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Michail Antonio defended as video of him telling fans to move out his way emerges

Michail Antonio has been defended as a video of him telling West Ham fans to move out of his way emerges earlier this week.

West Ham you could say are seemingly back under a dark cloud at the minute, although it’s very early into the 2022-23 season, the club, who are participating in the UEFA Europa Conference League find themselves bottom of the Premier League.

The Hammers’ form has massively dipped since last November, with the exception of some memorable Europa League nights.

West Ham fans were so unimpressed with the game against Graham Potter’s side that they booed their own players off at half time and then again at full time.

A number of those inside the ground left for the exits early, dismayed, feeling pain every time the away end goaded the hosts with cheers of ‘ole’ as Brighton passed the ball for fun.

After the game, Declan Rice gave an interview, and while some supporters didn’t find any issue with it, others thought it came across unambitious, defeatist and indicative of a negative mindset in a team, a side that have picked up just three league wins since February. See more on that HERE.

Meanwhile, the players reported back to training this week, with the second leg of their Europa Conference League playoff (3-1 to West Ham on agg) and an away game at Aston Villa come this weekend in mind.

Michail Antonio was seen at the training ground, getting out of his car and told a group of Hammers fans to move out the way so he could drive away.

The group of fans, most of which kids with their parents on school holidays, wanted to make the most of it and get an autograph or photo opportunity. However, a clip, which doesn’t show whether he did take any requests, shows him politely telling them to move on, frustrated he weren’t able to go where he needed to be. Majority have defended him, saying the supporters should have respected him…

As mentioned, Michail Antonio defended after video of him telling own fans to move out of his way emerges…

@jamiewilkins24: To be fair. Antonio’s got a point

@Tom_WHU90: Disgraceful from @Michailantonio clearly the players flying out refusing to sign autographs. So the kids grandad taken matters in to his own hands to get his grandson an autograph. No doubt GSB have banned autographs so their cronies can make money selling signed memorabilia

@Jack32706390: What is actually wrong with this? The fella is standing In his way so he’s asked him to move. Pure attention seeking man.

@VintageLanzini: Our fans smh

@brooksyruns89: If people are blocking his way, that’s a bit cunty tbf

@Rob__75: Imagine leaving your workplace and some old cunt was stood in the road stopping you from leaving there’s absolutely no way I’d be this calm about it fair play to Antonio

@AndyWHU1987: Sounds like the old boy is protesting about something? Anyone know what about?

@ordinaryguy113: They are blocking his way lmao I don’t blame him

@mitch53793292: Nothing wrong with this, he wants to go home and you get helmets standing in front of the car…

@SPEEDITUP3: He was polite asking him to move… don’t see a problem with this

@Whu_Justin: Mate the people are blocking him, Antonio is in the right here, he’s a real lad he aint even mad

@WestHamShambles: shouldn’t be blocking the exit, just stand at the side and try to get their attention if you’re going to do this. ultimately they’re not obligated to stop and sign autographs / take pictures

@andertony95: Don’t stand in the road then lol

@morknobewl: I swear those are the same people with the kids I sat next to at Viborg… They had were holding a sign and screaming Antonio come over whenever he was near. Done my head in

@1ronw6rksfc1: Security guy is showing as much enthusiasm as Diop did for that Crawley goal

@ChelmoHammer75: To be fair, we’ve seen his driving…he hits things more than he does with his shooting

@44DMP: Very poor from our fans this. Get out his way, if you was standing on the side he probably would have stopped and taken pictures.

@JamieGeorgeSpe1: Perfectly polite & reasonable from Antonio here. Not sure what the old fella’s issue is.

@EddieFensome: Fan should have stayed there, Antonio would have missed anyway 😂😂

@WestHamFan92: Our fans are toxic when we start losing. Things like this make the players even less motivated and inevitably brings on poorer performances…

@mark_neal1234: My wife was there with my boy, the players were told not to sign as they came out of training, that old fella was getting shirty with them.

@ben98870523: Be very careful @Michailantonio with how you deliver things to the people that have made you a grossly rich individual for kicking a football about!

@wookie301: So glad I don’t have to deal with fans. Must be a nightmare to have people constantly trying to get in your way. Waiting for you at airports, car parks, interrupting meals, camping outside your house.

@_WalkerTom99_: Deserved for standing in the middle of the road 🤣🤣 embarrassing stuff

@WHAMUtd: Why do people with kids think they have the divine right to get m autograph? My little Prince/Princess waited hours. So what? Stop being annoying and get out of the way! You’ll get your autograph one day.

@gavblake14: What’s wrong with that… he wants to leave?!

@_helmet: Antonio is trying to get home from work. For all we know he needs to be somewhere for his family etc. the bloke blocking the road is a melt

@452a2d8d005b405: Adults encouraging their kids to block players cars! Sad behaviours to teach young minds

@OllyDrew8: Imagine being knackered coming home from work n some tit is blocking the way out, you’d be burning, same thing here

@MedhurstSteve: What sort of muppet just stands in front of the gates 🙄

1. antonio stayed so much calmer than i would have done
2. hes literally a human being who works for the club have some respect
3. those poor kids having meeting one of their favourite players being ruined by some selfish prick

@WestHamViews_: Don’t blame him tbf. People are going to want pics & autographs, but don’t block him in. No need.

@whualfie_: Antonio done the right thing here

@AranNicol1994: Michail is completely respectful, comes out in a calm manner, explains his point and leaves on civil terms? He’s well within his right, let the man go home ffs.

@WHUFCallum_: Basic stuff, don’t stand in the middle of the road. Wait by the side and he may or may not stop, doing this will stop kids being able to go to the training ground in the future

@TransferWestHam: Antonio is well within his right to do that, he done nothing wrong

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