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Major development emerges over the future of Oldham Athletic

A major development emerges over the future of Oldham Athletic with a takeover of the club agreed in what is a big boost going forward.

Just a few months ago, the Latics’ became the first Premier League founder members to drop out of the Football League for the first time in its 115-year history last season.

A number of protests from fans throughout the last few seasons aimed towards the unpopular owner Abdallah Lemsagam took place with matches disrupted by pitch invasions.

And a boycott was arranged for the forthcoming season, with another tough season on the cards, stand closures and potentially a low finish expected.

However, a longstanding successful local business has now agreed to buy not only the club, but the surrounding land and stadium and this is seriously good news for the Boundary Park outfit.

The identity of the business hasn’t been made public until the deal has been completed and the owner’s and director’s test passed.

Insiders say they hope to complete the deal within the next four weeks just in time for the campaign to begin as part of the agreement, the sale of season tickets, sponsorship and commercial activity has been halted and will reopen following the takeover.

The club announced that a compromise between Lemsagam and ex-owner Simon Blitz has been reached after Lemsagam had taken legal action against Blitz over the ownership of a stand at Boundary Park.

Funds are in place for the takeover which would see the club reunited with the stadium and hopefully attendances will be back up to their best as fans hope to give their side a full backing ready in their first season of National League football.


Abdallah Lemsagam and Simon Blitz have agreed to make significant compromises to enable the sale of Oldham Athletic Football Club and Boundary Park Stadium to be consolidated under one single ownership.

Both parties have been true to their word with a genuine willingness to sell.

Oldham Council have been notified of the process the whole time and have been very supportive in helping bring all parties together.

Heads of Terms are agreed and funds are in place for the purchase of both Oldham Athletic Football Club and Brass Bank Limited – the owners of Boundary Park Stadium and surrounding land.

The buyer is not a consortium but a longstanding successful local business.

The identity of the business will be made public on completion of the Share Purchase Agreements and the Owners and Directors Test approval.

Target completion of the purchase is less than four weeks.

Season ticket sales, all club sponsorship and commercial activity will be reopened once completion has taken place.

This announcement is aimed to reduce speculation and provide long term certainty which will help John Sheridan continue to build a competitive squad.

Councillor Amanda Chadderton, Leader of Oldham Council, said she was “delighted” to hear the news of a new ownership for Oldham Athletic.

“This is really good news for the club, its supporters, and the whole borough after the despair and heartache of recent years.

“We’re looking forward to working with the new owner and understanding more about their plans to take the club forward.

“No one has to tell them they have a big job on their hands, but I’m sure they can’t wait to get started as, like us at the council, they want the best for the residents and fans.

“The club have our full support and we wish them well for the coming season.

“We all want to see Latics back in the football league – it’ll give the whole town a boost.”

Mike Keegan of the Daily Mail adds: “Subject to deal completing, the North Stand will be open next season. The deal has been overseen by Darren Royle, son of Joe. Don’t bet against Joe being involved post-takeover.

Fans reacted as a major development emerges over the future of Oldham Athletic…

@LRbix: 👏👏👏👏

@oafcwould: Go on The Raja Bros

@laticdave: Now where did I read that someone said he would do all next seasons away games on a space hopper if the club was sold?? #oafc

@James_gregory9: Any new owner coming in surely isn’t stupid enough to keep Barry involved surely? Clean slate is needed #oafc

@bringbackngoo: The fans would like to thank Mohamed Lemsagam for his services as the worst Sporting Director in world football. We wish him all the best for the future. #oafc

@sgarbett9: I can’t quite get my head around this. Like really? They have agreed to sell for real? I’ll be able to attend games and everything?

@LiamNUFC98: Don’t even support Oldham but I’m happy what I read

@rphamer1984: For the record, if Barry Owen is still involved – I am out.

@ColBwfc: Congratulations, lads! Buzzing for you all.

@bringbackngoo: “An application has been made to the FA to change the club’s name to House of Vapez Athletic as part of a new sponsorship deal” #oafc #ITK

@MartF1981: Good news for the fans 👏

@thewolstencroft: About bloody time!

@oafcwould: Hearing its a firm Barry Owen is linked with, is he a director or was? and it’s heavily mortgaged #oafc

@awesomedawson77: Superb news, so long as BO is not involved in any capacity, ST money ready otherwise! #oafc 🥳🥳🥳

@cumpsty85: Best club statement for a long while let’s hope it comes off #oafc

@spwafc88: Fingers crossed it completes for you and all Oldham fans.

@PhilipE01353369: Dare we. Had so many let downs its hard to believe its true. Not going to lie, iv’e got butterflies in my stomach.

@uns_phil: Best news we OAFC supporters have had for at least 4 years, maybe much longer! Can’t believe that the Lemsagam era is coming to an end, hallelujah!!! Lets hope future club statements are at a premium and not designed to antagonise a long suffering supporter base anymore

@AaronDiskin1: I could cry tears of happiness #oafc

@miguelinho2910: For the record, it is not too early to crack open a bottle of whisky #oafc

@Bailey_Howell02: Oh wow oh wow oh wow #oafc

@James_gregory9: Get the fuck in happy days 😍#oafc

@robsimi: Fuck me i never thought we’d see the day 💙

@nic_travis: Wow wow wow 🙌💙 Kind of in a bit of shock at this one, really wasn’t expecting this news any time soon and it’s a surpise to have a good statement for once 😂 #oafc Can’t actually believe it’s happening 💙

@neilsjoy: From what I’m hearing Father and Son Season Tickets for Boundary Park are back on the agenda for 2022/23. Just fantastic news… everything crossed #oafc

@GoRetro4: We fought for this a fan base and slowly we’re getting are club back 🦉🔵#oafc

@EllisBraddy: We are on our way back #oafc

@aaronwest87: Things you love to see #oafc

@oafcjamie: Woke up this morning feeling fine, got oafc on my mind we got abdallah out like we said we wouldddd oh yeahhhhh 🎶#oafc

@Jordanator83: Once Abdallah’s gone I’ll buy my season tickets. Not giving that fella a penny more. The new owner can have my money to build a team we’re all proud of #oafc

@leedschat1: Good news. Always enjoyed my trips to Boundary Park.

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