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Mixed reaction as Sky Sports presenter leaves after 23 years

There has been mixed reaction on social media as Sky Sports presenter Jim White confirms he leaves the broadcaster after 23 years with them.

The Scot joined Sky Sports News back in 1998; during his two decades with SSN, he has interviewed everyone from Sir Alex Ferguson to Pele, being first with breaking news as provided many a Deadline Day.

Fellow talkSPORT presenter Natalie Sawyer was one of the first to congratulate White on Twitter.

She wrote: “Congratulations Jim on a super career at Sky! You’ll be missed but forever iconic!”

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In a statement written on his personal Twitter account on Friday, he said: “Breaking news!! After 23 fantastic years, it’s time to bid farewell to Sky Sports.

“After much thought and with a heavy heart I leave Sky Sports News – but what a journey it has been.

“To all the superb producers, assistant producers, directors and floor managers, a massive thank you. To my fellow presenters, thank you.

“Other media challenges lie ahead! Have presented every late shift on every Transfer Deadline Day – thanks for everything Harry! To everyone out there, keep watching the best sports news channel in the business.”

He then added the hashtag “YellowTieForSale”.

Mark Alford, director of Sky Sports News, said: “Jim is a first-class broadcaster and journalist. The energy, drive and, of course, stories he has delivered in his stellar 23 years with Sky Sports News is peerless.

“His friends throughout Sky wish him every success in his future endeavours. Thank you, Jim. Good luck.”

While he is best known for his round-the-clock presenting marathon on transfer deadline day, his did a countdown clock for another deadline, any this one left a bitter taste with many.

In August 2019, White came under fire for his reporting style of the news that Bury FC had been expelled from the EFL. He was seen reporting for Sky Sports in front of a countdown clock.

On his final broadcast on the show on Friday, White said: “After 23 years here at Sky, I’m signing off. Thanks to everyone here, from camera people to producers, from directors to fellow presenters and reporters.

“Good luck to the Home Nations in the Euros, I’ll be at Hampden on Monday working on Scotland’s opening game. It’s been some 23 years!”

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As mentioned, there was mixed reaction as the Sky Sports presenter leaves after 23 years…

@Slapheadstu71: Was never the same once @nataliesawyer left anyway

@stephenjcam: Actually can’t believe this hasn’t been announced at 22:59 on deadline day. All the best for the future Jim

@rich_chandler: Best news I’ve read this year.

@jayhow15: The credibility of the channel has diminished somewhat over recent years. Probably best to bow out before it diminishes more. Deadline day always a highlight. Good memories. Good luck.

@Jonatoffee: Sad times, loved transfer deadline day

@UpTheDeano: Fantastic host when sticking to a script, that’s about it.

@dingdinghopkin: Deadline day ruined

@Coop47Scott: All the best in your next challenge Jim.

@sav4efc: Does that mean Sky will have to get someone else now to stand in front of a clock, smiling, counting down to 2 historic football clubs going out of business like it’s fucking spectator sport?

@Woodzy1983: Gutted transfer deadline day won’t be the same!

@LukeShuttlewor1: I forget he exists for 364 days in a year so not massive news

@StewieForsythe: England is healing

@TheAVFC1874: Sky is finished

@DavidJoWebster: True professional. Good luck Jim. Will miss the yellow tie.

@RobM661: Fantastic news. I think I might go back too sky now

@MarkByersVIII: Great news… that he’s leaving.

@Alistair_Mcm: Loved watching deadline day with you on it Jim looking forward to following your next adventure and listening on talkSPORT

@lsm_21: After the baffling video from talk sport yesterday regarding Home nations, thank fuck.

@Rollsie7: Good fucking riddance

@Lewisgaskell04: Deadline day shite now “And the window slams shut”

@MaxGarfield2003: I’ll miss his transfer deadline day coverage, it certainly is iconic. What I won’t miss is his glee when counting down the time until Bury and Bolton were set to go bust.

@PJLinton: Congratulations on becoming Simon Jordans new butler, thoroughly deserved, only joking Jim, good luck in your next adventure.

@max__9__: Blokes a tool but deadline day won’t be the same without him. Hope they get somebody good in for it

@Immy8713: Thank fuck for that. Him shouting the news out like we’re all deaf and cracking his shit unfunny jokes after every news story he read out was annoying af

@MichaelMidd90: Great news. He’s absolutely horrendous

@aaron_livesey: Only 10 years too late.

@nightmair83: All the best for the future Jim. At least we’ll still hear you on Talksport. Both @Sjopinion10 and yourself are a dynamic team.

@AntTerry94: Might watch sky sports news again now

@thatmarkgodfrey: Announce Olly Murs.

@Groomy30: Best news av had all year

@Theredcatcher: All went to poo when Natalie Sawyer left …

@Andf_mcfc: Best news today

@noahr24_: Thank god for that

@tailgate777: @JimWhite you going GB news ??

@M4TT_D4VIES: Sky sports understands….

@AaronColeBayBay: Do we get a countdown?

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