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Fans want Sky Sports to sack fuming reporter ‘manhandled’ trying to interview Ten Hag

Fans want Sky Sports to sack fuming reporter Gary Cotterill who claims he was ‘manhandled’ trying to interview Man Utd boss Erik Ten Hag.

The new Red Devils boss was in the crowd to see his side live for the first time in their defeat at Crystal Palace.

Ten Hag, who had only just won the double in Holland with Ajax, looked cool and composed when arriving at the stadium, and must of thought, not you again, when setting eyes on Gary Cotterill again.

After the game he was confronted by the Sky Sport News reporter, not for the first time, but Gary once again got nothing out of the Dutchman and his security guard was present on this occasion to make it harder to talk to.

As Ten Hag made his way out of the ground towards his waiting motor, Cotterill asked: “Are you excited to get started?”

He repeated the question as the security pushed inbetween him and Ten Hag.

Cotterill then added: “I guess you want to get stuck in straight away?”

At this point the security guard moves him to the side with his arm, to which the reported told him: “Don’t push me, you’re on television.”

Ten Hag then got into the back of the vehicle, but Cotterill had one more message for him before he could close the door and depart. By this point it really wasn’t a good look for Sky, who clearing haven’t learned from the last time Ten Hag ignored Gary.

He said: “It doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look good being manhandled by security Erik.

“Man United are a big club.”

At that point the security guy moved Cotterill out of the way again and climbed into the passenger seat of the vehicle before it drove off.

Twitter users reacted as some fans want Sky Sports to sack the fuming reporter ‘manhandled’ trying to interview Ten Hag…

@Leedsmatt: 🎶 Sky TV is fucking shit!! 🎶 😂😂😂

@JoeBlue202: It’s great this. He’s just glorified paparazzi

@LHoyle_: I’m sure Ten Haag knows the questions would all be negative (poor tactics, poor players, poor attitude) and probably doesn’t want to feed into that.

@ForeverOUFC: Gary Cotterill is a right twat, hope sky get rid of him, he’s absolutely useless

@KieranKyze: Loool leave the man alone he don’t wanna chat to you 😂

@UtdParadigm: Hi @SkySportsNews – that was extremely unprofessional behaviour from your reporter Gary Cotterill towards Erik Ten Hag. I would like to make a complaint. He did not respect Ten Hag’s space & behaved in a very entitled way. Very poor quality service & journalism. Do much better!

@mumblesboi87: Terrible this, he quite clearly didn’t want to speak yet he continues to bother him ffs

@Limerick_Gooner: Gary Cotterill may be the worst Sky reporter. Shame Ten Hag’s security didn’t give him a bigger shove #mufc

@Nick_Dot_T: Haha this guy flew out to Amsterdam the day after he was announced as Utd manager to ask the Ten Hag questions while he was still in a job with Ajax. He probably hates him already 😂😂

@thfcem28: Security guy did his job.

@SarahReeve1: Gary Cotterill you are a gutters open, @SkySportsNews control your staff this is just appalling

@HarshShinde15: Shame on you @gary_cotterill, he has just arrived give him privacy, public space dont just jump on him directly

@ReedyLiam: Fan behaviour constantly condemned and @skysports run around like a self righteous mafia. Media needs regulating. Gary Cotterill should be sacked

@dldhawkridge: @gary_cotterill I agree you shouldn’t be pushed but Ten Hag clearly didn’t want to speak to u so you should respect that. You clearly didn’t respect his wishes so his security has every right to remove you. I clearly see there will be a media agenda against Ten Hag.

@Mrfrye88: gary cotterill is a bell end.

@daniellejmufc: Who the fuck does Gary Cotterill think he is? Considering the shite that has been posted about us in the media since forever, then you can’t blame him for acting like this.

@ANT_LCFC: Who does Gary Cotterill actually think he is. 🤣🤣🤣

@ksufc1: Pushed a kid out the way at Ajax but cry when a security guard moves you on. Get a grip you weapon

@jonhotspur88: How he tried to play the victim 😂 “doesn’t look good being manhandled by security Eric!” Doesn’t look good you harassing him for some pointless quote either @gary_cotterill. He’ll do a press conference when he’s ready.

@manunitedrebel: Gary Cotterill to Erik Ten Hag is like that annoying little wasp that won’t let you alone from your first day of holidays in Spain…

@whulorn: Gary Cotterill has always been an embarrassing reporter

@RiazHamed2: Gary Cotterill have some respect would ya….

@B0nesJones: @SkySports should sack Gary Cotterill straight away, vulture.

@anharmiah25: Gary cotterill is just the type of journalist who needs a good smack round the gob. Beyond me how he still works for @SkySports this guy is one disrespectful man who thinks everyone should just answer his questions cause he works for sky. Get off you high horse you tw@t #MUFC

@MarkReeve85: I’d love to see Ten Hag do this forever. Speak in the press conferences and leave the Gary Cotterill’s of this world scratching their balls in the car park

Is gary cotterill a prick.. yes
Did his boss tell him if he gets a word out of ten haag there will be a 10k bonus in his pay this month.. probably.
Did he deserve a slap from the bouncer.. definitly

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