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Jurgen Klopp furious with Wolves fans for celebrating Man City’s goals in title decider

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has been left furious with Wolves fans for celebrating Man City’s goals in the title decider on Sunday.

The Reds went into their final day game knowing they had to better Man City’s result against Aston Villa to have any chance of being crowned champions.

And when Steven Gerrard’s side found themselves 2-0 up going into the final 15 minutes, there were jubilant scenes inside Anfield.

However Pep Guardiola’s side produced a sensational comeback to win 3-2 and as each City goal was scored, Wolves fans piped up and eventually taunted Liverpool fans.

It made Liverpool’s 3-1 victory over Wolves irrelevant, but those in the Merseyside club’s away end were in fine voice even come the full time whistle.

There were even rumours spread across the stadium that Aston Villa had equalised late on and Mohamed Salah had to be told that Man City were still in the lead.

When questioned if the cheers around Anfield gave him temporary hope, the annoyed looking Klopp said: “Yeah, yeah, yeah…

“I don’t understand how the Wolverhampton supporters can celebrate when City score a goal.

“I don’t understand these kind of feelings.

“But it was not completely unexpected, we knew it could happen.”

He went on to congratulate Man City on their title win, though claimed he’d wish they’d put Aston Villa out of their misery early on rather than sending him on a rollercoaster of emotions in the second half.

On the City vs Villa game, Klopp added: “I didn’t know 100 per cent what was going on.

“I realised Aston Villa were in front…

“Congratulations, first and foremost, to Man City, Pep Guardiola, all his staff and everybody from City for winning a tough race.

“That’s how it is. If you want to win big, you have to be ready to lose big.

“We lost big today – not the game, but the league.

“The mood is obviously very, very disappointed… I would prefer if City were 5-0 up after 10 minutes.

“When it’s this up and down, it was 3-2 and for a second somebody said it was 3-3…

“I felt for a second like we could become champions.”

Klopp insists league heartbreak will motivate Liverpool for the European final against Real Madrid, saying: “I can imagine it was much worse for the people at home watching on TV all over the world who were Liverpool fans. When Aston Villa were 2-0 up they were thinking: ‘Wow, it could really be.’ I was not really aware of it, but now I have heard the whole story after the game.

“With all the things that happened I’d have preferred it if they had been 5-0 up after 10 minutes, to be honest. Of course it makes it more difficult. The season was so close, so tight, moments, decisions, only one point apart. What I learned about life is that if you stay on track and keep going, you get the reward. Not today the maximum reward, but we will get it. But it’s up to us to keep going.”

Klopp added: “This season is absolutely incredible and it doesn’t end today. It ends next week. And we will try absolutely everything. It’s never happened before that you are completely without knocks going into a final. We had our knocks, obviously. We now have five days to prepare the final and we face an incredibly experienced team, but that’s really OK. Losing the league today increases the desire to put it right next week.”

“Not good but I cannot say more,” said Klopp on Thiago. “We want to wait until we know more about it and then you will get the information as well.”


Twitter users reacted as Jurgen Klopp was left furious with Wolves fans for celebrating Man City’s goals in Sunday’s title decider…

@robc306: Errrr. Ok for Liverpool fans to celebrate when Villa score though. Biggest noise they made; especially when the “fake” 3rd went in

@gally1878: Never knew anyone to whine like him, it’s okay when he’s sprinting on pitches Inciting crowd trouble tho, have a day of you amber leaf smoking tool

@tickets2arsenal: Always crying when it doesn’t go his way

@wbuck70: Salty wanker

@giorrge: Its called banter mate

@Gazmufc182: Klopp can’t believe how cruel the wolves fans were celebrating city scoring a third, no you scruff the definition of cruel is more suited to pushing of walls you shameless cvnt

@ManCityOracle: Klopp doesn’t understand why Wolves fans celebrated Man City goal… People hate Liverpool fans, it’s only the mainstream media that’s in love with Liverpool and Klopp! #LIVWOL #MCIAVL #ManCity #MCFC

@georgia_wwfc: And he wonders why everyone hates him

@PatchJS: The funny thing is there is actually a German word for this.

@Dave63385638: The whole country can understand

@DFan104: It’s called humour Jurgen. That thing you only have when you’ve won.

@Chazman1989: Revelling in other teams’ misery is one of my favourite things about football. Like Sunderland fans singing “blue moon” at us in 2012, its exciting to see the opposition have their day ruined regardless of where you sit on the football hierarchy.

@smethwickmon: #Klopp moaning about #Wolves fans on @bbc5live. Try as he might, #LiverpoolFC’s losing manager simply cannot suppress his bitterness, lack of grace and bile. He’s a pathetic, losing, graceless bitch.

@zdpj_: Can you think of a bloke more unlikeable than him? Moan moan fucking moan

@bluwes: He still doesn’t get it does he

@seancahill24: He’s such a gigantic pissbaby.

@CharlieLloydT: Banter in a football stadium, that’s what it’s all about Jurgen

@clinicalchilly: Please tell me this is fake i don’t believe he’s this stupid

@WillFleming95: He really doesn’t get English football then

@notbitterbetter: It’s mad how Kopites don’t understand why the majority of other clubs hate them… media darlings.

@JonnyM108: Maybe because every other fan of every other team hates Liverpool FC

@teadrinker68: Oh that’s fantastic. Well done Wolves fans.

@steven_metcalfe: Clearly doesn’t get banter. Liverpool losing the title and Villa get beat. I think it’s clear as to why wolves fans would be cheering 😂

@hendrixevo147: Does he not realise everyone hates Liverpool 🤔

@nunoland17: We’re speaking on behalf of literally every other fan from every club

@PELee1953: German admits failure to understand schadenfreude.

@theprivacyofhis: “i dont understand why doesnt everybody love us.. we are so adorable. we are the best team, we have the best fans, i am the best and we are saving football for everybody else” 🤡

@MikeJMcC: Hahaha. I love that everybody hates Liverpool

@OhAnotherWolf: They’re all unbearable

@25FernaFan: Not sure what planet he lives on !?? All week long, the complete disrespect shown for Wolves !!

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