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‘Oh god’, ‘Going to get messy’ – Paul Gascoigne signs up for reality TV show

‘Oh god’ and ‘going to get messy’ is just some of the things fans have said as Paul Gascoigne signs up for a much loved reality TV show.

It has been confirmed that he will be a contestant on the Italian version of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! which is due to air next month.

The former Three Lions player, now aged 53 — played for Serie A side Lazio in the 1990s — and has undergone extensive mental and physical tests to prove he’s fit and ready to appear in the show.

It’s been well documented that the Geordie has a history of drink and drug abuse and doctors and psychologists wanted to be sure he could last the entirety of the TV series.

The Italian show, which is called Isola de Famosi — Island of the Famous and brings in around an audience of 3m viewers, will be filmed in Honduras, Central America, starting on the 11th of March and running for two months.

The ex-Rangers, Newcastle, Tottenham, Middlesbrough and Everton midfielder put pen to paper on Friday, causing quite a stir on social media as users reacted to the news.

His signing is described to be coup for Mediaset — a TV firm owned by controversial former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, making him one of the show’s most famous bookings.

A source said: “Getting Gascoigne has been hard work but will be worth it.

“He’s such a character. He is the biggest star of the show. He passed all his tests while in isolation in Italy. No issues were uncovered so he’ll fly to Honduras with the others next weekend.

“The fact communication may be an issue will all add to the reality of being stranded on a desert island.’’

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The contestants will quarantine in Honduras for two weeks before the show starts.

It is thought UK authorities let Gazza take part as it is work related and he is not travelling to red list countries.

It was just two years ago that we saw footage appear onlive of a drunk looking Paul Gascoigne appearing to ask a fan who idolises him for drugs.

The video recorder can be seen saying to him that he’s his hero and then lists the Premier League clubs that the England legend played for.

However Gascoigne tries to interrupt him and asks “are you a druggie?”, leaving the fan left rather surprised at what he has just been asked.

Gazza then says “please, I’ll pay” and then asks “can you get me cocaine, I pay?” and then the fan says “I could, erm, I could ask?”.

Others have instead urged someone or even the Professional Footballers’ Association to help him with his battling addictions.

Paul Gascoigne has been recovering well since then, doing well in recent months following recent appearances on television shows including Good Morning Britain where he talked of his excitement about doing talks with Vinnie Jones around the country.

He has also revealed he has quit social media — after becoming addicted to it.

He told James English’s Anything Goes podcast: “I got addicted and kept on looking at it.

“I’m just trying to enjoy life as much as possible and make the most of what I’ve got.”

Gazza, who has had a long battle with alcoholism, added: “I know I’m happier when I’m not drinking. I can sometimes be a sad drunk.

“Last year, not just me but the whole country was struggling with regards to work, but I’ve got work coming back.

“I’m just staying on the right track.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

He seems to be a much happier person of late, looks much better in himself compared to some of those shocking photos we saw a few years back.

As Paul Gascoigne signs up for the reality TV show, we can only hope that this is a sign that he’s getting life back to how it should be, and it could be a welcome distraction.


@CFclassics: Wonder if he still speaks Italian – read something that said he spoke more of it at Lazio than people gave him credit for.

@ForeverAYellow: Oh god, this is going to get messy. Good luck to him, easily their most famous contestant

@jaecob_27: I’m sure everyone in Italy can’t wait to watch an alcoholic, wife beating racist

@pipsthecat: Good luck to him. Hope he wins!

@kevinsmith0268: Hopefully there’s no women there… best warn them… he has previous.

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