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Joey Barton goes on massive Twitter rant criticising the Queen’s Jubilee

Joey Barton goes on a massive Twitter rant criticising the Queen’s Jubilee, as if he hadn’t already made his thoughts clear on the royals.

He hit out at the celebrations taking place up and down the country and outside Buckingham Palace for the Platinum Jubilee, slamming the ‘massive party’ in the face of many people facing tough times financially in the UK, though not everyone as huge numbers held street parties, spent huge amounts of money on Jubilee and all kinds of British merchandise to celebrate.

Everyone’s different, some only enjoyed it due to a couple of days off work, otherwise love the Royal family and some are quite frankly not arsed.

However this hasn’t been something you can ignore as such, it’s on the TV, on the radio, and events took place in where we all live.

Whilst some celebrated the occasion, manager Joey Barton – who just guided his side to promotion in League Two – is quite obviously not happy with what he saw, making a dig at the monarchy.

“Just don’t get this Queen/Monarchy thing. An absurd concept in the 2022 AD. (MMXXII),” he tweeted earlier in the week, before he couldn’t just leave it at that and had to tweet more of his frustration over the weekend.

“Even more absurd considering we class ourselves as a free and democratic country.

“Ah well, Rule Britannia and all that…”

“The amount of bootlicking and crawling about these last few days for an MBE/OBE or Knighthood is scary,” he started.

“Actually it’s embarrassing. Put your tongues away and live your lives.

“You’ll always be a clown to them. Just a clown with letters before or after your name.”

“People are going hungry.

“People are struggling to make ends meet.

“They are scrambling around to find a way to live, a way to survive and we’re throwing a massive party?

“The Queen done a great service to her country.

“She should be the last to reign over us.

“It’s 2022,” he added.

“Surely, we know now what they didn’t then. Nobody is born any better than anyone else!

“The birth lottery some of these people have won, should end.

“Maybe years ago when the people were clearly less educated, you can pull it off.

“Do you not find it absurd in this day and age?

“Surely, we don’t think the Royals were sent from the Gods?

“Surely, nobody in their right minds believes that.

“What is being protected? A bloodline? A legacy? History?

“Can we not function without a Queen/King?

“History will laugh at us. With all our technology and science.”

Twitter users reacted as Joey Barton goes on a massive Twitter rant criticising the Queen’s Jubilee…

@brfcharry2: aaron collins is king joey

@iskillcorn: Pipe down it’s not her fault you only got 1 England cap!!

@eddylloyd6: Stick to trying to manage a football team 👍🏼

@antooconnell: History isn’t laughing at you yet… just the vast majority of the world in the present

@stuee_h: Awww is the millionaire footballer jealous of the other undeserving rich people?

@dpm_79: Joey have you been on the crazy numbers? Very simple solution here – switch over on to one of the 100s of channels not showing it then you reduce the risk of looking a massive weapon.

@ChrisStables: Expected nothing better from you Joey. Just about 100% of our older generation which have gone through much more than you and me respect the Queen and the Royal Family and I’ll follow there values and respect over yours. Cheers.

@GarethEarnshaw1: The monarchy brings in 5 times more money than they cost. 2 billion a year! The money it generates through tourism is immense to thousands of businesses, that hire thousands of staff, though yes let’s increase unemployment & see thousands out of work.

@bowden_saint: You OK hun?

@lotslottie16: Your issue is with the government not the royal family or the queen. Take your anger out on BoJo and his cronies or even better, do something about it. Double standards to preach about poverty whilst sat in your house worth millions of pounds and a healthy bank account.

@bri_1610: Youre a millionaire with more money than you can ever spend in your lifetime. why don’t you give it away to those struggling

@deadlyrhubarb: Not sure how seriously I take a post about income inequality from someone who was raking in 80k per week at QPR. A little bit of self reflection for once might be called for perhaps Joey?

@NigelBroadley: Give it a rest Joey. Please show some respect for your counties history and heritage. I’m a Burnley fan and thought you were were superb and an absolute credit to our club in your time there. Please show the same respect for our Queen who has been such an ambassador for us all.

@tomlaw23: To be fair I’d rather have the royals in charge than our recent democratically elected leaders 😂

@JulesG08: Can you imagine what they’d elect if we had to have a president?

@PhilipCollins24: So should Premiership footballers give away £200k/week of their pay to food banks & should we knock down Old Trafford to build affordable housing?

@Bourntwyn: I love you Joey, but I love our monarchy. Our history & our heritage. Imagine being ruled by presidents?! No thank you….its bad enough having inept prime ministers. But anyway, Rule Britania. Utmg 💙

@schilvers1981: Surely, Joey Barton doesn’t think he was a footballing gift from God. What was he protecting when beating up 15 year old kids? Or stubbing out cigars in youth team players eyes? Or jumping his team mates in training. Barton got an England cap. History will laugh at that hardest.

@billltfc: Mr Barton I had a lot of time for you listening to your podcasts etc but knocking the royal family is wrong just like the Liverpool fans booing at the final

@JoeMartin73: They provide a vital and much needed ability to bring the country together in times of joy and struggle. They’re apolitical, they represent and promote countless charities, they are a continuous thread through our nation’s history.

@dderby2: We can, but we don’t want to. Really enjoyed the last four days, so did millions of others. Can’t please everyone I guess – hope you would sing the anthem Joey or are you a scouse and not English ? 🤣😳

@stinny_7: Quit the day drinking sausage

@bxw3317: People are going hungry. People are struggling to make ends meet and yet you are a millionaire and don’t share any with them. How about volunteer 85% tax if your so worried

@owen_wba23: If everyone who had Thursday and Friday off as bank holiday donated the 2 day salary that would more than cover the ‘hunger problems’ enough people moaning about the jubilee but happy to have the time off work 👍🏻 especially as one of those 2 days are a one off

@robalex72: Absolute nonsense Joey, goodbye 🇬🇧👑

@seanfoy88: The income from the tourists coming over covers what the party costs

@RichJacksonUK: That is technically a flawed standard argument, there is no data or evidence to suggest the royal family increases tourist revenue in the UK with any significance

@georgercheetham: Although I get your reasoning, I have to disagree. The issues people are facing are down to how countries are run and the complete idiocy of those running them. It’s governments that are the issue and it’s they that have to be reformed. They have forgotten they work for us.

@Walrus01: Did you say that in a french accent? Asking for a friend.

@jacko_cfc: Issue is Joey lad 99% of these struggling families would chose a gleaming new IPhone contract and sky TV over feeding their kids. Facts

@DarenGame: Think you should look a little closer to home first and start talking about the obscene money that footballers and managers are paid first. But of course you won’t because it doesn’t fit in with your agenda….. #GSOQ #HM70

@davea210573: Gd question JB..people are struggling yet fballers getting paid obscene cash and we are complaining? Isn’t just time to let the monarchy dislike to go and start introducing a wage cap on other things/players? surely a fella kicking the ball isn’t worth £300k a week. It’s 2022❤️

@SoMoonstruck: So bitter. Bet you and your family all made the most of the Bank Holiday w/end. Plenty of cash flying around football ruining the game but you’re not moaning about that! She devoted her life to a job she never really wanted & gave it her all. She’s 96 & deserves a thank you.

@Babumatanle: The income generated by tourism over these last 4 days and beyond plus the feel good factor of everyone’s spirits being lifted is fabulous and easily outweighs cost of generating the events, ordinary folk coming together a real boost, you are wide of the mark and dull and boring

@davidjbrooks34: Stick to football rather than economic policy old chap. Yes people are going hungry but this spectacle will boost tourism enormously, not to mention lifting the mood of the country.

@MaggsLouise: Having been an overpaid footballer did you worry then about the thousands of people who were homeless and struggling to make ends meet . Not many places in the world who have a queen , embrace it this is what makes great Britain special

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