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Jim White bemused with Forest Green owner over his ‘shock’ revelation live on air

talkSPORT presenter Jim White was left bemused with Forest Green owner Dale Vince over his ‘shock’ revelation live on air.

Forest Green owner Dale Vince admits he “accidentally” funded the protest group disrupting Premier League games and didn’t back down when being roasted for it.

Two anti-oil protesters were dragged off the pitch by stewards after they tried to tie themselves to a goalpost at the Tottenham vs West Ham game.

It comes after a young environmental protester locked himself to a goalpost to disrupt the Premier League game between Everton and Newcastle, while the same type of protest happened at Wolves v Leeds and Liverpool’s win against Arsenal also.


Jim White: We’ve seen a few protests, there might be a few more this weekend, we don’t know, you got any idea Dale who is funding it?

Dale: I’ve got the sense you’ve got an idea when you ask that question Jim, I’m not…

Jim: I’m curious, I’m curious.

Dale: Well, it’s me actually, and i had a chat a few weeks ago with the people who founded this, they live in Stroud and people that I know so I reached out to them, they said we’re starting a new campaign can you help us with a bit of cash, so I did. What they didn’t say to me was they were planning to disrupt football matches, which I find amusing. No I only bumped into this story the last couple of days anyway, the fact the disruption had taken place, so it’s amusing to me that I accidentally seem to have my finger prints on this.

Jim: Hang on a second Dale, we’re talking about the protests, we’re talking about just Stop Oil, we’re talking about disruption of matches, and you are confirming to us this lunchtime that you’re funding it?!

Dale: That’s right, I’ve accidentally funded the disruption of Premier League games.

Jim: Accidentally funding it or willingly funding it?

Dale: Well I’m funding the organisation that did it, what I’m telling you Jim is that when I spoke to them, they didn’t say to me this is what they were planning to do, they didn’t need to, I don’t try to control what people do when I help them with their campaigns, but it kinda amused me to discover that this group that I helped out get going has been doing this in the world of football.

Jim: So you going to continue funding it? Are you going to pull the funding?

Dale: They haven’t asked for anymore money, think it was like £10,000 to get them going or something like that. They need a lot of money, but I support their aims and I don’t have a problem with what they’re doing, as long as it’s non violent protests, disruption is part of the protest of how to get attention or more attention to really big issues.

Jim turned to Simon Jordan so that he could have his say.

Simon: Everybody has a right to protest, we can’t live in a country where we don’t have a right to protest, with protests there has to be an element of disruption otherwise it would be a protest, I think it’s been stretched a little bit further than it needs to go to and it’s effecting people in ways beyond appal and not justifiable sceptically with the insulate Britain guys that are glueing themselves to roads.

Jim: So you’re having football matches disrupted?

Simon: No I’m not and i’ll be interested to see how humorous Dale thinks this is when it’s a very important match of Forest Green Rovers abandoned as a result of it.

Jim: Well Dale, you’ve got a few things to address here haven’t you?

Dale: This is why I think it’s amusing, telling you guys and discovering that I’ve funded these people that are disrupting football matches, but I still support they disruption of pretty much anything in order to get across this message. Right now our government are planning for further exploration in the North Sea, there’s a big push from some elements of the Conservative party to bring back fracking basically these things would be disastrous.

Jim: Dale, how would you feel if a Forest Green match is disrupted? And in fact would you be behind the organisation of it?

Dale: Maybe I’ll be glueing myself to the goalposts! I dunno.

Jim: Are you going to? That is a serious question, are you going to protest yourself?

Dale: Well I don’t think I’ll protest my own football match because look what Forest Green stands for.

Simon: The irony of Dale’s position, and I think it’s ok being a bit smug, Dale.

Dale laughs at this points before saying thanks.

Simon replies: You are Dale being a bit smug. I know you like to be clever about your own stuff. We can all go into our subject matter with expertise and have a bit of cleverness about it. I like to again charge you with bringing it into disrepute of games because of your funding of a bunch of idiots, but the bottom line is, no one is missing this message.

Dale: You’re mistaking a relaxed attitude for smugness right, I just bumped into this fact and i’m relaxed about it, you can call it smug, but i”m not being smug Simon, we can debate the merits of protests and communication and I’m happy to do that Simon, so was the message of Insulate Britain lost in the media scrum that followed their activity? I think to a degree, but also to a degree that it was not, a lot of people became aware of the fact that Britain has the worst insulting housing stock in Europe and we have to do something about it because one of the reasons we use as much gas as we do, to keep our homes warm, but while our bills are so high, so many people live pure poverty and it’s crying out to be sorted out. What are you going to do about that when nothing being done, get outing protest and if you upset some people, you upset some people, but you’re informing some people at the same time.

Jim: You accept you stand to be charged with bringing the game into disrepute by the FA?

Dale: I’d be surprised actually if that was a thing, I know Simon’s just mentioned it, but i doubt it’s rooted in much reality quite frankly and not wishing to be insulting.

Twitter users reacted as Jim White was left bemused with the Forest Green owner over his ‘shock’ revelation live on air…

@RichRosslyn: Brilliant. The more I see and hear from Dale, the more impressed I am.

@afcbwellsworld: was an interesting interview, with good people. the fact its even being discussed on @talkSPORT shows how much things have progressed. unfortunately nowhere near enough action being taken at the right levels of course……

@Pacmanlfc: Loved the interview. Their heads were falling off and it was glorious. Jim actually asking if you’re going to glue yourself to goal posts (and being serious) was sensational.

@gmurf11: Ironic Simon calling Dale smug 🤦‍♂️

@andyb_poole: This is terrible misinformation by @talksport . @DaleVince does not ‘stand to be charged’ in any shape or form so why say it ?. Also as stated several times he had no knowledge of the activity to be undertaken so how could he bring anything into disrepute

@QuarmbySamuel: Thought @Sjopinion10 was awful today. Once again when presented with something he disagrees with he resorts to childish insults (buy them a bar of soap) and nit picking over very minor comments (no no dale you’re not listening to what I said). Embarrassing.

@ryansp90: A football game got disrupted….. not end of the world is it.

A lot more than football will be disrupted if we don’t get off oil & gas.
👏 @DaleVince + talksport for this convo.

@TurbinesG: ‘Bringing the game into disrepute’? By helping fund protests against oil exploration? Meanwhile the game is awash with gambling sponsorship deals and is being used to soften the image of a murderous regime

@forzaladea: Jim White really thought he was doing something. Someone come and get their dad

@Pembsbhoy: Very rich when Simon Jordan calls somebody smug 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@Jiminy_Bob: Christ, Jim White is really deplorable.

@JonathonStillw2: Dale is a cracker. I’m glad someone’s talking to you and your listener base. Just stop oil should be commended and people should join! Even more so if you have kids, I assume all parents want a better would for them, right?

@NeilHartland: @DaleVince the best owner in football

@RobboSWA: Jordan and White trying to cause a reaction here, meanwhile DV is just vibing not giving two fucks

@Ian_Reynolds87: Got a lot of time for Dale Vince getting under the skin of these Talksport dinosaurs. He could run rings round them if he needed too but sits there and smiles as Jordan talks himself into a hissy a fit. I don’t even hate his football team since he told Copper to sling his hook

@macca_160: Please replace Jim white with someone.

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