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Notts County fans fume at referee decision to Sam Ling’s ‘WWE move’ on Macaulay Langstaff

Notts County fans fume at a decision the referee made to Sam Ling’s ‘WWE move’ on Macaulay Langstaff in the defeat to Dag & Red.

As the game went into the latter stages, John Bostock’s deep free-kick was swung in the way of Macaulay Langstaff, dropping into the box and Sam Ling was more interested in bringing down the Magpies player rather than go for the ball.

Adam Chicksen saw appeals for a spot kick denied by ref Lewis Smith after George Saunders’ challenge in the area despite being in a good position to see the incident, however still gave nothing.

After the whistle, frustration over the officials’ decisions became more visible with Baldwin said to be expressing his anger at Smith’s decision, according to Nottingham Post, gesturing towards Smith and was given a red card.

National League leaders Notts County saw their 25-match record of going unbeaten end when they were defeated 2-1 by Dagenham & Redbridge.

Notts hadn’t lost in the league since the 17th of September, but their second seven-match winning streak was ended by the Daggers who had parted company with Daryl McMahon the night before.

Notts still remain top of this table. However, their lead is now just two points behind second placed Wrexham , who have two games in hand. They will be top if they beat Chesterfield on Tuesday night.

Ruben Rodriguez put the hosts ahead in the 21st minute with his 14th goal this season.

But the Daggers, however, led by ex-Charlton Athletic stalwart Steve Gritt, and Dave Jupp got an equaliser thanks to Angelo Balanta 10 minutes later.

Jones ad Longstaff struck the post, then Inih Effiong, a substitute in the second half, scored the winner at the 86th minute.

The visitors sealed all three points despite five extra minutes and a chaotic goal-line scramble in the final minute.

This leaves the Daggers’ in 10th place, just three points behind the play-off candidates.

Interviewer: Luke your side did everything but score in that second half how do you see how it went?

LW: Yeah like that I think you know the second half performance was uh was was fantastically for everything everything that we possibly could we we gave them almost nothing I think because they’re setting up for counter-attack and I think we denied that almost entirely until this one brilliant action that they made and score from uh the first half performance is not terrible but a little bit slow at times and the one or two mistakes I think a bit of a bit of attention and um yeah we again we concede like a goal and a counter attack that I think we shouldn’t concede but overall I’m so happy with the performance I really am

Interviewer: What’s the message to the people in the dressing room because they must be absolutely gutted to lose a game like that

LW: Yeah but that’s not um that’s not strong enough to to be gutted and allow it to affect you you have to be yes gutted of course but now you have to focus on putting that right and that that’s the that’s the challenge now because we only we only done it once this season lost the game and we had to bounce back after after that one so now we have to do the same

Interviewer: What happened after full time a red card was showing think to Aidan Baldwin and a lot of uh people talking around the referee what what happened after the final whistle h

LW: Honestly I I um I saw the red card brownish understood t was was Aiden and then there was uh too much noise and then inside the tunnel there’s there’s noise and arguing and so I need to settle the players down first and talk to them about the performance and now I have to understand exactly what’s happened

Interviewer: Obviously you’re never going to want to lose a record of being 25 on boosting but if you had to lose that record you’d want it to be like that I guess with commitment and effort and coming so close so often

LW: Yeah I think it was almost easier if we we played and we got completely outplayed and something like that then maybe you can accept it more but yeah it’s it’s difficult it’s difficult to lose but to lose in a game where we’ve done so many things to be able to to put the game safely out of reach for the opposition is yeah it’s difficult to accept but that’s football

Interviewer: How are you how are you feeling is it is it regret anger upset the fact that you’ve been in a game where you will feel you should have got three points and rather just getting one you’ve got your handle

LW: Yeah I’m totally crushed but completely crushed it’s impossible to I can’t it’s impossible to describe the feeling that the this most horrific feeling you can imagine is that but of course I have to try to to remain calm to make the right worse to you and to to the team and now I have to try to help the team to recover and see if we can make a brilliant performance next week

Interviewer: Did the fact that they part company with their manager officially last night at 0 to 10 or less than 24 hours ago did that affect you or your team in any way do you think

LW: I’m not sure maybe give them extra energy when they make two counter attacks um you know honestly maybe it gives them an extra energy and maybe it gave them some extra energy to throw their body in front of the ball inside they’re a box which they’ve done incredibly well brilliantly brilliantly well maybe that was maybe that was the key ingredient of the performance for them I don’t know but still even with this brilliant brilliant attitude that they showed I think we still done enough to win the game

As mentioned, Notts County fans and others took to fume at the referee decision to Sam Ling’s ‘WWE move’ on Macaulay Langstaff…

@KRennicks40: Gets worse every time I watch it. Same guy gets to go home again this evening knowing he’s cost Notts County once again. Sickening really.

@ItsCKayO: Thought at the time the ref was clearly at the wrong angle and just missed it – the fact it was directly in front of him just makes this bizzare 😅

@GutterShark83: That is madness! If that was Mullin that’s a pen! 😂😉

@WrexhamCookie: Pen all day. They were absolutely robbed

@RoooBroo: The refs will decide this title race.

@MagpieDreamer: Ref is right there in the frame as well!!

@davestillravin: Under National League rules a player has to be named “Mullin (pen)” to get that one given.

@AMcdougall19: The standard of the Referees in the National league is at best Sunday morning Pub team Football Refereeing

@Kenzie3445: How’s that not a pen just did a move I’ve seen from WWE 😂

@roden_rob: Clear pen. You see the ref’s position, no way he can see the arm round the neck to make the call. Assistant obviously not in line with play.

@Nick_WXM: Welcome to @TheVanaramaNL officials week in week out

@millykirkland: Scandalous

@Wrexhamchay: Definitely a pen

@chriswjordan: The most penalty of all the penalties I’ve ever seen. Bent ref.

@SteveD_CCGames: That’s shocking, honestly. Just when you think the officiating at this level can’t get any worse.

@LadPandy: Yup, same for us all. Handball in the box last week for us. Throw in decisions blatantly go the wrong way, just random. But certain teams at this level are overly physical & the refs allow it.

@Ad82049942: That’s shocking. Refs should be held accountable for something that bad.

@Mikewardbw: Even rugby would class that as high tackle

@JoshTomos1990: I’m a Wrexham fan and fair does. That’s a bloody penalty all day 🫣

@KWebbo120172: Wow…. thats NAILED on penalty. Mullin got one against us Tuesday for tripping over a blade of grass.

@S_brownyy: Refs genuinely blow my mind, wether its prem or Sunday league, how do they miss things like this 🤣

@FinnReynolds7: jesus christ, all these officials need binning there isn’t one good referee in the efl

@aldershot4ever: Wow how Is that not a penalty 🤔🤔

@1862pie: @TheVanaramaNL the is just embarrassing! No letters of apology. Firm actions, sackings and investigations for corruption please.

@Amanda28_84: How the hell are officials doing such shit jobs across the board? 🤦‍♀️ FA obviously aren’t bothered.

@JoshCoyOfficial: The @EFL and it’s agenda again. Wrexham must be promoted. It’s good for business.

@wombboy: Someone please explain to me how or why the ref hasn’t given this? He’s looking straight at it! So, it’s either complete incompetence or blatant cheating..either way, the guy should never ref at this level again. He will though and he’ll probably get a pat on the back for trying.

@adamswaby46: Please Someone for fuck sake, tell me this shouldn’t be a penalty.

@Alexrose90: He’s literally staring at them as well 😡

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