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Newest member of Sky Sports goes down a hit with viewers

The newest member of Sky Sports goes down a hit with viewers as she took to match reporting duties from late February onward.

The broadcaster has recently come under some scrutiny for getting rid of Phil Thompson, Charlie Nicholas and Matt Le Tissier, and their replacements haven’t been a hit.

However there is one person that has gone down brilliantly on social media, as she wrote about living the dream, uploading a photo with her status.

Abigail Davies wrote: “This was my ultimate dream in life and I still can’t believe it’s happened!

“From my uncle taking me out of an eating disorder unit for an evening to watch @SwansOfficial at the age of 15, to Cambridge v Cheltenham, invision, for Soccer Special. So grateful.”

As you can see, Abigail isn’t shy when talking about what she has overcome in her past, and is also an ambassador for the UK’s eating disorder charity Beat and an advocate for mental health equality.

In another recent post, she wrote: “It’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

“After years of hospital admissions, many tubes and scars, I’m fortunate to still be here.

“Raising a glass and remembering friends I’ve lost to this horrific illness, tonight.

“They were worth more than anorexia allowed them to believe. #EDAW “

Despite everything she’s gone through, she’s bravely fought on and it just goes to show no matter what you go through and how bad things can get, never give up.

She is now doing what she loves and fair play to Sky Sports for taking her on, a it’s worth saying that she is quite a natural at what she does.

Abi has also worked in radio, been a media officer at Cardiff Metropolitan University FC, a ‘Production Junior’ at Sky Sports, a presenter for FC Cymru and given Sky News updates as she continues launching her career in broadcasting.

As mentioned, the newest member of Sky Sports goes down a hit with viewers, see what they had to say to her tweets below…

@RhysLewis95: You did a wonderful job Abi. Loved you on soccer special. Keep up the great work

@IanTNSFC: Congratulations @swanabi your journey continues, long may it continue, you’re a real inspiration and I’m really pleased that @CymruLeagues had a small part to play in that

@GuyWendon: Outstanding. You absolutely deserve this Abi. A natural in front of the camera and a true football fan. #YJB

@EdJuszczak: Doesn’t get much bigger in L2 atm

@ShaneK_RP: Well done Abigail you are great on there, keep you the hard work

@Sam_avfc93: Smashing it Abi ! Glad you’re getting your dreams.

@philcowley2: As you know, you couldn’t have done it alone, but by the same token, you couldn’t have done it without your own strength and determination, your a great role model. Well done well deserved

@ForeverJACK: Living the dream. Absolutely amazing, da iawn. #YJB

@The94thMin: Fantastic Abi, thoroughly deserved and amazing to see your progression! Congratulations

@dafgt: Da dawn Abi – it’s great to see you progress, and should be proud of what you’ve achieved so far. Well done you.

@CliveMitchell54: Well done Abi. Watched your reports last night very professional. I have followed your rise alongside our Swans over the years. Great to see what YOU have achieved

@RealErnestARS: Well done, hope you become a regular on SSN

@theandrewhoward: Congrats Abi…Delighted for you, it’s very much deserved and we are proud that the @CymruLeagues has helped you on that pathway. Keep up the excellent work

@heartsdesire001: Well done Abi, you’re a natural in front of the camera 😊 So good to see someone overcome their difficulties & achieve their dreams ❤️⚽️

@dbanalysis: Congratulations Abi, great to see you being successful and overcoming incredible challenges along the way. Good luck with the role and achieving more of your dreams in the future.

@jumpspacemaps: Heard you last night in/amongst Bradford City coverage and impressed by your commentary/opinion. Doesn’t seem you need too much guidance going forward but doubt you’ll find anyone better than @MichelleOwen7 to help you improve.

@leguilvinec: Love it – so pleased for you! Hopefully just the start of things in football for you Abi

@QPRmarkey: Congrats. Nice to hear a good news story for a change

Meanwhile, reporter Chris Kamara has admitted he is concerned he could be got rid of by Sky Sports, after waving goodbye to Matt Le Tissier, Phil Thompson and Charlie Nicholas who lost their job in August 2020.

We have seen the likes of Adebayo Akinfenwa, Gabby Agbonlahor, Tony Pulis, Lee Hendrie, Clinton Morrsion, Robbie Fowler and Joleon Lescott all introduced. You can see a list of additions HERE.

The only bunch of the Soccer Saturday family to survive is Jeff Stelling and Paul Merson with a new team coming in and proving unpopular with viewers.

Speaking to The Sun, Kamara said: “I could have gone in the last one. Me and Jeff, we’re not expendable, so we feel our time will come. We are getting old as well.

“These are young bloods coming through.

“And there are people who think we were great a few years ago but probably think we’ve done our time now and let’s bring in the youngsters.

“But if it all ended tomorrow at Sky, I can honestly say that they have been fantastic to me.

“To be with a company for 22 years, you don’t get a manager’s job for 22 years unless you’re Sir Alex [Ferguson] or Arsene Wenger.”

Looking back on the exits of Le Tissier, Thompson and Nicholas, Kamara added that it took him by surprise, saying: “I was absolutely devastated.

“You just think, ‘Crikey’. Being honest, when I started working at Sky I could never see the end of Rodney Marsh, George Best, God bless his soul, Frank McLintock, Alan Moore, Clive Allen.

“They had such good banter and you thought they were going to be there forever.

“Then Sky made the change to bring in Charlie, Thomo, Le Tiss, so that acceptance that it had to be them this time around took me by surprise.

“But I’d seen it before. I’m just fortunate I wasn’t on the end of it as well. The boys accepted it. We were hoping to all go out together this Christmas. But that’s not going to happen now because of Covid. We’ll get it sorted next year.

“They’re great people, they’ve been fantastic to work with all the time. We certainly had a lot of banter together and a lot of camaraderie.”

You can tell Jeff Stelling is missing his mates too and he even admitted that he was considering quitting the weekly show altogether when he discovered the news.

Stelling tweeted: “One of my saddest days ever at Sky Sports with the departure of three of my best mates.

“They have been part of a team that for me was the best.”

Stelling took to Twitter to confirm he will be giving his future a long, hard thought.

Stelling also said on his future with Sky: “Thanks for all the messages of support – and even for most of those who have a different view, as I believe in free speech.

“So far no discussions have taken place, no decisions made.

“Only I know what I am thinking but it is important to listen to all arguments.”

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