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Non league fans and clubs offended after The Sun asks question about lower league teams

Non league fans were left outraged recently after The Sun Football asked a question, only for the tabloid to then delete it.

They posted out a tweet asking their 400,000+ followers ‘If you had to support a lower level club who would it be?’, but got rid of it due to the backlash they received.

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Majority of their followers are now doubt a supporter of a Premier League club, so you could kind of see what they were trying to get at.

Though with it being on a social media platform that everyone can see the tweets, it went down badly and even non league clubs took to aim they anger at them.

Many users said: “If you HAD to? Some of us do because we WANT to!”

@FACupFactfile, who have over 13,000 followers, questioned: “I wonder what they mean by ‘had to’?”

Many football fans are turning their attentions away from attending top flight football, mainly due to the costs, but also because of modern football, VAR, rules, atmosphere and probably a whole list more.

You could say the media has a huge impact on that as you can watch 128 Premier League live on Sky Sports across the season and 52 over on BT Sport. Goals from almost every match even get uploaded to Twitter within seconds of it hitting the net.

The latter channel also covers the National League, but it still managed to be watched by over two million spectators last season for the first time in the competition’s history.

In what was a landmark campaign, crowds peaked to an all-time high as supporters surged through the turnstiles.

The EFL recently released figures showing how 2018/19 attendances were the best in over half a century, but these are greatly boosted by crowds at Aston Villa for example who have just been promoted from the Championship. It’s not as good as it all seems though.

The Independent reveal: “As many as 31 of the 48 clubs in the bottom two leagues had average attendances for the last season that were less than half of their stadium capacities. One theory some within the Football Supporters Federation take seriously is that clubs need regular gates of above 5,000 to be sustainable in League Two, and above 10,000 in League One. If that is the case, 36 clubs – 18 in both divisions – fell short.”

One government source said: “If you’re a teenager and you have access to Fifa, social media, live Premier League and Champions League games, and you can play yourself, where does going to Wigan Athletic games for £20 a pop fit into that?

“The old-school dad-and-lad approach regarding your induction into football doesn’t exist to the same extent it used to. And also going along with your schoolmates, because people can stream, and have access to so many matches.”


After coming across The Sun’s tweet asking their followers ‘If you had to support a lower level club who would it be?’, the non league community took to slam them for being disrespectful – see those tweets on the next page.


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