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Matheus Cunha gives honest answer after fan asks if he’ll leave Wolves for Man Utd this summer

Matheus Cunha gives an honest answer after a fan asks if he’ll leave Wolves for Man Utd in the transfer window this summer.

He impressed for Wolverhampton Wanderers last season, scoring 12 goals in 32 Premier League games, with Manchester United keeping track of him.

Now a video has emerged and it caught the attention of Express & Star reporter Nathan Judah, who wrote via Twitter: “Feel really sorry for Cunha here, having camera shoved in his face, trying to relax on holiday – such is the sad way of the world today. He was as respectful as he could be while getting this prat to leave ”

When questioned if he will be joining Man Utd, Cunha said: “You know it’s a real honour to have your name linked to Manchester United. One of the biggest clubs in the world. But I’m happy at Wolves.

“If I’m lucky, I play another good season, but the window is open, you never know.”

Cunha has previously spoken out about a move to Man Utd, telling Globo Esporte: “Whenever I can, I come along [to Botafogo-PB games]. I always want to show that (the affection) is reciprocated. Then we see that talk (Manchester United). But I’m very happy at Wolves. My focus is on resting and making the most of my time with my family. I’m very happy at Wolves. The focus now is on having better seasons and helping the club. God willing, I’ll continue on this path.”

Cunha signed for Wolves on loan from La Liga club Atletico Madrid back in January 2023, then sealed a permanent £44million transfer at the end of the 2023/24 season.

Wolves captain Max Kilman has also been left impressed at how Cunha “kicked on” in his first full season at Molineux.

“He’s been fabulous,” Kilman said. “There’s added pressure on our forwards because we don’t have many and you could see in the celebrations just how much it meant to everyone.

“He’s a really funny guy and sees the world differently! He’s a really nice guy and on the pitch you can see his character. He’s been phenomenal and has really kicked on this season.”

This is how fans reacted as Matheus Cunha gives honest answer after a fan asks if he’ll leave Wolves for Man Utd this summer…

@SteveHermon: Exactly my feeling. The guy wasn’t going to stop filming until Cunha told him what he wanted to hear.

@eightyfourosaur: Cunha is such a sweetheart, hope he sticks with Wolves

@Thefounded1877: He is lucky Cunha is polite; quite a few other players would have given him short thrift..

@DGWolf43: Realistically, if either of the Manchester clubs, arsenal, chelsea, barca or Real come in for your players, you wish them well and get what you can. Can tell he was uncomfortable and didn’t like the questions. He was very respectful to us/club.

@wolfden1877: He could have said no!

@JamesJWYork: That’s fine. It’s Man Utd, we know that’s gonna happen – we have to sell for big profits – that’s the business. Brighton knows it

@_Tom__1: Off you go then

@justaguyukasia: Spot on judah. He’s never going to say ‘no, never wanna play for man united’ – strikes me as a classy guy who has respect for wolves fans. Nothing to see here…

@mark_spruce: Its done purely to get a story that isnt there. To be respectful because hes a nice guy hes felt like he needed to answer. If hed of told him to f off then that would of been all over the internet, he cant win.

@MrPauloGoodman: He’s too good for us, serious fee of £70m+ and we’d have to let him go

@WolvesBlogger1: Could have said no Nathan as he knows it will be blasted on social media, i disagree here but we all have an opinion

@BobIsShort1: 400m then maybe we can talk

@jaijjordan: united fans here showing they have no shame

@CBurton_96: Get on it! @ManUtd 👀

@RickyMT7: Just shows how much of a nice guy Cunha is. We know he will leave at some point and he loves the club, the city and GON. However the guy behind the camera needs a bit of self respect.

@siobhanSSM: What is thiiiisss?! 😂

@Wolvoryan04: He’s not gonna say no, he’s a footballer, this is his job, if he gets offered double what he is on at wolves, then he would have to keep the door open

@aliward96: Bloke is on holiday, leave him be, and that’s still not the exclusive he thinks it is anyway 🤡

@atrappzzx: that’s so disrespectful from the guy behind the camera.

@Jaywolvesfc: The fact remains, the biggest club in the country show interest we will sell, but we payed 50mill for him, so 75mill is the minimum we would except

@Mushy_ke: I honestly won’t mind him as our second striker.he’s a serious baller

@ToleSolomon: They are always happy where they are, aren’t they?

@gjp12775: Give the guy a break he is on holiday.

@highhowolfie: Shock horror if wolves accept an offer from Man United for him. He would go. I would never have guessed

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