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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp blasts journalist over ’embarrassing’ question on fan safety

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp blasts an Italian journalist over an ’embarrassing’ question put to him on fan safety ahead of the Napoli game.

Klopp couldn’t contain his frustration after being asked by a reporter whether Naples is a safe city for supporters to visit for the Champions League meeting.

The Reds will begin their UCL campaign against the Serie A outfit, looking to go one step further than last season when they were beaten in the final by Real Madrid.

However, much of the talk prior to the game has been about whether fans will feel comfortable travelling to Naples for the match, less than four months after the chaotic scenes saw at last season’s final in Paris, which saw police using pepper spray to try to control crowds.

Klopp was asked about potential issues for fans in his pre-match press conference, and he reacted angrily.

‘That’s an embarrassing question from you,’ he said to a reporter.

‘You want to create headlines. I really don’t understand it. I don’t live a normal life in Napoli. I am protected here, I go to the hotel, and now you ask me what I think about Napoli.

‘You know exactly what people are talking about. If some supporters meet some supporters, something can happen. That’s nothing to do with the city, so I don’t know. But I’m not here to create headlines for you.’

The question that Klopp received comes after Liverpool released a video on Monday which advised fans on how to remain safe in Naples.

Managing director Andy Hughes provided the message in a short clip, stating: ‘Firstly, and most importantly, in the interest of personal safety, we’re advising fans not to make their own way to the stadium. This guidance has come from both the Italian police and the British embassy in Naples.

‘We’re asking supporters to go the designated meeting point in the port area of the city from 4pm. From there, the official coaches will take fans under a police escort to and from the stadium.

‘I do understand that fans will want to make an occasion out of this trip. However, in this case, I’d urge supporters not to wander into the city on their own, or to be wearing club colours during their stay in Naples.’


On what Liverpool need to do to get a better result at Napoli this time around…

Sure, we haven’t won here, with Dortmund not, with Liverpool not. But I am not sure, we quite frequently qualified for the Champions League final after Napoli was with us in the group stage. I am not sure if all the time, but maybe twice if I am right, with Dortmund and one year with Liverpool as well. But, who cares? How we say in Germany, I’m a late bloomer; I always need a little bit longer to achieve my stuff and that means sometimes I have to try two times, sometimes three times, sometimes four times – and Napoli [could be] four times, obviously. What do we have to do? Play better than in the previous three games, that would be very helpful because we didn’t play particularly well when we came here. One reason is because Napoli are pretty strong.

On Luciano Spalletti wearing a cap to his press conference and his thoughts on him as a manager…

Mr Spalletti, I played years ago when he was in Zenit. If I could look as great as he looks without the cap I would not wear it constantly because it would not be necessary! He is a real great of the game, worked all over the world, very successful, you can always see his stamp on the team. It’s always clear who is the coach, I respect that a lot. Looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.

On Napoli ‘rebuilding’ under Spalletti and the young players they have…

They are not all young, but they’re all good… I’m not 100 per cent sure, but I think not too long ago there was like a bit of a nervous situation in Napoli around when players left for different reasons, obviously it has all settled again. I’m really happy for the people here. But one player who always stayed is Zielinski and around him you could build again another team – it’s [a] really, really interesting project, I have to say. Good football, intense style, different approaches, so really good, I have to say. Spalletti is a good coach, so nobody should be surprised and he’s obviously pretty relaxed about maybe some nervous things around. So, probably a really good fit – that’s how it looks.

On Arthur Melo and whether Champions League football will suit his style…

Arthur needs now just football – and training, especially, that’s how it is. He wasn’t in team training for a while at Juve, so he needs proper team training – and that’s what we are doing with him. Can he play minutes? Yes. Should he play a full game? No, because he needs to get used to the intensity in each competition. It’s not like in the Champions League you have to work less than in the Premier League. Not at all, especially not here. He is doing well, he is really giving his absolute all in training, we have to be careful with him as well and then we will see whether we can use him.

Social media users gave their reaction as the Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp blasts an Italian journalist over the ’embarrassing’ question over fan safety…

@samuelJayC: Well done Klopp. Too many stupid questions these days in press conferences and interviews. 👏🏻

@CMacgafraidh: What a response…wonder will he be praised as much in the media as he is constantly criticised

@Oyskalh: Telling the translator to speak with aggression is a good move too

@PeterGageKale52: How lucky are we that this man is our manager? Love him.

@graeme818: Very poor (loaded) question to Klopp who was right to respond as he did, regarding potential danger to fans in Napoli.

@lfcnaresh: A bit aggression 🤣🤣🤣

@viviryan1: Telling the translator to speak with aggression 😂 love that man! 😄

@mancityneil: Very , very rare I agree with Klopp but this is a shocking line of questioning.

@rudkin_abigail: Well said Jurgen.

@WazLFC9: What an incredible answer. Does so well when asked tricky questions does Jurgen.

@poggerspatrick: Spazio sounds about right

@nochdawe: Beautiful response by Klopp to ridiculous question

@IanKelly1987: What a superb answer to a ridiculous question

@RE_Perlov: I’m a Napolitan supporter and in this case I’m agree with Klopp, we have the worst journalists in the world. But in Liverpool you have the worst Help service for supporters 😏💙

@EGTVEgal: The ending was funny the way he told the translator to be more aggressive

@N_Macca74: Klopp is the best thing to happen to us for decades, what a reply by Jurgen….

@CalmLikeVanDijk: I love that he asks the translator to be more aggressive, that’s my gaffer right there

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