should be looking at this and banning this vile rasist for life!!!

@cfc_williams: Fucking scum #banhimforlife

@JamesWithers23: Ban the cunt and lock him up #SayNoToRacism

@JohnW102: @kickitout @CardiffCityFC @SouthWalesPoli2 No place for this in this day and age. Club/Police action?

@PhilRichards82: Imagine being racist. Then imagine filming yourself being racist and uploading it to YouTube. Absolutely no hope for this bloke. Let’s hope he doesn’t breed.

@gezparry: I mean if he’s filming like that in the ground I hope he gets a lifetime ban anyway 🤣

@nrpr40: This was tweeted during the South Wales derby, yet this guy has had no action taken against him, nearly a month later. Instant lifetime ban from ALL football surely. @FAWales, @EFL, @piersmorgan

@GoddenSA2: Sadly, these sorts of views are expressed all the time, and that is major reason why taking the knee remains so relevant. It takes a special type of stupid to record yourself doing it. I’m sure @CardiffCityFC and @swpolice will act accordingly.

@davies2107: Thick as fuck. To actually upload footage of yourself being a racist twat is mind boggling. His mrs is a Jack as well, so someone must know him

@swanspassion: Not much going on upstairs there. Why film yourself saying something like that then post online for everyone to see. Bonkers

@danthomoo: @SWPSwansea @swpolice @SwansOfficial @CardiffCityFC get something done about it. Best part of him was dribbled down his mothers leg the absolute weapon.

@foreverayellow: why isn’t the message getting through to people. STOP BEING RACIST FFS! we seem to have all these banners, slogans etc yet racists are still at it, doing it, without a care, so brainless that they dont realise they are gunna get caught, what does he think was gunna happen by recording himself, then posting it online?!

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