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Michael Beale issues message to furious QPR fans and player after leaving for Rangers

Michael Beale issues a message to furious QPR fans and player after leaving for Scottish Premiership giants Rangers on Monday.

The 42 year old thanked QPR fans and board after he resigned as head coach, managing just 21 games before deciding to become manager of the Ibrox outfit having been previously an assistant boss under Steven Gerrard.

He recently turned down the opportunity to become the new manager of Premier League side Wolves, citing “integrity” and “loyalty” as his reasons for staying, as can be seen below…

He has now departed just a month after that decision – along with coaches Neil Banfield, Damien Matthew and Harry Watling, who will join Beale at Rangers.

And Beale took to Instagram to send a message to the QPR fans following his departure. But turned off the comments section.

He said: “Thank you QPR. To Amit (Bhatia), Ruben (Gnanalingam), Tony (Fernandes) and Richard (Reilly) for your support as owners, you were excellent with me.

“To Les (Ferdinand) and Lee (Hoos) for your support on a daily basis. To the first-team staff, the academy staff led by Chris (Ramsey) and Alex (Carroll) and everyone that works behind the scenes at both Heston and Loftus Road for the quality of your work and your friendship over the last six months.

“The most important thanks goes to the players. In any football club (outside the fans) they are the most important people and who everyone is working to help and support on the pitch.

“You are a special group of men and I loved working with you on a daily basis. The environment at Heston is a special place and it was a privilege to see the relationships and feelings develop within the squad.

“You have made me a better coach and manager and I will be supporting you individually and as a team from afar.

“Lastly, to the fans, thank you for your support up and down the country. The energy and confidence you give the team is bigger than you think. Keep cheering the boys to success in the future.”

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QPR can confirm Mick Beale has left his position as head coach with immediate effect to take up the managerial role at Glasgow Rangers.

Beale came to Loftus Road six months ago and the club has made a solid start to the 2022/23 campaign under his guidance, currently sitting seventh in the Championship.

The 42-year-old’s departure comes six weeks after he turned down an approach from a Premier League club.

QPR Director of Football Les Ferdinand said: “Naturally we are hugely disappointed to lose Mick.

“Our extensive research when we were looking for a new head coach highlighted him as being very-much aligned with the direction we are moving in as a football club.

“The start to the season we have made, coupled with very attractive football being played, gave us cause for optimism as we looked to build on the previous three seasons.

“That optimism remains but there is no doubt it is a blow to lose Mick so soon into his tenure.”

QPR CEO Lee Hoos said: “The search for Mick’s replacement doesn’t start now – as a club we are always updating a short-list of potential candidates so that we are ready for a situation such as this, and we will be moving quickly to make an appointment.

“Mick helped us move the club forward – and we are grateful for that. The next managerial appointment we make will continue that progression.

“There is so much to play for this season and I fully appreciate fans’ frustrations right now. Your support has been incredible and the players need your backing now more than ever.”

First team coaches Neil Banfield, Damian Matthew and Harry Watling have also left QPR to join Beale in Scotland.

QPR B Team manager Paul Hall will take over first-team duties in the interim period while the club look to identify a new head coach.

The club will be making no further comment at this time.


Neil Critchley – 1/2
Chris Wilder – 10/1
Anthony Barry – 16/1
Scott Parker – 16/1
Gareth Ainsworth – 18/1
Mark Robins – 20/1

Michael Beale insists he wants his Rangers side to ‘win in style’ after being appointed as the 18th manager in the club’s history.

Speaking in his first exclusive interview to RangersTV after becoming Light Blues boss, Beale insists that the remit is clear as he charts a path to success at Ibrox: “I want to drive standards, I want the players to drive the standards after I have done it. I want to lead from the front and, as I say, I am here to win, nothing else, I want to win and I want to win in style and I want to make people happy and proud of their football club.

“Some people use the word ‘pressure’, I use the word ‘expectation’. If there’s no expectation around you as a person and around the football club then I think you are working at the wrong level. There’s no greater expectation than here in Glasgow, and I run towards that challenge and I cannot wait to get started with the players.

“It means I know what it took to get there, before that it took a lot of hard work and a lot of hardship as well. Sometimes when you have a big low the next thing that happens you have your greatest high.

“I learned that from Steven Gerrard, those were his words to me in a difficult time here. I want to mention Steven because he is a great friend, and obviously the journey I had here before and the reason I am perhaps back here now is because he brought me to the club in the first instance. He did a fantastic job in that period.

“Gio came in and won a cup and got to a Europa League final which was an unbelievable achievement. He took us all on that journey as fans of the club and he greatly excited us all. There were a number of players here who have been on both of those journeys in the last 18 months. We have won a league unbeaten, a Scottish Cup and played in the Europa League final so this group of players in my eyes are winners and it is important we continue to win moving forward.”

“[The break in action] will be extremely beneficial. We know at this moment in time we are missing some key players through injury. It is important to get them back quickly because our squad will be a great deal stronger for that.I think the squad is very well balanced, it is a very strong squad. They are all the things that excited me about coming back. It wasn’t just the friendships and the experience before it is believing in this group and believing that they can go on and be very successful, and that I can help the club with them be successful so I am really excited to get working.

“It is going to be a mini pre-season in terms of ideas and identity and I want us to be on the front foot, I want us to take the handbrake off and I want us to go for it every single week because I think that is what makes this crowd get excited and, as I said, that is the most important thing. The fans come to watch their team win but they also come to be entertained and it is important we do both of those things.”

“I am looking forward to it, I am looking forward to getting on the training pitch and working with the players again.

“There are a lot of new players that I am excited to work with that I feel have got huge potential for this club, there are players that were here previously under me that will have an idea of how I want to work. The ideas have changed and grown a little bit, there’s more variety, there’s different ideas I have that I am excited to work with them on and I can’t wait to get started.”

Beale responded to his QPR critics following his appointment as he insisted that leaving the club was a “very difficult decision”.

On his exit, Beale told Sky Sports: “It was a really difficult situation.

“I was extremely happy at QPR. I was really happy there in terms of my personal life.

“Les Ferdinand was outstanding with me and the four owners, I spoke to them on the phone in the last 24 hours and they’ve really been good owners.

“They understand the reasons. There’s family and football reasons that have (made me) come to this decision.

“There’s a difference in the size of the clubs, it’s fair to say. There was more in the background than with previous opportunities in the Premier League.

“There were two or three opportunities that came out of nowhere.

“It’s not a financial decision. There were other opportunities that were financially bigger.

“It’s a football decision and also a decision on my personal life as my family are very happy and comfortable here in Glasgow.

“What’s important now is to get on with this job. But what I would like to say to QPR fans is the club’s moving in the right way with good owners that are running the club very well.

“All I can say is thank you to everybody. I know I’ve disappointed a few but it’s never as simple as people think it is and the opportunities that have been presented to me recently have been very difficult to turn down,” Beale told Sky Sports.

“This one was impossible to turn down.

“It’s fair to say it’s been a whirlwind since I left Steven [Gerrard] and stepped out on my own,” added the new Rangers boss.

This is what social media users said as Michael Beale issues message to furious QPR fans and player after leaving for Rangers…

@MartinFPercival: Sad news – the selection process to bring him in was a good one. I am confident that the club can attract a very good new manager. Funds need to be allocated for new players though – the current squad needs strengthening & there’s not much coming through from the youth scheme

@stjude1882: Sadly, Mick Beale will be remembered as someone who could have been great for QPR but left the club having proved nothing more than Warburton was achieving. No-one is bigger than the club and he will be quickly forgotten.

@MarkyQPR: 🐍🐍🐍🐍

@paulfinney1969: I think now it’s clear he was waiting for this job all along and the Loyalty but was like getting a lesson of Judas Iscariot. On how to look after your best mates

@Prem2014: Disrespecting the club, the owners the fans and the players. His words: ‘I’ve been all in here – I’ve asked others to be all in – I can’t be the first to run away from the ship’ – Lacks integrity.

@gatesy8909: The board got this one very wrong, just as much to blame after this extensive search.. alarm bells rang in the first interview.. As a club we are becoming tin pot now.. Get someone in back them properly and see where this season goes.. Owners are to blame as much as beale for me

@ChrisGuyW12: Good riddance, it’s a relief that the Beale drama is over. I would normally wish a departing manager the best of luck but will refrain this time.

gosh, I’ve always wanted to do this!
Let me compose myself

@Richard13354128: Absolutely disgraceful from a now (ex) manager who gave the club, players and us supporters so much hope. Very sad indeed.

@nicoughton: Hate to say but I am glad he has gone. This and the Wolves job have been so disruptive to our club. It’s a shame, thought he could have us challenging come the end of the season but the process that brought him in will find another up and coming mgr.No-one is bigger than the club

@LukeSheekey: Michael Beale has no idea what he has done to his career with his decision to leave #QPR after all he said last month about turning down Wolves. Every player who plays for him will always know what he did with this move. 4 months in & jumped ship at first ever opportunity

@laurenlou1988: Not sure why Rangers fans think this is a win, I wouldn’t want to be associated with a manager who has their head turned at any sniff of an opportunity, regardless of history. Who wants to be managed by a weak flight risk?

@SonnySheps_: Proper wanker. Genuinely hope he has an absolute nightmare up there and get popped week in week out. We need to bring someone in even Better now.

@GeoffSWFC: What a dick head

@quick_jake: Piss take that is

@TogetherQPR: Hope you have a proper miserable time in Scotland, Might knock your massive ego down a peg or two. 🟢⚪️🟢⚪️🟢⚪️

@WholeShow: Absolutely embarrassing from the bloke #traitor

@TerryADXB: On we go. Bye 👋🏻 Now let’s sort a nice replacement and back the boys, plenty to play for remainder of the season 👍🏻 #QPR

@Luke_Seychell: I mean managers can do what they want but why the fuck would you do a whole interview giving it the whole loyalty chat if you always thought you could be tempted – fans don’t mind managers moving but what Beale has done has taken the piss – his ego stinks #QPR

@ImYourBluff: The most typical QPR thing to happen to QPR in a while 🤣😭

@Charlie7Rowe: Made himself look a complete idiot after his interview about “loyalty” & “integrity”. Wish him nothing but second best to Celtic. Go well Mick you bellend.

@JayKelly00: Absolute clown. Good Riddance 👍🏼

@JayVtid: I know there’s no loyalty in football, but to do an interview after rejecting Wolves about how loyalty and integrity meant a lot to him, only for him to go and do this. I don’t blame QPR fans for calling him a snake.

@aboxer11: We can take losing our talent. We can accept we’re not top of the food chain. But personally I cannot abide the manner in which he has gone about this. What a very disappointing set of actions from a human being I formerly had great admiration for.

@ollykeen09: Strange guy. Another example of how cheap talk is.

@JR1991C: Proper loyal this wee lad. Starts a project and then jumps ship when it’s not working 😂. Superb!

@DalWheeler_: Mug, gave it all about integrity and unfinished work he’s started, project etc literally a few months ago. Scumbag

@ollywheeler: Who knew loyalty expired after 1 month

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