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Outraged Patrick Bamford risks a potential ban with 21-word tweet

Patrick Bamford risks a potential ban with 21-word tweet on the controversial decision to have his goal disallowed by VAR.

The decision to bring in VAR has had it’s moment of working well and helping a referee reach the correct decision, but now we’ve seen enough evidence to see it’s caused more problems than it solved.

Leeds saw the perfect example of this on Friday night as Patrick Bamford saw a late equaliser chalked off for offside against Wolves, and the images that were used don’t really seem to clear anything up.

You can see the process that led to the decision standing because the linesman initially flagged for offside, but the replays and stills are too close to call so it can’t fall under “clear and obvious” to have it overturned.

Bamford is obviously furious about this after the game, but you have to fear he might face some repercussions for publishing the tweet:

The problem for Bamford is the Football Association would rather silence criticism than deal with the actual issue, so expect some kind of charge for “bringing the game into disrepute” to follow in the next few days.

Illan Meslier’s unfortunate own goal lifts Wolves above Leeds into 11th place in the Premier League table; Nuno Espirito Santo’s side secure consecutive Premier League wins for the first time since October.


Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo: “We’re always trying to chase consistency but it’s something that’s really hard. We’re consistent with our approach to games as we look at the details and this is really important if we are to perform better. The standards are high and that requires more responsibility from all of us. We have to work harder every day.

“I say we play in Champions League almost every week as the competition is so good. Neto knows that every game that he plays, he faces a tough opponent.

“They have a unique approach to the game and the boys did really well. In some moments we were stronger but Leeds also had chances and created problems for us.

“Players like Adama [Traore] and Pedro [Neto], when they have the ball and start running, are really dangerous. It was a beautiful strike. It is a hard moment for the keeper but he did very well.

“We still have some issues to assess but the approach that we have during these tough moments – always believing, always committing. You can’t say anything about the attitude of the players. But we chase the high standards we have and let’s keep on doing that.”

Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa: “We attacked well, and we didn’t defend badly. In the majority of the game, there were few periods where we weren’t the dominant side. We had double the chances that they did.

“I prefer not to link the result with luck. I have the idea that when the team must act in a way that ensures that luck isn’t a factor in the result. It’s clear that the result today was defined by their efficiency.

“There were only a few moments in the game where we didn’t dominate. The offensive game we had was sufficient to score at least one goal and in a game of small margins I had the feeling we were the superior side.

“We had 10 chances from different areas and I thought our offensive game was good. I don’t think we conceded the dominance of the game too often. Of course they have two wingers who are very dangerous and although we didn’t dominate them completely I thought our defensive performance was good.”

Fans reacted as outraged Patrick Bamford risks a potential ban with a 21-word tweet…

@PJLinton: VAR is ruining our game, but so is diving Patrick.

@30craig03: Answer me this one, if ya knee or head is in the 18yrd box (leaning) but your feet are outside and the person from the opposition wipes ya feet out would ya get a penalty? No, so whats the difference with offside 🤔 should be just feet

@ffscout_az: Still looks onside to me, just depends how you draw the lines. Anyway, you’ll get at least one goal on Tuesday – not in doubt

@Tommy__Pace: Honestly don’t get how having your feet behind and beating someone in a foot race is offside due to a knee. Baffling

@Jay_Ricketts: Because you can score with your knee. It’s really not that hard to understand..

@JAnnetts_: Your knee was offside though? Like I get it if it was wrong but last time I checked you could score with your knee? Actually one of the few times VAR have been correct this season…

@gazLUFC4: Great finish and a disgrace of a decision Patrick. On to Southampton

@jamesjamesbrown as Patrick Bamford faces a ban for his tweet: It’s just fucking stupid, a rule that was introduced to stop goal hanging reduced to stopping actual goals because parts of the body are millimeters behind a defender.

@wolvesbradders: “Robbed”? Linesman flagged for offside not VAR, which confirmed the lino was right.

@LeamWolves: Take VAR away it’s still offside the linesman put his flag up!

@dmarsden1988: I really don’t get what the beef is? Clearly offside, how about the 1st half when Semedo gets elbowed in the face but gets a foul given AGAINST him?

@Ayme_xo: Piss off paddy

@liamb0117: Fuck VAR except when it’s against Patrick Bamford specifically

@tylerwwfc: the linesman literally had his flag up why is he crying

@apollard86: Love Pat, but bloody hell he’s barking up the wrong tree here.

@jckwebster: Fucking hell this is embarrassing

@CallumClarke: That’s an embarrassing tweet from a prem footballer

@bakes1970: I mean, ignoring the fact the linesman actually gave the decision as offside he’s got a point. Which is one more than Leeds have got off us this season

@joedavieswwfc: Linesman flagged so would’ve been offside without var anyway?

@WillWWFC170789: Here is the lesser spotted salty motherfucker #WOLLEE

@tgorilliam: Maybe if you werent actually offside itd make a difference Pat

@ty_wils: Offside is offside ya fucking clown

@michaelwelchhh: It was flagged offside anyway you fucking moron, with VAR it’s not a goal, without VAR it’s not a goal, very VERY simple

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