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Manager Ruben Selles apologises to angry Reading fans at Blackpool after heavy defeat

Manager Ruben Selles apologises to angry Reading fans at Blackpool after suffering a heavy defeat conceding four goals on Saturday.

The defeat at Bloomfield Road left Selles under no impression about the level of performance on the pitch, giving an open and honest about it simply not being good enough.

In the clip uploaded onto social media, he is heard saying: “You know the circumstances, we will keep fighting, it’s not good enough from any of us, we are sorry about it, we keep going together.”

He said, as per the club website: “It was not good enough. After we conceded the first goal we just started to do things that we don’t do and concede three goals in the first half – this is not acceptable.

“We tried to change things in the second half to go after the game but then we conceded the fourth one – it was not good enough, nowhere near our best from any of us today.

“Besides the first part of the game, the first 10/15 minutes, we were not able to have a lot of ball, not able to control, to pass, to do the things we usually do.

“We were not able to apply the pressure with the second balls, with the good transitions, and the opposition were able to do it, and we did something radical to change the dynamic of the game.

“I think we got it but we conceded really quick that fourth goal and then it just killedour wish to come back into the game, but we needed to do it.

“We created and we were in a place that we wanted to be, we knew what to expect from Blackpool.

“We had situations early-on maybe not to score but situations in the last third.

“It was just one throw-in from them that we go high and press as we usually do, we missed a couple of chances when we can win the ball and then we end up in our box defending where in every part of us we need to be better.

“We need to be more mature as a team and then we need to be able to come back into the game, to take it easy, go and do the things that we know how to. Then we would be back in the game.

“We cannot lose the game because we made one mistake that can make in any game.

“We have a team with a young age but they are competing every week, last week against Bolton, where the players were almost the same.

“We need to learn from the situations but we are not here only to learn, we are here to win football matches.

“We need to win football matches and we need to be able to say that today we were not good enough.

“We have a lot of good things, today is only 100 minutes that we weren’t ourselves, but we cannot repeat that kind of performance.

“We need to be sure that we perform better in the game, and if we lose it is because the opponent is better and we were doing the things that we know how to do it, not because we stopped playing and stopped doing things together.

“We can have a bad game but we need to be able to avoid those situations.

“We have a week and then after we have three games in seven days so we need to be prepared for the next cycle.

“We need to do as we do every day, we need to train hard, prepare for the next opponent, and then face the situation together and prepare for next Saturday.

“The players and the fans all need to be on the same side and we are all on the same side, and we haven’t given enough today.

“If we could play tomorrow then we would play tomorrow, that is my feeling.”

Blackpool put more misery on Reading with a 4-1 victory at Bloomfield Road with Jordan Rhodes netting a hat-trick for the Tangerines, while Kylian Kouassi was also on target for the hosts. Husband scored an own goal in the 78th minute.

Blackpool: Grimshaw, Pennington, Casey, Husband, CJ Hamilton, Virtue (Carey 65′), Norburn, Dougall (Weir 45′), Dale (Connolly 70′), Kouassi (Lavery 65′), Rhodes (Dembele 89′)

Subs: O’Donnell, Connolly, Carey, Dembele, Weir, Lavery, Ekpiteta

Reading: Button, Yiadom (Mukairu 56′), Bindon, Abbey, Mola (Mbengue 45′), Azeez (Wing 45′), Hutchinson, Savage, Elliott (McIntyre 45′), Ehibhatiomhan, Ballard (Vickers 82′)

Subs: McIntyre, Knibbs, Mukairu, Mbengue, Wing, Boyce-Clarke, Vickers

“I’m really pleased with that performance,” Blackpool boss Neil Critchley said after the League One clash.

“We showed a good response from last week, we showed what we’re about and that was our intention before the game. Last week we waited for the game and this week it was more of a Blackpool performance, it was more of what you associate with how I want us to represent the Club.

“We took the game to them, I’m delighted with some of the performances in the team. Jordan (Rhodes) obviously getting his hat-trick, it’s been a good day for everyone, good for the supporters and we’ve got to back that up now against Barnsley next week.

“I look at the opposition, we watch the games, and I pick the team I think is the right one to play. The game against Wycombe last week was completely different to this game and we felt that, with Matty (Virtue) and Kenny (Dougall) running through the middle of the pitch, we wanted running eights. We felt we could get the balls into the wider areas and be on the front foot a bit more with Owen (Dale) and CJ (Hamilton) going one-vs-one with the full backs.

“We were then playing up to Jordan (Rhodes) and Kylian (Kouassi) against their two centre backs and we thought we could get some joy and that’s how it turned out. Sometimes it turns out your way, last week it didn’t turn out the way we felt it would.

“Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and we live in a world of extremes. When you get it right you’re a hero, when you get it wrong you’re an idiot.”

Critchley added on 20 year old Kylian Kouassi: “We felt it was the right game for him to come into today, he’s been brilliant to work with so far,” Critchley added.

“He’s come from nowhere late, and he’s a humble boy, willing to listen and learn and wants to get better. He’s got a confidence about him but no arrogance at all, he’s really humble, and he’s had no pre-season. We just need to take baby steps with him, it’s going to take time and he’s just turned 20.

“I think he showed a glimpse of what he’s capable of in the future, with his header and he might’ve had one or two more. He’s very strong, if you get the ball into him he can hold defenders off. He’s got good technique, good receiving skills and he keeps the ball well.

“He’s good in the air and he gives you presence at the top end of the pitch. I think him and Jordan today against the two centre backs caused them problems.”

On Jordan Rhodes: “He’s a top performer isn’t he?

“He’s been a Championship player for most of his career and even now you look and he’s never been blessed with pace, so he has to think of different ways to be successful and he’s so intelligent. He picks up great positions and his finishing is outstanding, his penalty is tucked in but his other two goals are brilliant finishes.

“His hat-trick goal, I’ve seen that so many times in training where he catches the goalkeeper out and it trickles into the bottom corner. A fantastic goal, a fantastic hat-trick and a great day for him.”

Here’s how Twitter users reacted as manager Ruben Selles apologises to angry Reading fans at Blackpool after his side’s heavy defeat…

@cordery180786: It’s not his fault or the players it’s the owners fault refusing to sell the club and won’t pay bills. – 16 points taken off us over 3 seasons. But we will keep fighting we have 2. But clubs that take the piss be careful what u wish for as 1 day it could be your club

@3PiersAndATower: Should have been 20-0 by half time

@Reading106: Nine games in and the managers already apologising to fans at full time 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ #Readingfc

@AlexSwfc142: Fair fucks to the fella. Xisco wouldn’t even clap the fucking fans let alone speak to us. #swfc

@Nozzzaaaaa: Fair play to him for taking responsibility and apologising. Paul Ince would’ve just said they played well 😂😂

@HarryLister13: A manager taking responsibility… you taking notes @28xisco28? #swfc

@Pickettlickett: Our fans are beyond awful. people jumping on Rubens back with the situation he’s had to deal with. Just staying commited to this “club” in the current climate isn’t a small battle. I’m sure these lads were praising him Tuesday night. We aren’t getting better than Ruben atm.

@Will_Hackforth: Feels like any team goes to Blackpool and lose manager/player goes and apologises or confronts fans

@clarks1481: I love this man he does genuinely care hopefully he has learnt a lot from today and this is a one time thing

joshbxrnett: class guy

433lafc: Why does this keep happening when a team gets spanked away at Blackpool

benlister10: Decent gesture 👏

louis.kyp: gotta respect it, how many mangers have the balls to do that

stanley_stevens_: He’s a fantastic guy he’s a proper fans favourite was at Southampton brought back the love and the support back to the club and made it abt the fans then. Still young and has a lot of potential and had highlight last season where he put good teams to bed and got it tactically spot on. His man management is also exceptional. Give him time and show faith he is going players.

talkball24: Always liked how he carried himself at Southampton tbf

aylott92: Decent of him tbf respect

utfs_knowlty: Always honest liked him at Southampton during the shit show

officl_fmorr17: Massive respect to him need more managers to grow a pair of bollocks and speak out the truth like this

stfc.harley: I find it hilarious

draimon_safc: Fair play to the man 👏

hayden05_1610: Absolute class manager. Had a lot of passion for saints and even tho it never went well for him he’s class. He’s hated by so many fans for no reason even when he was appointed by reading he was hated. The bloke needs time that clubs a shitshow as it is and trust me when things get better behind the scenes Selles will produce wonders for them

tamyra_imps18: 👏👏👏

lukewarburton_2004: Why does this always happen at our ground 🤣

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