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Marco Silva rages with Barnsley awarded controversial penalty against Fulham

Marco Silva rages with Barnsley being awarded a very controversial penalty against his Fulham side in Saturday’s lunchtime kick off.

As can be seen in the video below, Tosin Adarabioyo races forward with Carlton Morris, and the latter appears to slip, loses his feet and went to ground with Tim Robinson giving a spot kick just before half time.

But the television replays conclusively showed what contact there was between the pair saw the Barnsley striker tugging Adarabioyo’s shirt.

Silva told his post-match press conference: “In the first 10 minutes we created two or three moments where we should score, but at the end of the first half they score after a clear mistake from the referee.

“I’ve seen the moment 15 times, and I can’t see one moment where Tosin makes contact with the player inside the box.

“I don’t understand, even why he took so long to decide whether it’s a penalty or not. It’s difficult for us to understand.

“In the second half I saw our players fighting until the end.

“It was difficult to play at our best level but we equalised and had some more chances as well. It’s one more point for us.”

Silva was pleased however with the way his side responded to that setback, earning a point through a sublime late strike from Harry Wilson.

“We reacted well. The desire and ambition was there, and they did their best.

“The good thing was that I saw our players fighting and believing in themselves.

“Even if we didn’t perform at our best level, they fought until the end.

“It’s a fantastic moment from Harry and he deserved more with the other chance that he had, because he deserved to score the winning goal.

“Everyone expected in that second moment that he would score. He did brilliantly with the first one. That’s football.

“The main thing for me is that he was there in the right moment to score and I’m sure in three days he will have another chance to score.

“The most important thing for me is that it was a very good delivery from Fabio, and he was in the right spot to create the chance.”

Barnsley’s Poya Asbaghi said: “If somebody told us before the game that you get a 1-1 draw with Fulham, it’s one of the only games this season where we would feel happy drawing at home.

“But we are leading the game and we are giving a really good performance – controlling the lead.

“They had the ball in the second half, of course they would have, but we were controlling exactly where they were allowed to have the ball.

“It really frustrates me the way we concede the goal because we are defending really well but there is a situation in the second ball where we are not determined enough to take the initiative and just kick the ball.

“It’s the second time in a row that this has happened, so it takes away a lot of joy from a really good performance.

“I’m really proud of the performance the players gave, but it has a bitter taste right now.”

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Social media gave their thoughts as Marco Silva rages at Barnsley being awarded a controversial penalty against Fulham…

@LFC_Leo7: mf got blew over by the wind 💀😭

@AmeliaBadger2: It’s a foul on Tosin in the build up??? He literally lost his own footing in the box 🤷‍♂️

@jaisinghhhh: EFL refs at it again. Imagine my shock!

@matthtfcjohnson: Two in two days it’s ridiculous @EFL

@AndyWood23: Missed a clear foul by Barnsley for shirt pulling and can’t understand what he seems to award the PK

@DanGreen141: More evidence on how shocking the refereeing is at championship level!

@TridentRAM: That well known high quality of referee showing again! Bring in some second division Bulgarian refs, they’d do a better job!

@TomTinyDavies: Refereeing at this level is constantly shocking… I’m surprised people are still shocked by this🤦🏼‍♂️

@gcw047: There needs to be some accountability. If their decisions are never reviewed they will continue doing them.

@Oli_collie70: When teams around the bottom get decisions like that it is easy to understand comments by Rooney about not wanting Derby in the championship

@DarththeMiller: Shocking decision. Never a penalty in a month of Sundays

@djmgeneral1: They must have a big Acca on this weekend !

@LeeAirborne: Almost as bad as the one last night… Absolute joke..

@afcb_tom: How on earth is that a penalty 😂

@Deets24: Redfearn punditry ‘there’s enough there for a penalty’ 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

@TwoTeam_FC: English refereeing is shocking.

@callumLtfc: fuck me so shit @EFL

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