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Arrests made after Old Firm match at Ibrox

Arrests have been made after anti-social behaviour and fireworks took place at Ibrox after the Old Firm match earlier in January 2021.

Two males have been arrested and charged in connection with anti-social behaviour and the misuse of fireworks and flares outside Ibrox on January 2.

A 26-year-old and a 22-year-old are in police custody after fireworks and flares were set off outside Ibrox stadium on the 2nd of January following Rangers’ win against Celtic.

Police confirmed a third man, aged 24, has also been arrested and charged in connection with making sectarian comments.

They added inquiries are ongoing to identify anyone else who may have been involved in the incident.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “A 26-year-old man and a 22-year-old man have been arrested and charged in connection with anti-social behaviour and the misuse of fireworks and flares outside Ibrox stadium on Saturday, 2 January, 2021.

“A 24-year-old man has also been arrested and charged in connection with making sectarian comments. Enquiries are continuing to identify others involved.

“The men are due to appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court at a later date. A full report has been forwarded to the Procurator Fiscal.”

Rangers came out victorious, winning 1-0 through an own goal by Celtic’s Callum McGregor with Steven Gerrard’s side extending their lead at the top of the table.

Rangers fans decided to taunt Celtic players with sickening abuse and ‘paedo’ shouts as they step off the team bus before the derby.

Hoops players arrived in the south side of the city of Glasgow for Saturday’s crunch meeting with their rivals, before losing 1-0 with a Callum McGregor own goal.

Celtic footballers were met with disgusting abuse from a small number of Rangers fans as they walked through the doors of Ibrox stadium.

As one player walked along Edmiston Drive with a police escort, a group of yobs could be heard shouting “gunge that paedo” and “f***ing paedo c***” as well as “pape c***”.

Video footage has gone viral with the caption “fenian c***” before the next clip captured Celtic players walking off the team bus.

The same group can be heard shouting “fenian b******s” .

The hosts will feel angry however at seeing Rangers fans taunt Celtic players before the game, especially as they break the lockdown rules.

A moment of madness from the red-carded Nir Bitton was quickly followed by a Callum McGregor own goal as the visitors paid for not making their first-half pressure count.

Three derby wins on the trot for Steven Gerrard’s side. Is the title race over already?

A vile troll called for Celtic player and his wife to be ‘hanged’ after he was sent off during the 1-0 loss to Rangers.

Nir Bitton’s wife has been sent a series of disgusting abusive messages following the footballer’s sending off during Saturday’s tense Old Firm clash.

While Celtic fans aired their frustrations at the club’s 1-0 loss over social media, vile trolls sent the footballer’s partner abuse over Instagram.

Bar Bitton told followers that she received “many” awful messages following the match.

She shared a screen grab of one message, which called for Bar and her husband to be ‘hanged’, while adding further abuse to the married couple’s two children.

The message read: “Here you ya cow, you and yer husband deserve tae be hung on the streets.

“F**k you and yer wains.”

Back to the latest story now and fans gave their reaction when hearing that arrests were made after the Old Firm match at Ibrox…

@timmys_tears: Didn’t take them long haha nothing about the rioting at sharkhead?

@IainWATP: Should’ve rioted and fought with the police instead.

@Alanak_98: Worth it

@rangers_co: Bit strange that Celtic fans don’t get reprimanded after rioting outside celtic park, but is setting off a few flares and fireworks is worse?

@DavidGJohnston0: Yet they can’t arrest or fine folk outside Sharkhead actually rioting

@jack_hassard: Fireworks = arrests – Riots = nothing – Sounds fair

@killerzombies14: Good on the polis, lift and jail them, horrible lot. Only good thing about them getting a bit off success is that the child abuse obsession lowers slightly. What a league it was without them in more ways than one, the tribute act are every bit as vile as the oldco.

@PA16_90: It was an outstanding display which will undoubtedly show the team how much this means to us. I’m sure all will go well in court. NS

@Forza_Rangers: Should’ve fought with police and attacked the team bus instead because that’s ok

@AndrewCalum: Said at the time this was a stupid stunt by children. Lost all morale high ground over that lot and now everyone’s whinging in comparison to how they were dealt with for gathering outside Sharkhead

@GMcLaughl1n: Disgrace, the walking dead down at parkhead attacking buses and police with no arrests hahaha fuck the police

@simmywatson: But it’s ok, you can riot and throw barriers on the other side of Glasgow with no ramifications…

@RampantRyanJack: Rioting and fighting with the police is fine, but setting off fireworks! They’ll be lucky not to see the death penalty!

@Andrew_RFC_1872: But nothing happened after Celtic fans chase and attacked their own team bus and fought with police?

@IbroxStandard: Yet no arrests when Celtic fans threw sharks at their team bus ??

@JamFitzpatrick: Catching the real criminals as per usual

@Shindigg67: Surely the sectarianism is the bigger story and not just a passing comment

@WATP214: Yet none of the Celtic fans that rioted @CelticPark threw crash barriers at the cops and tried to attack their own players have been charged. Makes you wonder why the Cops are so afraid to administer the law with the Green Brigade

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