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Mike Ashley planned to buy an EFL club before Newcastle takeover collapse

Mike Ashley reportedly planned to buy an EFL club before he saw his Newcastle United in a Saudi takeover collapse at the end of last month (July).

Fans think they know which English Football League outfit the controversial owner wants to buy next after it was reported that he was eyeing another team once he leaves Newcastle.

He will still be hoping that is the case, as Sky Sports News has been told by the man himself that he remains in dialogue with the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund (PIF) and its partners over the potential takeover of the Magpies.

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After 18-long weeks, the club’s saga has finally ended, but not in the way Magpies fans would have hoped for after learning that the consortium has withdrawn its bid to buy.

The consortium, led by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and also involving Amanda Staveley and the Reuben Brothers, had been long awaiting for a decision from the Premier League.

However, after the league organisation has failed to provide any guidance, they have decided to pull the plug on the deal, a huge blow to the club.

According to reports from The Times, Amanda Staveley was left in tears as she confirmed of the decision to withdraw the £300million offer to Mike Ashley.

She has blamed the Premier League for not approving the takeover. Staveley has confirmed that they did everything to get the deal secured and answered all the questions put forward by the Premier League.

The businesswoman has also stated that other Premier League clubs didn’t want the deal to go through, Liverpool and Tottenham were among those clubs that opposed the takeover, however there were others, though they weren’t named.

Fast forward to the present day (11 August), Ashley is understood to be personally trying to resolve the situation and is 100 per cent committed to finding a way to get the takeover back on.

More than 104,000 fans have also signed a petition asking for answers. Prime Minister Boris Johnson also got involved over the weekend, calling on the Premier League to release a statement on why the takeover failed.

Three months ago, a ‘Marcus Evans Out’ Fans Group on Facebook stated that they believe that Ashley is interested in purchasing League One side Ipswich Town.


Mike Ashley (SportsDirect.com) is rumoured to be interested in purchasing Ipswich Town Football Club. Ashley, who has…

Posted by Marcus Evans OUT of Ipswich Town F.C. on Monday, May 25, 2020

Their social media post, which gathered plenty of attention, read: Mike Ashley (SportsDirect.com) is rumoured to be interested in purchasing Ipswich Town Football Club. Ashley, who has rumoured to have relocated to East Anglia, is also considering making a bid to take over the former BHS in the Butter Market and turn it into a major new Ipswich site for his brands. The Sunday Mirror says he is “is already looking at purchasing a club, which, in the past has won the league and the FA Cup but has since slipped a fair way down the football ladder.“

“But he still has the energy and drive to rescue an underachieving club whose owner wants out.“

Under Mike Ashley, Newcastle United won two Sky Bet Championship titles (2009–10, 2016–17) and have spent the majority of his tenure in the Premier League. In roughly the same time-frame Marcus Evans owned Ipswich Town Football Club have not played a single game of top flight football, and have continually set records for low finishes, low attendance and the club is now in the third division, with £100million debt, the majority of which was run up by, and is owed to Marcus Evans Group due to their failed ownership and management of the club.

Fans think they know which EFL club Mike Ashley wants to buy next and gave their reaction on it…

Benjamin Michael: I’ve also heard this through the grapevine .In any other situation than the club is in, and I mean any other , I’d say thats about the most ludicrous proposition that could ever occur with my beloved club…. however I ask myself one question…. what have we got to lose ……..

Richard Munnings: This would be just the same as Marcus Evans. The gripes Newcastle fans have with him are the same as we have with ME. Lack of investment, no relationship with the fans, etc. The fact they have won the Championship twice is hardly a a success for a club the size of Newcastle. It would be like us cheering how Evans is for Ipswich because we got promoted from League 1. A no from me.

Mark Foulger: Town have always seemed to have a connection with Newcastle … with some of our best players heading in their direction … might as well give their former owner a go at our club. 

Andy Mildwater: IF true, and If it happened, I’d be ok on the basis , it’s to get us up to championship, and make us sellable to new investors.

Ollie Fairweather: Cant say I’m overly excited about this, but we’re only going in one direction with Evans. I wouldn’t be disappointed and would give him the benefit of the doubt

Barry Sim: The one difference is hes prepared to spend to reach the premier. Once he gets there it’s another story but he at least realises that to make the money that the premier league pays out you have to invest in the first place.

Adrian Minks: Cant do any worse. #evansout

Andrew Rogers: April fools was last month. ????

Alan Hillyard: Take him in a heartbeat. Anything is better than Mr Incompetent.

Phil Blundell: Hell to the yes please Ashley 🙂

Frankie Durham:  As a Newcastle fan you do not want this man at your club, he will penny pinch as much as possible, believe us. He may get you to the Championship etc but he will not do anything to boost your club. You only have to also ask Glasgow Rangers fans what this man is like.

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