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The new proposed Premier League and EFL plan for the season is revealed

The new proposed Premier League and EFL plan for the season is revealed following discussions which has continued over the weekend.

As we all know, the current campaign has been postponed until the 30th of April, at the earliest, though even that restart date seems premature due to the severity of the coronavirus outbreak which as confirmed on Saturday, has seen over 1,000 deaths in the United Kingdom.

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Football.london has revealed the FA, the Premier League and the EFL are currently setting out plans to finish the 2019/20 campaign behind closed doors over a period of four to six weeks starting in July.

They report that a conference call took place Saturday between the organisations to discuss what needs to be done to allow the season to reach a conclusion unless the situation worsens across the country.

Those within some of London’s Premier League clubs have told football.london they are yet to hear a firm proposal from the governing bodies on what will happen next, but are well aware that nobody knows as of yet when football in the country will be able to restart. All clubs are hoping the game returns sooner rather than later but it must be when the fears over players, staff members and their families’ health are gone.

Should the season be concluded in July, it means that clubs will struggle for time to rest and discuss exhaustively their plans for the 2020/21 campaign, with that poised to get underway in early August.

Therefore it avoids the potential outcome of unfinished competitions, including hundreds of millions of pounds in lost revenue for clubs.

However, some allowances could be permitted to try and help players and clubs cope with what would be an extended 2020/21 season.

That could mean cancelling cup replays, or even scrapping the League Cup and EFL Trophy.

In terms of contracts, with many set to end the 1st of July, input from FIFA would be expected including on when the transfer window is likely to open.

Whether players would be allowed to register for new clubs with a season ongoing remains to be seen, but i could mean a legal issue for a number of players and clubs.

In a five-step plan proposed on Twitter, Gary Neville believes it’s essential for temporary contract extensions to be allowed.

Steve Bruce says completing Premier League season behind closed doors would be ‘pointless’.

He said: “For me, playing behind closed doors is something which I can’t see the point of.

“The whole thing that makes our football club is the 50,000 supporters that come and get behind us.

“Without that, you may get a result but it’s not for me and we’re governed by the authorities and we will see what they come up with.

“All of a sudden this (Covid-19) consumes your mind.

“Last week we prepared for a game against Sheffield United and now we’ve got players training individually.

“Training grounds are being shut down because of the environment we find ourselves in. It’s really difficult for everybody but the most important thing is the wellbeing of supporters. For me, it’s the players and the staff too.

“When the breaking news comes that the Arsenal manager has contracted it, health and people’s lives is far more important than a football match.”

The next Premier League meeting is scheduled to take place on Friday, where clubs could be told about a potential starting date.

Fans reacted as the new proposed Premier League and EFL plan for the season is revealed…

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