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Jack Grealish ‘tries to chat up Love Island star’ but her boyfriend finds out

Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish ‘tries to chat up a Love Island star’ but her boyfriend finds out, leaving the player red-faced.

The Three Lions midfielder, 25, was caught out allegedly trying to ‘hit on’ 21 year old former reality TV contestant Natalia Zoppa – by her partner.

It is reported that he sent an Instagram direct message to her, before a reply was sent to the alleged message, Natalia’s boyfriend Hass Saleh who then shared his reaction to it on TikTok.

During the light-hearted clip, Saleh said: “As if today couldn’t get any weirder, the best player in the Premier League tried to chat up my missus.”

Grealish’s alleged message was pictured on the video, in which he sent a waving hand emoji, which is regarded as a tame chat-up.

But both Natalia and Saleh saw the fun side of the situation by posting it onto the social media app behind Grealish’s back.

Saleh also thought he’d use the opportunity to plug Natalia’s OnlyFans page as the views racked up.

On TikTok, he said: “Send him the OnlyFans link, he will be a good tipper!”

A source confirmed the reaction to The Sun: “Hass is not surprised Jack would be attracted to her because she’s gorgeous and he’s proud of her.

“He wasn’t having a go at Jack, he thought it was a good opportunity for her to draw attention to her social media and OnlyFans because she thrives on having as many followers as possible.”

Natalia has over 200,000 followers in her Instagram account, with 1,800 likes on her OnlyFans page.

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Fans reacted as Jack Grealish ‘tries to chat up Love Island star but her boyfriend finds out’…

@astonmc01: She’s got an only fans and a fella? Like fuck would you be with her if she was getting her gash out to loads of horny lads.

@benpatrick96: You can hear that guy is hurting. If Jack Grealish is in your missus’ dms, it’s game over

@KacReformed: think she needs ditch that fella and dip with Grealish

@Freaky_Sharif: Lmao this guy is showing his pain. Just leave her for El Capitán.

@VadaVanDjik: “Send him the onlyfans” 😭😭

@ThisDoBeEpic: Does piss me off this, if you look a few pictures down you can see shes got a boyfriend, be respectful and stop thinking you can shag who you want because you play football. You wouldnt like it if someone did that to your mrs.

@amh99___: Asking your own girlfriend to send another man your onlyfans link, what a fucking cuck

@josh_subhan: Does what he wants

@Callum_J_Rowley: Grealish foden and Greenwood front 3 in the euros for off the pitch antics alone

@ellisismyname: His thinking of the money give him the OF link 🤣

@AYusufOfficial: Grealish is funny, fully caught him in 4K..

@odetothefool: Someone’s thirsty…

@rory_burdfield: .. Jack’s a proper shagger.

@DomAVFC_: Can you blame him? She’s unreal

@ourweedrops: naughty naughty Jackie boy, cant say i blame him she is stunning you lucky lad. utv

@JAnnetts_: Bloke refers to his Mrs by her full name wtf

Talking of OnlyFans, a particular Charlton Women player – sacked by the club – joins the subscription service after several of her leaked Snapchat videos got her into trouble.

Footballer Madelene Wright has been making headlines across the nation for all the wrong reasons as the club released a statement that she was being axed after those snapchat videos.

The Championship outfit’s womens outfit have released her from the club but she will still be able to avail of any of their services after videos surfaced of her ‘inhaling from balloons at a party with friends’ and ‘drinking champagne from the bottle while at the wheel of her Range Rover’.

A spokesperson for the Addicks told SunSport at the time: “The club were made aware of the video and quickly investigated the incident.

“As a club we are disappointed with the behaviour which doesn’t represent the standards the team upholds.

“The player is remorseful and has now left the club.

“The club would like to make clear that although the behavior is not acceptable, the players welfare remains important to us and she will still have access to the club’s support channels if needed.”

Ex-Charlton star Madelene Wright has set up an OnlyFans account

Maddie was also investigated by her former club Millwall back in October last year after she was filmed from the backseat while the driver puts a dog’s paws on the steering wheel.

Joshua Harris of road safety charity, Brake, told Sun Sport: “Driving and alcohol simply do not mix.

“When you’re behind the wheel you’re in charge of a potentially lethal weapon which requires full concentration and zero impairment to do so safely.

“We urge all drivers to never drink any amount of alcohol and drive – and certainly never do both at the same time.”

The stunning footballer has 140k followers on Instagram and Twitter combined
www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Now she has decided to showcase her talents, by revealing to her 140k fans on Twitter and Instagram that she has set up an OnlyFans account.

Wright posted a video to Twitter with the caption: “Check the bio..” in reference to her new account on the X-rated site.

She is charging a total of $33 or around £24 for a monthly subscription to her page.

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