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Aston Villa unveil proposed designs for new Villa Park redevelopment

Aston Villa unveil proposed designs for the new Villa Park redevelopment with the hope to increase the capacity to over 50,000.

The Premier League club plan to develop the area around the stadium in Birmingham, which was opened in 1897 and currently holds 42,682.

A pre-application planning consultation on the changes has started which include building a new North Stand and improving the Trinity Road Stand.

Villa hope work on the improvements will begin in 2023, with a four-week pre-planning phase designed to enable local residents and businesses to complete a survey and have their say on the plans.

Plans include 7,400 extra seats, North Stand to join Trinity Road, ‘Villa Live’, a new Villa Way and NSWE investing much more than £100m into Aston.


Aston Villa has released a host of new CGI images to illustrate their vision for the future of Villa Park.

This comes as the club announces that they will submit a planning application for the redevelopment and expansion of the stadium at the end of August 2022.

The plans will pave the way to create a world-class sporting venue, enabling the club to compete at the very highest level, with an increased stadium capacity of over 50,000.

The move follows a public pre-planning application consultation that ran throughout June and July, in which nearly 10,000 residents and businesses, stakeholders and fans had their say on the plans.

Aston Villa CEO Christian Purslow said: “Following a successful consultation period, we are pleased to announce that we will be submitting our proposals for the redevelopment and expansion of Villa Park at the end of the month.

“We have received a hugely positive response from the local community, our supporters and other stakeholders and are confident that this project will transform both the stadium and the local area.

“These new CGI images showcase our spectacular vision for Villa Park which includes a brand-new commercial destination, Villa Live and high-quality public space for the community. We look forward to continuing to work with all partners to realise our future vision.”

To find out more information, please visit The Future Vision of Villa Park.

The future vision of Villa Park.

Villa Park is home to a rich heritage and unique atmosphere that we want to celebrate, expand, and enhance. 

We want to not only redevelop Villa Park for the benefits of our fans and players but to make a difference beyond the grounds of the stadium. To do this, we are developing a wider masterplan for Aston in collaboration with Birmingham City Council and the West Midlands Combined Authority.

We have developed a set of aspirations that demonstrate our vision for the future of Villa Park, to help focus our plans on what is important to the club, fans, and the local community, and will underpin everything we do.

These aspirations are: 

– A stadium that is for more than just football

– A catalyst for local regeneration

– An integrated destination for the Midlands

– A dynamic public area for the community

– Inspiring a new generation of football fans


Villa’s proposal

We are proposing to increase the spectator capacity to over 50,000 and modernise the stadium to create a world-class sporting venue that can satisfy the growing demand and enable us to compete at the very highest level. The plans also set out our commitment to the local community, creating a destination that can be enjoyed all-year round.

Our ambitious plan to support the regeneration of the area will begin with an £100m+ investment in the first phase of improvements to Villa Park, with works estimated to take place late 2023 and construction completition toward the end of 2025.

The key areas of phase one involve:

– A brand-new North Stand wrapping into Trinity Stand

– Enhancements to the existing Trinity Stand

– The creation of Villa Live, a brand new standalone multi-use entertainment, community, and retail venue destination

– Redevelopment of the Witton Lane entrance and the public space around the North Stand

Current look of Villa Park

Fans gave their reaction as Aston Villa unveil proposed designs for the new Villa Park redevelopment…

@dilks87: This looks class 😍😍😍. Guarantee there will still be some fans that find something to moan about though 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

@Stevieboy007: Looks fantastic. Let’s hope that we don’t lose the Villa Park name to some dodgy sponsorship.

@danfereday: Looks so good 😍 get me in that new north stand because the current one is shocking 😂 #AVFC

@wst1975: Looks the business that 👌UTV

@BandanaSavos: Red brick work 😍

@elizabethAVFC: Well isn’t this a thing of beauty!

@designs_HR: Actually looks amazing 👌🏻

@villaparkpod: Still traditional, but with a modern twist. Perfect 😍🦁

@Griffalo1977: The right balance of modern and heritage. Really fits and still feels like Villa Park. Impressed

@jeanstshirt: Love the red brick.

@AllThings_Villa: This all looks amazing 😍 Can’t wait to see it turn into reality altho need to build a team who is worthy of playing in such a great stadium!

@gemma_broadAV: Is that… a club shop… of two floors?! 👀🫠😍🤩

@STAUNT0N: The new North Stand and Villa Live building looks unreal 👏

@AVFC_JJC: Wow. Just wow. Regardless of how we’re performing at the moment, it’s clear we have ambitious owners who genuinely want to see the club reach the highest level. We are incredibly lucky to have NSWE.

@TheVillaYamYam: The new Villa plans……… WOW! 🤤 #avfc #utv

@BruceRioch4: Perfect. #avfc

@DanB5826: Excited to see where we are as a club when this is all complete. New North stand looks great and is obviously long overdue 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #avfc #northstand

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