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Leeds and Huddersfield fan groups call for EFL away ticket price cap

Leeds and Huddersfield fan groups call for the EFL to implement a league-wide cap on away ticket prices after a rise in complaints.

It comes after the two Championship clubs eventually reached a £20 reciprocal price arrangement for away fans attending this season’s meetings at Elland Road and the Kirklees Stadium.

The deal will protect Huddersfield Town fans from a potential £47 ticket at Elland Road, and Leeds United fans will avoid paying £25 in March’s return fixture.

The reciprocation is the latest in a series seen across the Championship but Leeds United Supporters’ Trust (LUST) and Huddersfield Town Supporters Association (HTSA) are the first to be calling for league-wide rule as already exists in the Premier League.

“In recent years, the cost of an away ticket in the Championship has continued to rise,” both groups said in a statement released.

“In some cases travelling fans are being charged up to 60 percent more than the £30 price cap introduced by the Premier League in 2016.

“To address this unfair trend we have had positive discussions with our respective clubs with regards to them a) formally backing an away ticket price cap in the Championship and b) lobbying the EFL to implement it.”

After growing protests and supporter-led campaigning, the away ticket price cap in the Premier League has been running since 2016 and has gone down well with match-going supporters, saving travelling fans millions of pounds in total while helping keep away ends full.

This is also helped by the FSA who launched Twenty’s Plenty campaign eventually forced the Premier League to adopt a league-wide cap – read more about the history of that campaign here.

They say: “Prior to the introduction of the Premier League’s £30 cap, clubs were routinely lobbied by supporters to seek out reciprocal price arrangements with opposition clubs – eventually so many clubs did their own deals that a league-wide cap was adopted.

“The cap remains a universally popular measure and there was strong support for an away ticket price cap in the EFL according to the results of our National Supporters Survey carried out earlier this year.

“Almost nine in ten (88.2%) of the 10,000 supporters surveyed were in favour of league-wide away price caps in the EFL, and similarly in the FA Cup with 83.3% in favour.”

A statement from LUST and HTSA states their thanks to HTAFC and LUFC for coming to a reciprocal deal and protecting their respective fan bases from unfair prices.

“Both trusts will continue to push for this and urge all Championship clubs to commit to an away price cap.”

Here’s how Twitter users reacted as Leeds and Huddersfield fan groups call for an EFL away ticket price cap…

@CherriesTrust: Not too long ago #afcb fans were paying through the nose at some Championship away fixtures. The pain is real. An away ticket price cap at this level would be a huge benefit to travelling supporters.

@wildeyboy97: 100% agree on this

@GDW1807: Need a cap for home fans as well.

@delu5on: Do one better than the PL and also lobby for a guaranteed concession price (percentage) discount off the capped adult price. Some PL clubs are starting to charge £30 for concessions too.

@JamesP2111: Even better again, work with the train companies to offer a free date & time change for any football fans who are affected by a fixture change.

@PETETAL: Corporate is what most clubs are interested in. Fully support the £30 cap best thing that happened in PL. Never give up

@ThePaddyArms: Be nice if you included the 3,000 minimum too

@stew_deano: 20 is plenty

@woodend_c: The thing is Leeds fans don’t complain. It is what it is and the demand is there for tickets. I appreciate we charge a lot for away fans at ER but that’s the same price that the home fans pay in the same stand.

@coalshed: Too many high profile teams in the Championship. £30 maximum Saying that I’ve just paid £27 away with Stockport County @ Crewe next Tuesday evening. League Two

@Gareth_CCFC: Pricing is getting ridiculous. Trouble is, clubs know loyalty will mean people pay it so they’ll charge it

@haway_safc: Really do need a price cap the prices are getting ridiculous

@stuth67: Needs to be £20, too expensive at £30.

@DanielS49086124: Stop paying it and they’d have to reduce it….

@MLive2roam: The dullards keep paying it though. So the fans get what they deserve. Addicts need help

@OistyTFFXIV: That’s the thing though. Clubs know they can charge us an arm and a leg therefore they do it. We should take a stand but it would mean an empty away end with no support or encouragement for the players.

@Andyjack83: Corporate greed strikes again!!

@Cameron141216: Should be a £20 cap as it’s not a top league.

@Budgiekiller: If the premier league is £30 the championship should be £25

@Blueboy57237480: Supporters need to start voting with their feet. Ultimately a product is worth what people are willing to pay for it. If clubs fill out the away end then we cant complain about the prices.

@dazw71: No. The EFL needs a £25 cap, League 1 £20 and League 2 £18

@Isaac_1871: cap it at 20

@BoroSniper77: £20 is plenty

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