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James McClean gets fans’ attention as he suggests bizarre football rule change

James McClean gets fans’ attention as he suggests a rather bizarre football rule change, with some social media users welcoming it.

The Wigan player has called for football to be allowed National Hockey League-style fights on the pitch in a bid to see “less handbags”.

The suggestion was made via his Insta story, believing that football could emulate the NHL’s tolerance towards fighting, something that referees accept in the sport, leading to five minutes in the sin bin.

McClean posted on his Instagram story: “Just an observation… if football introduced the rule like in ice hockey where if there is on field issue then let two players involved have a 10/15 second tear up and then sin bin them, i guarantee they’d be far less handbags.”

NHL is a physically demanding sport. Players are often seen elbowing each other, which can lead to fighting.

Officials will allow fights to occur, but they can penalise the players with sanctions but not necessarily take them out of the game. The officials may allow the player to be returned after five minutes, more often.

The controversial nature of the sport has been a topic of debate for a while. Some argue that ice hockey includes intimidation and fighting, which helps to protect star players and deter other forms. However, others claim that the practice is dangerous and unnecessary.

A straight red card would be issued to any footballer who attempts or starts a fight on the pitch. They could also receive multiple game suspensions, fines or a warning from the official referee.

McClean raises an interesting point. It is possible that football will not avoid this as authorities attempt to maintain order.

What some may not already know is that ‘sin bin’ is a positive rule change implemented up to Step 5 of the National League System and Tier 3 and below in women’s football.

10-minute sin bin dismissals are issued at the discretion of referees as punishment for dissent, and apply to all levels of grassroots football, including youth, veterans and disability.

Dissent – by word or by action – which is a behavioural matter rather than a football matter. By reducing dissent, we hope to improve the retention of referees while improving the image of the game.

Dissent can fall into two categories, either via word or action in the opinion of the referee. See more on sin bins in English football by clicking HERE.

This is what social media users said while James McClean gets fans’ attention as he suggests an interesting football rule change…

@UinsionnMac: McClean fancies himself as a decent boxer and he probably is too so maybe it isn’t the best idea

@_jensonn: hes spittin tho

@OleOleOleGunnar: We’d see a lot more Irish in the top 6 teams then 😂

@Banditman39: I like it. The rule should be, if you flop, other guy gets a freebie. You flinch, he’s gets 3 more. Then let ‘em brawl. Might make the game more watchable.

@KickingFrog22: Ya, cause they don’t dive and flop around enough already.

@lowesy_n: Completely in favour as it would mean him getting several good hidings every time he sets foot on a pitch

@JosephSAFC20: Yea because unlike ice hockey players don’t have protective gear on, McClean is the biggest nobhead in the sport, only positive is he’d be battered every game

@fenwick_stephen: James McClean would spend 90 minutes fighting cos nobody likes him!!!

@MiserableMackem: He really is a fucking idiot and you know what? He’d get sparked every single time as well.

@captainbarnical: Certainly would gain the sport a little more respect 🤷

@DjBeattie07: And they say footballers are rolemodels for kids 🤦

@BlahBlahBlah__9: I love James but he doesn’t do himself any favours

@Sportstalkbuff1: Not sure who this guy is but he gets it. That’s why the NHL was always my favorite. If you wanted to talk the talk you had to walk the walk no fake tough guys.

@LeeNewton89: Be a fair few lining up to take a crack at that prick too

@DazNUFC21: Joking can’t do a slide tackle never mind a punch up

@DannyLannon: Some bloke he’s definitely getting a red today now 😆

@Tucker_1988: Fs he’ll be getting emptied every week

@Alexbcampbell2: He would end up fighting himself the little nob!

@jonroon93: I’d like to see someone knock him out so I guess by that token aye

@tomdawson97: The bloke can’t take a few hundred fans shout at him never mind a punch

@1RobC1: McClean once again nominating himself for the “Bellend of the Year Award” 👏👏👏 #fuckingtosser

@KenFarn2Farn: 5000 away fans v him that would be interesting

@AL_SNR58: The bloke is an idiot.

@summerside49: Prick.

@JoeyGregan: It might make the sport more appealing to watch.

@robbiestoker: Absolutely great idea James, and if some one actually dies in these “fights” maybe just maybe we should be able to commemorate them with a flower

@KrisMonkeyDay: Yawn, go to bed James.

@petercrann79: yeah so when he gets knocked out he’s got something else to complain about

@rtinkler1995: He would only lose and blame the British

@MarkWhitehead79: 🤦🏼‍♂️ what a tool

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