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Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony and Forest Green’s Dale Vince clash live on talkSPORT

Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony and Forest Green’s Dale Vince clash live on talkSPORT over the current climate crisis.

They both appeared on the radio station in debate on the climate crisis and Just Stop Oil, with MacAnthony telling Vince that he was supporting ‘morons’ within the climate group.

It’s well known that Vince is contributing to the controversial Just Stop Oil movement, investing vast amounts backing their protest for change.

Vince is a multi-millionaire Forest Green owner and owner of British energy company Ecotricity, and previously aired his thoughts which came with a warning that protestors would continue to disrupt ‘high-profile’ sports on its ‘target list’.

He and Darragh took turns voicing their opinions and at times, it looked like it was getting heated as the Peterborough owner told Vince that he is ‘donating to a load of idiots’.

DM: Those in charge, those who are in the media, are not always to be trusted. And you see some of the hysteria sometimes and what was a different colour screen and the weather report ten years ago to what it is today, I don’t know. You know, Dale, you’ve done all right for yourself to your life. You’ve made quite a few quid out of this whole climate thing. Who am I to criticise you? And you’ve obviously done your own work, your own research, so you’re well versed in it all. It’s not an argument I need to have.I have my opinion on it. That’s where I am with it.

DV: You sound like Simon Jordan now. You don’t want to debate it with me?

DM: Well, Dale, at the end of the day, talkSPORT will give me three or four minutes. I’m happy to sit there where you eat your veggie burger and we can have a proper debate. But like I said, you’ve made plenty of dough out of it. You’re getting plenty of attention out of it. That’s what you want to do. That’s for you. You’re donating to a load of idiots who run onto the streets or stopping traffic. There was a woman last week whose kid was ill. And all these people you’d give him money to do that to. We’re a cause of that. If a child died or someone had a heart attack in an ambulance because you’d put 500 grand into a cause where you have all of these morons who are stood in the street, basically stopping traffic, you lose people support for the cause and eventually something’s going to happen. Someone’s going to die in a car, in an ambulance, or one of your idiots is going to get run over and killed and that’s going to happen.And my question to you guys is, are you okay with that happening?

DV: All right, let me tell you this. Well, let me ask you this. Do you know how many people died in Europe last summer because of the extreme temperatures that we experienced? Do you know how many?

DM: You’re going to tell me that lots of people have died from all sorts of fires.

DV: 60,000.

DM: Horrific. I’ll ask you again if that child last week had died in the car, I’m asking you, Dale, you didn’t put your money in.

DV: I’m asking you. Well, I’m talking actual deaths. You’re talking theory. I’m talking actual deaths.

DM: Well, my answer to you would be, every life has a value, Dale. Every life has a value.

DV: And 60,000 have passed, and this summer it will be more. And you’re talking theoretical. What if? What if it’s happening now?

JW: But I think the question that we’re trying to…

DM: I’m not against Dale.

JW: Dale is hook line and sinker into this. So is his football club. But you are saying, quite openly, Peterborough United, it’s not for us.

DM: I didn’t say it’s not for us.I just said we’re not doing a lot about it at the moment.

JW: But should you be?

DV: I think what you said, it’s a conspiracy. You don’t believe that it’s happening.

DM: Did I use the words conspiracy?

DV: No. You intimated, though. You said ‘colour charts from years ago’. ‘Is the weather really changing?’, ‘You’ve made money from it’. ‘Is it really happening’, is what you’re saying.

DM: This is where you lose people? You’re saying this is where you lose people. Did I use the word conspiracy theory? I didn’t hear the word so. Dale, if you think I think it’s a conspiracy, there, fair enough.

Twitter users gave their thoughts as Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony and Forest Green’s Dale Vince clash live on talkSPORT…

@matt_24117: Imagine if forest green football matches were disrupted week in week out by a peaceful protest 🤔 change his tune i reckon 🤡

@D91Mikey: Dale has a point about how many people are dying because of the drastic climate, however Darragh clearly stated he’s not against his quest, he’s against how they go about it which is bang on in my opinion

@Albion30: Darragh MacAnthony – A man so keen on trying to exude strength through an aggressive and abrasive demeanour. It’s sad to see, why try so hard to maintain that image. I have no doubt that man struggles internally with his sense of self.

@JordHunt98: Genuinely do not understand the shit @DMAC102 gets, bloke talks complete sense & from the outside looking in, Peterborough are one of the best run clubs in the country, FGR is just one mass publicity stunt

@MarkCFC2021: I’ve said this before, the grift in @DaleVince is nauseating, he’s made millions off of the back of the climate fear mongering 🤮

@Hamperings: Bang on from Darragh.

@FootballagentCA: Brilliant stuff. Fair play to @talkSPORT for having both sides of the argument on the show! Wish all channels were like that.

@SupaMarrio22: Why do @talkSPORT try so hard to discredit Dale? Oh yeah, because they’re part of the “TalkCrap” group of right wing media. I don’t know why he bothers talking to you. Watch his performance on @bbcquestiontime; the best for a loooong time! PS – I don’t agree with JSOs methods!

@ArsenalFCView: Imagine my surprise seeing that a load of talksport listeners think climate change is a scam.

@MrRH17: Climate change needs addressing. However not at the cost of an innocent life. Protest where the problem is and against those that can address it, not endangering the lives of the public.

@liamtweetsavfc: Dale in the mud. Avoiding questions and changing the subject because Darragh was spot on.

@robashcroft1: Completely agree with DM, many don’t disagree with the cause, but the tactics and methods of communicating it means they will never have the mass support, which increases pressure to change, which I assume is what they are trying to achieve.

@webb_ian: well done Darrah! Well constructed argument and you are 100% right. Sitting in front of traffic will not change how the earth works. Plus all this money for ‘Climate Change’ where does it go 🤔 Scaremongering corruption imho

@the_real_owen: Never been a big fan of @DMAC102 but only due to his Posh connections but absolutely love this! Loved having him on TalkSport lately

@Pedro_BCFC: This guy is great, he called Skysports “wokesports” the other day 😂

@chinkas87: Dale answered a question with a question and not answer. Always the case when you know you’re in the wrong

@barrington2022: DM is spot on. JSO are making things worse. Climate change is a massive issue. However stopping an ambulance getting to a hospital won’t get people on side. He is making paper DV, and he is happy for this to happen rather than take the fight to those in charge

@lambkoria: History will tell us our generation massively dropped the ball on this one its quite sad really

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