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James Milner accuses ex-teammate of being behind ‘Boring Milner’ account

James Milner accuses an ex-teammate of his for being behind the popular and much loved parody account ‘Boring James Milner’.

As we all know, the alter-ego account dedicated to the veteran midfielder, aged 35, has gone down a hit on social media.

The Twitter account ‘Boring James Milner’ has earned itself over a total of 654,000 followers and yet only follows a total of four other accounts.

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Those are Milner himself, talkSPORT presenter Adrian Durham, and two footballers which include Mamadou Sakho and Micah Richards.

Both have played with Milner, but it’s the latter who the Yorkshireman is suspecting of being behind the account.

Speaking for his recent column for BBC Sport, Micah Richards said: “Milly obviously has this tag of being dull or quiet but, believe me, he has got plenty of banter.

“He is super intelligent and very sharp, and rips into you in a very dry way that would always crack me up.”

“It was hard to get the better of him but I always tried my best.

“So when someone started up the parody ‘Boring James Milner’ Twitter account when we were at City together, everyone thought it was me behind it, including Milner.

“Whoever it was, they were only following me and a couple of others at the time so I was the prime suspect.

“Whenever a new post went up he would say: ‘Come on, mate, you’ve had your fun – stop it now.’

“I’d be going: ‘I swear, Milly, it’s not me!’ But he wouldn’t believe me.

“I ended up messaging the guy behind it, saying: ‘Who is this? Because Milner thinks it’s me!’

“He would not disclose his name but he sent me a picture of himself and it was just some random bloke. I just told him: ‘Keep it up. It is unbelievable – I love it!’”

James Milner is one of the most consistent midfielders in the Premier League over the past decade, earning himself 61 England caps, coming top of Premier League table three times, the FA Cup, the League Cup and the Champions League.

But thanks to the Twitter account Boring James Milner, he has and will always be thought of as a gloomy man.

In fairness to both parties, there is an element of truth in some of the account, and Milner has been more than happy to play up to it all.

Here’s a video he uploaded to Instagram recently as we’re all in a national lockdown once again…

Right, now that you have seen James Milner accuses an ex-teammate of being behind the ‘Boring James Milner’ account, it’s time to take a look at some of it’s best tweets – and the times the real one played up to it…


“Hey @Alex_OxChambo Barrels of laughs here in the Milner household as well – rationing the tea bags for the week”


“I might go a bit exotic!”



“Firmino said I can’t believe we are losing 2-0 to a Championship side. I said It’s not over yet, Roberto. It’s a game of two halves.”


“Just text Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to welcome him to Liverpool but i think he ran out of signal. I hope he hasn’t changed his mind.”


“Jürgen Klopp said we should all get an early night tonight but Jürgen Klopp doesn’t know how big my ironing pile is.”


“just text Adrián to borrow his goalkeeper gloves. He said why? I said because I don’t want to catch the coronavirus and you can’t catch anything with those on. I’ll let you know when he replies.”


Fans were guessing way back in 2013 before James Milner accuses ex-teammate Micah Richards of being behind ‘Boring James Milner’ account…

@Martin_Wickham: Micah Richards was responsible for the Boring James Milner account wasn’t he?

@Demar1992: Boring James Milner is Micah Richards I reks!

@rosstitute73: 100% sure Micah Richards does the Boring James Milner account

@moonie3131: Anyone else think that boring James Milner acct is Micah??

@JackBoss69: @BoringMilner hi Micah

@Johnwaite92: How boring is James Milner @MicahRichards #Iwonttellifyoudont

@mannyolive: @MicahRichards do you run the boring James Milner page!? haha

@cdemby97: @MicahRichards micah admitt you’re definitely behind the boring james milner account. Gold-dust

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