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Nolberto Solano ‘arrested’ for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules

Nolberto Solano ‘arrested’ by police officers for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules to go and attend a social gathering.

The ex-Newcastle, Aston Villa, West Ham star was taken away by cops at the lunch with neighbours in Lima, Peru on Thursday evening and taken to a local police station, however he claims he was set up by a famous celebrity TV show.

His native country has imposed a mandatory curfew between 8pm and 5am every day to stop the spread of the deadly virus. Reports initially said officers, who scaled the walls of the property, caught Solano at the ‘party’ which broke the country’s anti-COVID-19 rules. But he’s since insisted that was not the case.

The now assistant coach of the Peru national team told the Newcastle Chronicle: “I was 200 yards from my house.

“I went with my missus for our lunch with the kids.

“There were five or six people and because somebody heard some music they rang the TV programme [named Magaly Medina getting everyone into trouble] and they turned up.

“We had to go to the police station because everybody gets treated the same here.

“They asked what we were doing and I said it was not a party.

“It was a meeting of friends not a party.”

He told radio station RPP Noticias: “Those who know me know that I have tried to handle myself in the best way.

“I obviously regret this very much and I ask for forgiveness. I am not going to justify it.

“It’s very tough for everyone but the most important thing is our health, without that we can’t do anything.”

Solano is now said to be in self-isolation with his family and is passing the time by watching old football matches and having a kickabout in his garden, but insists he respects the seriousness of coronavirus, which has claimed 11 lives in Peru.

Fans reacted after seeing Nolberto Solano ‘arrested’ for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules…

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