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VIDEO: Newcastle fan gets ‘attacked’ by Aiden McGeady in bar with Sunderland first team

A video was published to Twitter, and in it shows a Newcastle fan gets ‘attacked’ by Aiden McGeady in a bar with the Sunderland first team.

A Twitter users, who has since deleted his account following backlash, wrote a tweet on Wednesday night explaining what happened in a Stack venue, before the post started to gain traction.

He said: “Why the fuck has the actual Sunderland first team come and started on me and big Premier League Aiden McGeady ripped me top in the stack 不不不.”

He issued the above video before captioning it with: “Someone who I’ve never heard of said how much are yous on ur skint 不 league 1 yina”

Again he wrote in another post: ” “Scuse me mate can a have a word, do you know who I am” 不不 No fucking clue mate”

There was plenty of tweets in reaction to the Newcastle fan who seemingly gets ‘attacked’ by Aiden McGeady in a bar with members of the Sunderland first team in attendance…

@worthy_noah: I remember my first pint aswell mate

@worthy_noah: Not sure I went on like this much of a cock like

@eab1992: A bit rich mags starting on Mcgeady calling him a League One Plodder when he has played more champions League games than Newcastle’s squad put together…

@murtincurtin: So basically you saw a well know character, gave him a bit of abuse and now youre crying because he had a go back and put you in your place. Im more surprised that you want to let the world know about your stupidity.

@clarke_is_goat: Ru u surprised they came at you there off their heads last thing they need is some random calling him a cunt

@ConnorBell996: Need to grow up thats what you need to do

@fans_toon: Christ 不不不

@safc_pat: stupid geordie knob recording people on a night out

@Leonfryatt1: Took his time out of his night out to go up to a player to wind them up would be embarrassed like

@MackemTalk_: Forgot to add that part where you video him and call him a mackem Cunt for no apparent reason?

@MackemTalk_: You saw the state of you lad hed Snap you in half But again You had to act like the Big man Because Your boyfriends where with you

@Logan14Cameron: I’m sure Newcastle players would get the same in Sunderland, Only difference is there’s a reason Sunderland players are out in the Toon and not Sunderland. Because its a pure shithole

@CabezaJake: While Wigans potential title winning squad are sunning it in Dubai for a well earned break, Sunluns squad are out getting pissed in the Stack making absolute fools of them self causing trouble with the Joe Public. Tragic!

@chrissyfmg: Omgeady

@WadeSAFC: You let a 5 foot 7 bloke rip your T-shirt and chore your phone

@tjbrown___: Ah no your going to have to save up your benefits for a couple of weeks to replace that

@JonnyLavery99: Hahahahahahah he must be riddled with beer fear

@huds8118: The video I saw was only about 5/6 seconds long and you could barely hear what was being said. Looked like Winchester was arguing with the lad, with Bailey Wright and McGeady also there. The video stopped when McGeady pushed his hand towards the camera

@MRodge99: Aye just seen it there, lads caption on the video saying mcgeady has said how much are you on which isnt something you would just say to someone so obviously been trying to wind him up

@MjF21871: Walked up to Mcgeady not knowing who he is, calls him a cunt with his camera at the ready.

@_The72: Why’s Aiden McGeady scrapping Joe Swash on a night out

@kielwats0n: Whys people arsed if Sunderland players were scrapping in the stack last night? They are human, if they are getting shit off people they are naturally going to react.

@kielwats0n: McGeady, Winchester, Wright and Matete caught on video having words with a mag who was giving them grief. Some mag reckons McGeady started on him as a result. Surprise surprise the local Twitter wet weekends are annoyed that they were out on the drink and fighting. Haha

@TimNiceButDim3: It means theyre showing more fight than they do on the pitch 色

@ConnorSAFC1994: I see weve had another case of a Mag trying to wind up our players on a night out and then crying on twitter when they retaliate

@ConnorSAFC1994: Some guy recording himself giving some of our players shit at the stack, and someone from our squad asks him how much money hes on after he was calling them skint and then apparently McGeady ripped the blocked shirt

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