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Police break into ex-Rangers, Plymouth, St Mirren player’s house

Police break into ex-Rangers, Plymouth, St Mirren player’s house whilst he was celebrating his 30th birthday in the garden with loved ones.

Police swooped in to Gregg Wylde’s place to break up a birthday garden party for the footballer, with him and his family receiving fines.

He insisted he had done nothing wrong – and his wife claimed the family event was actually reported to police by a Celtic-supporting neighbour.

Gregg and wife Georgia had got the back garden all decked out for the occasion so that they could entertain their guests on Saturday.

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But they had to cut it much shorter than hoped when police raided the event and handed out fixed penalty notices to a total of nine people.

Georgia said: “Sadly, this is what happens.

“Everyone in the estate knows Gregg plays football and played for Rangers.

“Even though he isn’t playing football for Rangers anymore he gets targeted. One of the neighbours is a Celtic supporter and it’s probably a Celtic supporter who has targeted him.”

Wylde was unrepentant. He said: “There was no big party – it was family members only.

“There was no more than 10 people including my mum, gran and dad and Georgia’s mum, and there were three kids.

“We’d just been having a couple of drinks in the back garden during the day.

“There were decorations brought by the family and my mum did some bunting. This wasn’t a party at night until 3am or anything like that.

“It was during the day and everybody was socially distancing. And we had hand ­sanitisers and masks.

“When the police came around and told us we had to disperse, my dad said, ‘We should all just go’ and everybody left.”

Georgia added: “We were outside. The police were brand new. If there were any issues, we wouldn’t be here – we would be in jail. This has grown arms and legs from family, including children, coming round to drop off presents.”

One neighbour told the Record at how shocked they were by the scale of the event, with lockdown rules stating there can be only four people meeting in gardens from a maximum of two households.

The Record took a picture of what appeared to be a marquee being ­taken down and out of Wylde’s garden.

(Image: Daily Record)

The neighbour said: “He turned 30 during the week so it must have been a party to celebrate his birthday.

“The marquee had been hired and was set up early on Saturday by staff from the hire firm. Dance music was blaring all day, from the minute it kicked off, and you could see the guests had dressed for the occasion.

“The police arrived at about 6.15pm. Officers arrived in a car and a van to break up the party.

“They were there for about 20 minutes. It took that long to give tickets out as there were that many people there.

“Despite the police being there and breaking it up, it was over an hour before some of the guests actually left. A few guys were seen taking the rest of their booze with them when they left. They were obviously still planning to make a night of it elsewhere.

“Everyone knows the rules by now. There’s just no excuse for having loads of people round.”

The source added: “After two different sets of Rangers players being caught at parties and then Charlie Mulgrew having to give an embarrassing public apology for breaching rules, it’s incredible he would, firstly, think this is a good idea and then, secondly, go through with it.”

Wylde currently plays his football for East Stirlingshire, but had spent seven years at Rangers, from 2005 to 2012. He left them after the club entered administration and went on to play for Aberdeen, Plymouth, St Mirren, Millwall, Livingston, Northampton and Clyde.

East Stirling secretary Andrew Williamson promised an ­investigation, saying: “Nobody at the club was aware of this. Our manager was oblivious and wasn’t aware of any of our other players attending.

“Gregg has obviously had a party of some description.

“We have been in furlough since early January since the league was suspended.

“From the club’s point of view, we will have an investigation. We will look at any player breaking Covid regulations seriously, as we have done in the past.”

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Fans reacted as police break into the ex-Rangers, Plymouth, St Mirren player’s house…

@ronniebhoy500: What’s the rules clown

@PR__92: Gregg breaking lockdown rules to go to Morelos’ house for his birthday 😂

@UnionScenes: You at Scott Arfields illegal birthday party

Fraser Thorburn: Police should mind their own business and concentrate on fighting actual crime

Vicky Ambrose: Still broken the rules police had every right to break this up

Patricia Leitch Reilly: Sad people who grass on others….. everyone too interested in what others are up to !!

Amanda Burns: So she knows for sure it was the neighbour who called the police because they are a Celtic supporter? Aye ok

Elaine Ferguson: Broke the rules!! Fine them, simples! Why should they get away with it, we’ve all lost out in some way!

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